Beer Tasting: Axiom Queen Vaccine & Time 8 o'clock

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The future looks bright. Hive and the whole crypto world are finally moving somewhere. But are we going to the moon? We'll see. There is definitely a divergence behind it, as a change to something new is on the march, with AI at the forefront.

But let's not get too carried away. We are on the right track. Especially if we can afford to #beersaturday, 289th in line, and observe the changes from our point of view.

Today I also have two beers to taste, one Slovenian and one Czech, in principle atypical for our regions.
I hope that the master brewers have brewed the brews well.

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Time 8 o'clock Pale Ale

Brewed by Time Brewery, Dobrava 47, Radlje ob Dravi, Slovenia.
Can, 0.33 l, alcohol 5.5% ABV. It's Pale Ale style.

What do the Master Brewers say?

The name suggests it's a beer that flows best in the evening when it's time for good company. It will inspire you with its glowing orange color and medium hop bitterness with a caramel flavor and fruity flavors that translate perfectly from the hop cones into the beer.

This is the first time I've come across this brewery, and I got a whole package of these beers as a gift, which, interestingly enough, are named after the time when they recommend it. It's not 8 o'clock yet, but I chose 8 o'clock because I have good company on Ecency Discord at the moment :)
I'll try the others sometime later.

The beer is golden in color and the head is average. Unfiltered and unpasteurized. It does not have a particular odor.
It goes down the throat smoothly and on the palate, I first taste the bitterness of the hops, then the sweetness of the malt, a little less pronounced, and the fruity flavors of citrus and peach, which are not as intense.
In the aftertaste, everything slowly disappears except the bitterness, which lingers for a while.

A drinkable, typical Pale Ale beer that goes beyond the standard lagers and pilsners that are common here. I wouldn't mind if one ended up in my fridge. Otherwise, I have another 8 o'clock beer in the package I got. The rest of the hours will follow sometime later.
You will be informed. :)

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And now the meme? Actually an adapted mural :)

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Axiom Queen Vaccine Imperial NEIPA

This is the beer from the order. Because I'm from the Axiom Brewery, ProstΔ›jov, Olomouc Region, Czech Republic already tasted one beer Greek Fire and it was great, I ordered this.
Can, 0.33 l, alcohol 7.5% ABV, 50 IBU. Imperial NEIPA or Immperial Double New England India Pale Ale or Double Hazy IPA, refers to a strong IPA with very intense fruit flavors and dry hopping.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Her Majesty has just arrived.
Introducing Her Majesty the Queen's vaccine. Our new Imperial NEIPA is fresh, fruity, cloudy-like juice. 10 out of 10 AXIOM Brewery vaccinologists recommend Queen Vaccine as a prevention for all diseases, not just the most pressing one today. It is not necessary to store at -70Β°C to ensure maximum effectiveness, but we recommend repeating the vaccination every week during the pandemic and preferably long afterward.
Hops: Cashmere, Citra, Idaho-7
Malts: Pale Ale, Carapils, unmalted wheat, oatmeal

So, mandatory weekly vaccine, for protection, of course :)

The beer is cloudy golden in color and the head is average. It smells malty, with a hint of pine. The beer goes down the throat smoothly, a pronounced bitterness hits the mouth, the sweetness of the malt is hardly perceptible, the citrus aromas are very discreet, and I can taste a solid pine flavor, although the bitterness is really pronounced. I can also taste the alcohol, although it's not that strong.

There's still a pine aroma in the aftertaste, but the bitterness dominates for quite a long time.

Good and juicy beer. Maybe a little too bitter for my taste. Unfortunately, it's not available here except by ordering from a specialist shop. I'd have liked to have some in the fridge, although I preferred the aforementioned Greek Fire from this brewery.

btw: in case you're wondering what's in the background of the picture, I'm editing a video, I got eight channels of audio out of the mixer, and now I'm learning in Audacity how to fix and merge that audio for export to Adobe Premiere :)

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For fun, another song from my yesterday's #newtunes post. She is one of my favourite artists.

PJ Harvey - Man-Size (Demo)

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Kult 316 and La Trappe Dubbel

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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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