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2020-12-13 - Sunday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-12-13 - Sunday
Published in December of 2020

Screenshot at 2020-12-13 02:20:53 The Wilds.png

The Wilds on Amazon

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Overlord DVD

01:14 AM - Disney Investor Day REVELATION | Star Wars Sequel Films To Be ERASED

Star Trek 2009 all over again, blow it up and start over, Spock Star Wars Time.

The Wilds

2020-12-13 - Sunday - 01:18 AM - 02:16 AM - The Wilds 106

Body bag. Stupid quarantine order keeps the girls in prison and from seeing each other.
They do a stupid gay confrontation which was not necessary to have. One girl was lesbian and only one girl said she did not like it. The lesbian is wrong and made a bad choice in yelling at the Christian girl.
The girls turn against Christianity and say we must accept gay people. But that is stupid. People choose to be gay. People are not born gay, that is a lie that even gay people believe themselves.
They got sick from the clams or oysters or whatever. Should have cooked them over a fire first.

2020-12-13 - Sunday - 02:17 AM - 03:12 AM - The Wilds 107

Fight. Coming together at times. Trying to figure out who the spy might be among the girls on the island.


08:39 AM - The Styxhexenhammer Show ep. 5 (Superchats Enabled, No Q&A)

YouTube blocks people from writing Bitchute in Super Chats.


Ryan Kinel

01:00 AM - Obi Wan And Darth Vader Will Have REMATCH! | Disney Star Wars Keeps DESTROYING Canon

Overlord DVD

01:14 AM - Disney Investor Day REVELATION | Star Wars Sequel Films To Be ERASED

The Wilds

2020-12-13 - Sunday - 01:18 AM - 02:16 AM - The Wilds 106
2020-12-13 - Sunday - 02:17 AM - 03:12 AM - The Wilds 107

Lionel Nation

08:02 AM - Trump Betrayed By Lunatic Acolytes and Publicity Addicts

Terminal Montage

08:25 AM - Something About Super Mario All-Stars Speedrun ANIMATED (Loud Sound & Light Sensitivity Warning)


08:26 AM - Twitter Explicitly Silences Trump, Forsaking Any Appearance of Being a Platform


08:37 AM - 🔴 LIVE: "Keep Christmas" Rally & Celebration from Washington, D.C.


08:39 AM - The Styxhexenhammer Show ep. 5 (Superchats Enabled, No Q&A)


08:00 AM - I was living in an apartment complex and some Vietnamese sex workers may have had rented rooms in that same building I was in or they lived on the same block and some walked down the road to go to work or something, down the road, past train tracks and grass and streets and some of it might have been Shelton, WA. Some of them were in my building and some even in my room coming in and out to hang out, eat, sleep, etc. I am not too sure. Obama said I should have more boards as the base of my balcony deck and I walked on it and some of the flooring started crack and bending and I fell in from the second floor and down to the ground. I then thought about removing my balcony, the boards. Then I thought about adding some boards or enough boards to it. I thought about fencing my balcony off. I saw the girls go to work and then come home like a few times, a like a few days worth it felt like or am not sure how many times but at least once or maybe three or more cycles. I wanted to be friends with them and then I started noticing some of them not so healthy. Some of them had bruises under their bras or other places. Some had deformities and I started feeling sorry for them and started thinking beauty was skin deep as some of the problems were covered up. One girl had three breasts like as seen on the Fifth Element or other weird movies like the one with Arnold like Eraser or something where he forgets who he is in the future. I basically saw weird things like I said.


08:05 AM - Orange, coffee

Sunday School

I made a contrast between the disciples of Christ and the crowd to help illustrate the tricky part regarding Matthew 18 and in Corinthians and other letters Paul wrote regarding whether or not and how we may go about kicking people out of church or membership or should we or how do we is the question.


What can we do to bring light to people who are sad because of lockdown which hurts more people than the Covid virus does, that was the main question, how do we get involved. We share our story, our testimony with people however we can.


02:00 PM - After some noodles leftover stuff, a big potato with salad mixed in.


04:00 PM - 12:30 AM - I was looking up plans and dimensions for NBA official basketball hoops online yesterday and today. Did some of it during lunch and on and off and then around 4 PM, went outside and started finding more woods. Cut 5 main boards including the plywood to six feet long and four feet tall for the backboard. I mounted the rim on and ran into an issue with the top two or one u screw thing and the bolt thing was struggling to go on all the way. Now, drinking water, got an orange and banana, chips, for a late dinner.

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