2020, May

Planter Painting Friday the first day of May of 2020. Rainy. Odin Jesus Saturday. Gutter cleaning. 2018 Covid Vaccine Sunday. Wood Shed Floor Monday. Steel Table Cut Tuesday. Lockdown Kills More Wednesday. Stain Master Builders Thursday. Wood Stacking 4 Billion Starving Friday. No Talking Elon Musk Future Saturday.

Lockdown Forever

Stockholm BBQ Sunday the 11th of May. Pink Hitler Monday. Jordan Fight Within Us Tuesday. Fish caught. Separating Families Wednesday. Lockdown Forever Contact Me Thursday. Blue Grass Dirt Friday. FREEDOM is ESSENTIAL Saturday.


Last Dance Finale. Tree Burning Ache Sunday the 18th. Bill Till Hat License Monday. Watering Forest Tuesday. Alien Takeover Wednesday. Covid Ate Alex Jones Thursday. Bitcoin Pizza Day Awaken Friday. Art Bart Bill Till Saturday.

Covid is Y2K

Ramona Sunday the 25th. Kevin Hart Investment Monday. Y2K Covid BBQ Tuesday. Stealing Babies Wednesday. Fishy Face Mask Song Thursday. Dear Deer They Slaughtered Friday. George Soros Riots Continue. Space X Launch Saturday. Burning Down America Sunday.


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May of 2020

Oatmeal Monthly - May of 2020 | Published in May of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Planter Painting

2020-05-01 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-05-01 10:52:02.png

265 million people may starve to death in 2020 because people Stay at Home. The Lockdown Panic-demic, not pandemic, is murdering millions of people this year because no work, no money, no food, then no living lol. If you stay at home, you are THEN a KILLER. Power attracts the worse and corrupts the best.

Losing Jobs

With one hand, too many people lose jobs and with the other hand they rush people into America to take the jobs that are still around even while there are no jobs and people are losing work and yet they are hiring people but not the people who are losing work.

Odin Jesus

2020-05-02 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-05-02 15:39:37.png

Did Odin die on a tree many years before Christ did? Guy is like oh no, the boss will cut my dick off. Girl smiles, you better come to my house first then. Why? Well, you know, you better use it before you lose it. Corona Dick Virus is doing that. Bill Gates and others are making us unable to have children.

Will Not Punch Now

Government forcing citizens to stay at home in quarantine lockdown is like punching a person in the gut. Government ending the economic shutdown is like a bully telling the kid he will stop beating the kid up. We need to realize that when people drop charges, that does not undo what they did. We need to punish them.

2018 Covid Vaccine

2020-05-03 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-05-03 13:47:56.png

Did Bill Gates patent the vaccine for COVID-19 back in 2018, that year, as in two years ago? Are they waiting for humans to beg for it first. Will the vaccine kill people and is that why Bill Gates admit that people will die from the vaccine? Gutter cleaning. Wood Shed pole painting.


You cannot declare bankruptcy on student loans but you file for bankruptcy outside of college and university?


CNN is a front for the CIA.

Wood Shed Floor

2020-05-04 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-05-04 00:54:44.png

She didn't choose you for your capacity for violence but rather for your capacity to choose. Patriots must take back their lives, relationships, households, blocks, neighborhoods, districts, areas, cities, counties, states, regions, and then countries and continents, from small to big, in that order.

China America War

China is preparing to invade the United States of America, the USA, in 2020, ASAP. The Chinese Communists are preparing for war. Also, Hillary Clinton is preparing to run for U.S. President with Vice President Barack Obama.

Corona Test

The Corona Tests tests people for corona and not just for the 2019 Novel Corona Virus but for all and for any corona virus and every human have had a corona virus as that is the common cold and everybody gets sick. So, they pretend that everybody has it when they are actually not the same thing.

