Beer Tasting: Brewdog Lost and Konrad Světlý Ležák

Hello beer tasters! 🍻

The summer heat is here, we've been expecting a storm for two days and it's all passing. Well, that's not even a bad thing, if there was any hail it would ruin my crops. Even though everything is dry, I can water because I have running water nearby.
I'll definitely enjoy the cold beer I have in the fridge :)

And 312 more #beersaturday today. Two lagers, one Scottish and one Czech, are chilling in my fridge. It will be interesting.

First the one with less alcohol.

🍻 😎 🍻

Brewdog Lost (Planet First Lager)

Brewed by Brewdog, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Grampian, Scotland.
Can, 0.44 l, alcohol 4.5% ABV, 32 IBU. It's Pale Lager style, well balanced, without strong flavors beer.

What do the Master Brewers say?

The world's first carbon-negative beer. This planet first German-style Pilsner is a 4.5% lager brewed using wind power, a third less water, and would-be waste bread in the malt bill. The addition of Select, Spalter, and Saphir hops combine vibrant citrus and herbal notes for an iconic lager taste that's both crisp and refreshing.

I appreciate Brewdog beers, but "Negative Carbon Beer"? Ugh, I've never experienced that. But is that really necessary to mention?

The beer is a light, clear yellow color, the head is average and it decreases quickly. It smells malty. A sip goes down the throat quickly and I taste a slight bitterness, no malt sweetness, no citrus aromas (or so few that I didn't taste them), more watery and a little metallic to me.
In the aftertaste, the bitterness lingers in the mouth for a while.

The beer is fresh and drinkable, it has some bitterness, and it looks to me like a kind of watery, diluted IPA. It's not an excess, I don't know what it has in common with lager.
But it's in tune with the times we live in, of course, and the can assure me "By drinking this beer you're having a positive impact on the planet", and I really don't like that kind of subtle message, because it raises my blood pressure... what kind of woke shit is that?
Anyway, it's not available here so I won't bother with it anymore.

I keep going ...

🍻 😎 🍻

Konrad Světlý Ležák

Brewed by Pivovary Vratislavice, Vratislavice nad Nisou, Liberec Region, Czech Republic.
Bottle, 0.5 l, alcohol 5.2% ABV. It's Bohemian Pilsener or Czech Pilsener style, more rich with bready malt than German lagers and hop character without harshness.

What do the Master Brewers say?

When more malt and hops than usual are added to the brewing process and the classic lager brewing technology is applied, a pearl of a beer is created. This superb pale lager with 5,2 % alcohol by volume, a strong full flavor, golden color, thick head, and brilliant finish is appreciated not only by brewers but also by brewing experts.

I don't know the brewery, but we'll try it and see what happens.

The beer is a clear golden color with a lot of creamy head which quickly disappears. It smells malty. The first sip goes down the throat quickly, and first I taste the sweetness of the malt, then a distinct hop bitterness, sweet honey and fresh bread flavors come to the fore. The pronounced bitterness lingers in the aftertaste for a long time.

Drinkable? Yes. Tasty? Yes. Refreshing? Not really, too much bitterness lingering in the mouth too long for my taste. I had to wash it down with water :(

The beer is not that bad actually, it's very good. If it had a nuance less bitterness in the aftertaste it would be perfect for a summer heat like the one I have here now, I could drink more than one, but not like this.

🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this, and as I am dealing with these beers I bought somewhere on the road in the Czech Republic?
Nothing from my #newtunes post, but something older. African. Maybe even somebody knows it, the pioneers of Afro-rock, it was a big summer hit in the 1970s...

OSIBISA - Sunshine Day

Thank you for your attention.

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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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