You can join Oatmeal High Council and talk about anything and everything with me and with other people. The purpose of this Telegram group is to educate, entertain, equip, empathize, emulate, and encourage each other up.

So, what are you waiting for? Well, I'm also on other websites too. So, you may also want to check out my other links as well. Let me know if you want me to make other groups, other things, etc, etc, etc. Any questions, please ask.

The name of my Telegram group is Oatmeal High Council.


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Oatmeal Daily - 2020-08-22 - Saturday
Published in August of 2020

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I invite you to join my Telegram group to talk about anything you want.

Link to join my group on Telegram

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Telegram Group


My goal is to keep this post updated annually with links, information, etc, relating to Telegram. I've included links to my account, channel, and group on Telegram. Well, as of right now, today, Saturday, at 09:48 PM PST LMS CLAM JSA, 22nd of August of 2020, to the best of my knowledge, I only have those three things on Telegram. There is the phone version of Telegram and also the desktop computer and laptop version of Telegram which means there can be variations of the links. Most of the links I provide here are for computers. However, it works on phones too meaning you could join my group for example via Firefox on your phone and then switch back to your Telegram app on your phone and continue on the app if you please.


The purpose of my Telegram group is to let people talk about anything they want. I also have Discord.


I think I first joined Telegram in 2019. Probably around the summer time when I was creating my Real Oatmeal Joey accounts on Facebook and Steemit. I eventually got around to creating a channel and a group on Telegram probably as early as 2019, that same year or as late as earlier in 2020.

Expired Link

The following link is expired. This was for my Telegram group, Oatmeal High Council, but I didn't realize my chat room was private. So, I changed the group to public: the following is an expired link:

Expired Link

Another Expired Link

This Direct Link to my group is also expired too

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