Steel Table Cut

2020-05-05 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-05-05 06:10:15.png

Hospitals are being bought out to say people died of Covid-19. Hospitals are being paid a lot of money and additional money for each Covid Death. This is Nazi operation level. Doctors and nurses are killing their patients. On top of that we are in the 2020 global economic depression. Millions of people are either starving to death in third-world countries as supply chains break or they are taken to hospitals and murdered by doctors who are being paid to stay silent. Paint. Rocks. Dumpster. Steel table cutting.


You get arrested for walking your dog and Muslims get to walk around as if they're gods. You have to stay at home and Muslims can do whatever they want in many countries around the world.


If Covid killing old people was not enough, we now have Kawasaki for the children.

My Autobiograhy

Lockdown Kills More

2020-05-06 - Wednesday


The lockdown kills more people than it saves by tenfold. I was organizing the patio. The wood bin had wasps. Went over to the farm to help do more barn garage cleaning.

Stain Master Builders

2020-05-07 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-05-05 05:04:28.png

Humans are master builders. So, globalists got entertainers and others to program future generations to build a dystopia. That was one of the purposes to Hollywood and free television in the 20th Century, to trick humans into creating a post-human world. Today, I was painting stain on the patio fence for almost nine hours.

4 Billion Starving

2020-05-08 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-05-08 06:03:45.png

4 billion(+) people will die of starvation. Did Trump NOT know how bad Bill Gates was until now? I am a little sad if Trump does not know enough. Sure, Trump tries to help and it makes me wonder if we are not trying hard enough to educate Trump on what the UN did and what Rothschild did and what Soros did and the list goes on and on and on my friend. Lamb Chop Play-Along.

Texas Thought Crime Law

A law was passed yesterday in Texas saying that if you say that the Chinese Virus was in fact a Chinese Virus, that it was Chinese, as it is Chinese, like saying the blue sky is blue as blue sky is blue when blue, then you will be arrested and imprisoned.

No Talking Elon Musk Future

2020-05-09 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-05-09 23:50:17.png

No Talking in ten years from now says Elon Musk, just in time for Agenda 2030. They want you not to talk and to be dead. But they can't say that. So, instead, they sell the lie of transhumanism. Should we 3D print our younger self and play with ourselves?


No weapon formed against thee shall prosper. Those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

Stockholm BBQ

2020-05-10 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-05-10 16:18:09.png

When the first-world collapses, the third-world dies. Wood shed finished. BBQ Dinner.

Stockholm Chip

10,000 Stockholm citizens have Stockholm Syndrome in Stockholm as they take embedded microchips to get free bus rides.

Pink Hitler

2020-05-11 - Monday

ALEX JONES is BILL GATES in PINK Screenshot at 2020-05-11 11:49:28.png

If Hitler wore a pink sweatshirt, he would have won World War 2. Alex Jones as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg in the Pink Uniform to look non-threatening like Mister Rogers or like me when I was on the quiz team during high school.

Israel Mark of the Beast

Mark of the beast computer chips starting in Israel of all places to be forced into the babies to save them from Covid, thank you Net.

Weather Starving

It's like having the weather man saying there are tornadoes, Noah's Flood, storms, etc, and you look outside and it is a nice sunny day and you stay inside because the weather man says on your television that you have to stay inside or else. You don't believe your very eyes as you look outside to see a sunny day and you simply stay inside and starve to death along with your family, your kids, your friends.

Jordan Fight Within Us

2020-05-12 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-05-12 03:54:20.png

Michael Jordan played every game as if it was his last and that is how we should all play the game of life. Covid lockdown is like the fences they put up as basketball stars or pop stars walk by and they keep the crowds from interacting with the stars except that Covid-19 Lockdown keeps us from interacting from all the stars and we all are the stars.

Real Space Armageddon

Globalists are accelerating in taking off the gloves to throw more and more stuff at us. Covid 19 is just the first level and they will be throwing even bigger bio weapons at us as much and as often as they can. We must accelerate therefore in overthrowing them before they exterminate all of us.

Project Blue Beam

Was CIA and others staging UFO events, sightings, etc, to trick people into believing in aliens in order to get them to eventually, decades down the road, to believe in Project Blue Beam as a way to bring in globalism?

Separating Families

2020-05-13 - Wednesday

Trump vs Fauci Screenshot at 2020-05-13 14:58:09.png

Fish caught. Police stole baby from mother and said the mother was hysterical. But the mother was simply protesting the lockdown. That is not the only case where you can see cops beating people up and sometimes worse.

Adam No Eve

Bill Gates vaccines to sterilize and reduce your life drastically.
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Rocky Video

Lockdown Forever Contact Me

2020-05-14 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-05-13 15:52:37.png

Lockdown Forever. Covid is the biggest hoax out there outside of the hoax of evolution among possibly a few other things. Globalists are taking over the Wall-E fat people. You are so fat or are you? Well, the fate of humanity rests in your hands. Good luck.

Never Ending Lockdown

United Nations (UN) says lockdown will never end and that every death will always be counted as a Covid Death. Even if you are eaten by a shark. Even if a car runs you over. The car did not kill you, the 2019 Novel Corona Virus killed you. Covid even murdered Jeffrey Epstein who did not kill himself.

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Blue Grass Dirt

2020-05-15 - Friday

MAGA Girl Kick BBQ.jpg

Billions dead due to the lockdown. Would you believe that? Bill Gates want that. It's called depopulation. It's called Agenda 2030 where globalists seek to eliminate seven billion people. Presently, millions of people are starving to death in 2020. So, it may not be up to billions and it's not Covid that is killing people, it's tyrannies.

Freedom Train

You don't get off the Trump Train. If anything, it would be Trump getting off the Freedom Train.

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2020-05-16 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-05-16 13:57:29.png

Government took our jobs. Masks bad. Stay at Home is EVIL. Lockdown is making people VERY DEPRESSED. So, do you care? Do you doubt that? Will you stand up for something or fall for anything and everything?

Mask Bad

Masks are causing viruses to go into the brain even faster.

My Work History

Tree Burning Ache

2020-05-17 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2020-05-17 22:38:55.png

Since when did Bill Gates get keys to the planet and not just the city? Why was he banned from India and other countries? Did you know he was caught being an eugenicist? Knocking down trees, big fire.

Murderer Vaccine

Vaccines can give you diabetes and much more. It says that on the inserts. Ask for the inserts when you go to a pharmacy. They are required by law to show you the inserts. Not the fact sheet but the insert that is much bigger.

My Work History

Bill Till Hat License

2020-05-18 - Monday

Screenshot at 2020-05-18 23:30:16.png
But Data Wanted To Be Human

We're coming into your home to keep you safe. We will kidnap your children to keep them safe. We're better than Hitler. We being the globalists and others. But we can always try to stop those tyrants.

Business License

But in some places, some bars are having their business licenses yanked. So, why do we give government too much power? So, this mirrors what happened, what King George was doing to America and George Washington was watching this as they attacked good lumber in the 1700's and now the red coats are still around in different coats but yet the tyrants are always out there. So, the next test is will you continue to do business even as dictators try to take away your business licenses?

Social Distancing Hats

Helicopter hats for helicopter moms and dads.

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Watering Forest

2020-05-19 - Tuesday

ALEX JONES - I WILL EAT YOUR ASS SONG - Screenshot at 2020-05-19 17:20:36.png

Printing Money is like a Chinese Finger Trap. A Bill Gates World Is An AI Death Borg.

Freedom vs Protection Fraud

Mike Pence said 90,000 people died from Covid. I say that may or may not have happened and yet some of that may have been not relevant. In other words, many people die from many things. And they label everything they can as Covid Deaths. Eaten by a shark, no Corona Virus ate that person. Heart Attack killed you? Oh no, Novel Corona Virus Attack. Flu numbers went down in 2020 because they took those numbers and attributed it to Covid-19. They talk about safety but we do NOT want alleged fake safety from federal government because that means we become babies and they get more power as tyrants as they take care of us as if we are children. We the people by the people want to take care of ourselves.

Whole Health

A doctor stood up and read a speech she had during the Cabinet Meeting and talked about the value of comparing what might kill more, Covid or the Lockdown. Think about suicide. Think about how people are starving to death. Bad homes, etc.

Letter to Exchanges - Do not run Steem Hard Fork 23 - HF 0.23.0
I WILL EAT YOUR ASS SONG at Banned Dot Video
Arnold Attic Films
Rambling Brain

Alien Takeover

2020-05-20 - Wednesday

This is the alien takeover. Are there aliens? What are aliens? Did aliens create humans or did humans create aliens, I mean chimero hybrids? Are the Bill Gates vaccines changing our DNA to turn us into aliens, into different creatures, right now and not in the future but right now in 2020?


When you get chills down your back, when you feel good, those endorphins, chemicals, and tech cartels are trying to remove that from your body.

1998 Hanks Easter Bunny Coloring Contest

Covid Ate Alex Jones

2020-05-21 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-05-20 20:38:58.png

Trump is betraying us as Trump lets lockdown murder millions of people.

Copyright Your Face

Can Suzy Lu copyright her face? I say, if you can copyright the face of Darth Vader, a fake character, then why not be able to copyright a real face too? I am against enforcing copyright, etc, as enforcing copyright means increased tyranny. I am against the DMCA and others. Because it turns them into authoritarians. Copyright is silly. The sky is the limit regarding the potential of what could be copyrighted, patented, etc. That leads to a violation of Fair Use, of the first amendment, of the ability to have your own stuff. A person can unfairly use a copyright to steal from another and stop another person by stopping people's original work by pretending as if a person's original work is actually their work. What came first, the chicken or the egg question. Sometimes, a person can come up with a work and that person may copyright it or something. But the copyright may stop a person who did not actually violate the copyright of that person. That is the cleaver thing about copyright. It is deceptive like the Patriot Act. It looks good on the outside and yet it can be used like a gun to kill good and bad people. It is dangerous. Copyright can be good when enforced perfectly and yet bad too as people are bad. When government is bad, then the enforcement of copyright can be bad and government has been bad. Old friends came by. In other news, Facebook. Scam people.

Young Dad
Bruised Brother

Bitcoin Pizza Day Awaken

2020-05-22 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-05-23 03:29:18.png


Sign up to be part of conventions. They talked about that on the War Room. The RINO Republicans and Democrats in America are like people on the court playing basketball. But we are like thousands of people in the audience. But we could take it over by walking onto the court, I mean the conventions in 2020.

First Amendment

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Meaning that the lockdown of churches is unconstitutional.

Race Wars

Globalists continue to try to pit whites against blacks in 2020 same as they have been for decades and it has been accelerating in their attempts the past decade especially. We can be smarter than this. We should be united against globalists as opposed to against each other.

Hatetriots - Facebook

Art Bart Bill Till

2020-05-23 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-05-23 11:05:39.png

Deplorable Choir

Government steals land from people. I don't like that. As a compromise, I would suggest that not only would government be required to compensate for the land, I would add compensate ten times the value and give the person ten years to move out and I would require the government to give them the money before the ten year countdown. Give the land owners ten times the value of the land in real gold and not just in fake fiat money, and give them some body guards to keep them safe for twenty years in the transition where the land owners have to somehow find new land or whatever they want. I would prefer that government not take any land from citizens ever. This would be my exception clause as a compromise. It is crazy and might be impossible outside of a fictional universe. But I would at least shoot for the moon and miss as opposed to not trying at all in trying to make things better in life for people. I always encourage government to shrink.

Free Stuff

In the 1900's in America, the government started giving students loans and that allowed colleges to demand for more money and more money as students would then borrow more and more money from the government. Over time, the cost of tuition increased more and more like a spiral or like a dirty room.

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2020-05-24 - Sunday
You Aint Black Joe Biden Shirt.jpg

You want to be my friend? Did you know that I say things on my blog that I don't say on Facebook?

Facebook Censorship

The censorship problems sometimes feels pretty random. So, I cannot tell you what might happen. So, it is like playing with dice or like the lottery. I've been on Facebook since 2006 and have seen Facebook do random things at random times these past 14 years. So, it might be like running across a busy highway with many cars with your eyes closed. I sometimes run into Facebook Jail a bunch and then no problem for many many months and then I run into the problems again. It's possible that she Facebook will leave her alone for a year and then maybe come back to throw her in Facebook Jail again. I don't know that but I do know Facebook did that to me. I know that Facebook attacks you a bunch and then leaves you alone for a year or for some months and then Facebook comes back. And it all feels to be very unpredictable. I cannot promise what might happen in the future. I only know what I have seen in the past lol.

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Kevin Hart Investment

2020-05-25 - Monday

Isa Briones GettyImages-1143003945-ee3ca9d.jpg
Picard sucked but at least she was cute

I'm Joey. I'm near Seattle, USA. You're an ambassador of truth. Not a bastard but an ambassador.

What should you invest in?

What do people use even during a lockdown? What do many people use no matter what? Oh, toothpaste? Should we invest in that? Perhaps you should and that would probably be a good investment. Think about it. Ask questions. Kevin Hart and Lionel Nation talked about this today. It's not about today but about tomorrow. What you do is about tomorrow. Bees and ants work for tomorrow. The sloth works for today.

add me and join my group at

Y2K Covid BBQ

2020-05-26 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2020-05-26 21:56:46.png
This is from a failed X-Men television series from 1996, Generation X

Covid is the New Y2K but twenty years later. A bear trap is on our leg. Can you guess who put that trap on our leg? Remember the Star Wars Fish, "It's a trap." If Doctor Hitler gave us vaccines, we would have said, "Thank you Daddy Hitler." Globalists believe you are stupid. For too long, they trick you into believing they don't exist. They try hard to keep you from fighting your overlords. They trick you into fighting your neighbors but thou shalt love thy neighbor. They're murdering hundreds of people daily in America. You are a MURDERER for NOT STOPPING THEM. You just sit there. You could tell somebody about this. Pass on the information or do something.

United Nations Tyranny

All over the radio, television, media, Internet, etc, is Jesus United Nations (UN) that is being spread as our saviors and everything. The U.N. says the lock-down will never end. They are trying to see how much they can get away with. They want you to boil in the burning pot like dumb gay frogs. People around the world are wearing their Sharia Covid Masks. We are now all Muslims.

1990's Videos

Stealing Babies

2020-05-27 - Wednesday

2007-12 - GYJO Starring Oatmeal Screenshot at 2020-05-27 14:08:14.png

December of 2007 in Hawaii

An older woman called in and talked about how they murdered her father to steal his estate and it is all about the money and they have been stealing money and things and land and property and houses and cars and more from people for decades in a variety of ways and especially in the United States and especially in the 1900's and to this day.

Windows vs Xerox

Did Bill Gates steal the Xerox engine to turn it into Windows? Did Steve Jobs of Apple reference stealing the stereo on top of that?

True Evil

True evil is intellectualism to the elevation of the garden of Eden, that is of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil from a perspective and ultimate intent of Luciferianism. The government is my mommy. I ask the government, "Can I go outside and play?"

1990's Videos

Fishy Face Mask Song

2020-05-28 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2020-05-28 22:00:37.png

Social media executive order. Half of Corona Virus deaths happened in care homes. I was shot in the head with a gun, but they say I died of Covid. Twitter would get liability shielding under assumption or presumption that they would be and are a neutral platform which they aint and they are not currently. Weird seeing restaurants make waitresses wear masks is like making cameramen wear condoms while porn stars have unprotected sex with themselves. Oh, wear your condom and keep yourself protected as they fuck each other's brains out.

What's Next?

What's next? Race War. JFK 2. Etc. Murder Trump. Globalists are still trying to kill the 45th U.S. President Donald John Trump in 2020 at a higher elevation and degree and acceleration than in previous years. They've have been trying to start race wars. Any time they want, they can find videos of whites killing blacks or blacks killing whites or yellow people or these other people or other people, you know, etc, etc, whatever you want, as murder happens daily and you can run with it in order to encourage riots and that is what the fake news does as they weaponize the news via selective focus on specific events as opposed to the generality of the bigger picture. They're trying to get us to fight each other. I've been writing about this at least since 2016 and I want people to see this, divide and conquer. They are tricking you into going after neighbors because then you will be too busy to go after Soros, Bill Gates, Obama, the United Nations, Communist China, other globalists, leftists, tech cartels, Big Pharma, eugenicists, and others.


Dear Deer They Slaughtered

2020-05-29 - Friday

Screenshot at 2020-05-29 12:14:26.png
City Killed Him

City Killed George Floyd. The city trained the cops to do that. Revenge can reap the harvest of endless battle. Trump talks about ending funding and partnership or whatever with WHO and that is a step in the right direction if Trump is able to do that at a high enough degree as WHO is almost as dehumanizing as the United Nations (UN) to say the least. CNN is Chicom and Muslim Brotherhood funded and much more than that.

City Killed George Floyd

The Minneapolis Police Department teach their cops MMA tactics to push alleged suspect unconscious which did in fact murder George Floyd. This is what we get in leftist sanctuary cities.

Globalism Tactics

As Covid dies out, then war between countries and races and neighbors and genders are then encouraged, elevated, as they have been, as they are, but especially so as a way to divide and conquer. In 2012, Joe Biden said that China should rule and control America, that we need China to take over the United States of America.

Space X Launch

2020-05-30 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2020-05-30 14:36:25.png

George Soros Riots Continue. If Trump is actually discouraging bad versions of anarchy, then he should also encourage decentralization which good versions of anarchy is in fact trying to make bad tyranny minimize in power. Trump mentions rioters and also anarchists. I object with that second adjective because when you say anarchist, you give anarchy a bad name. Trump goes on to talk about how we do not want anarchy. But anarchy is not necessarily chaos. Yes, it can be and it becomes anarchy in a variety of ways because it can and it has created power vacuums.

Bad Anarchy

Anarchy does not really have a real meaning in the sense that it does not mean no government at all. I govern my body or I should have a government over my body. A father should be the government unto his own family, his wife and kids. Anarchy does not actually mean no government because government always exist. I believe in minimizing centralized aspects of tyrannical government, that is authoritarianism, monopolies, plutocracies, fascism, etc. Anarchy can encourage people towards decentralizing government as much as possible. I believe in seeking after anarchy in a sense. But we can never have no government in our world. Therefore, we seek a balance between too much government and no government. And we don't need to help the people who want more government. That is why we have to always encourage more and more anarchy as that pushes the other direction in this tug-a-war battle.

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Red Letter Media Special: I Dare You Not to Laugh

Burning Down America

2020-05-31 - Sunday

BURNING DOWN BUILDINGS Screenshot at 2020-05-31 17:55:33.png

Church but not for me. Want some bricks? Stay at home unless if you are a rioter. Don't worry, rioters can't spread the virus. Why is fake news NOT talking about Dallas Riots? Better to be a warrior in a garden than it is to be a gardener in a war. We were staying inside and now we are rioting? I am so racist because I am pro-human. I am for the red-blood race.

War Inside America

We have been warning you, Trump, for over four years now, since at least 2016 or longer, about the George Soros terrorists who are paid to divide and conquer in many countries in Europe, other places around the world, for too many years, too many places including places in the United States of America, the USA, for more years than you may realize. Terrorism is happening in America and does the constitution not talk about this? What can we do to warn people about the war that is inside our own country? Four of the six Hollywood-centered main movie houses are owned by China and the other two are almost bought up by China? They attended church today for the first time in like months.

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