Beer Tasting: Dry Hopping Coop IPA and Irish Craft IPA

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What is happening? Nothing special here. Changeable April, to mention the weather. A little sunshine, a little rain, even a little snow. And a repeat.
The hive is quite stable, we are all waiting for a breakthrough, which should happen soon. Or not. Well, we shall see. It doesn't really matter. We sail on and have fun, beer in hand of course.

302 #beersaturday is here and it's a pleasure to have two beers in front of me, one Italian, one Irish, and both master brewers brewed IPAs.
And I have the opportunity to share with you #beertasting from just the right chilled bottles.

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Dry Hopping Coop

Brewed by Theresianer Antica Birreria di Trieste, Nervesa della Battaglia, Veneto, Italy for Coop Italia food store chain.
Bottle, 0.33 l, alcohol 5.8% ABV. IPA style.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Intense beer where hops intertwine with hints of flowers and citrus fruits, decisive bitterness for a balanced body. Bitter and hoppy IPA. Ingredients: water, barley malt, brown sugar, hops, yeast.

I don't think the brewers have described this beer in detail.

The beer is a cloudy golden color, there is little head but it is persistent. It smells of hops.
The sip goes down the throat smoothly, the hop bitterness is immediately present, and the citrus aroma is somewhere in the background, very discreet, at moments I also tasted the sweetness of malt and bread, but in the aftertaste, everything quickly disappears except the bitterness which lingers for a while.

Drinkable? Yes. Refreshing? Also. Any excess? No.
A low-priced, I might even say industrial IPA (€1.70), sold in supermarkets. Definitely better to drink than an industrial lager, but that's about it.
Maybe the first step of lager drinkers into the IPA world?

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Meme today :)

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Let's move forward!

The Crafty Brewing Company Irish IPA

Brewed by Rye River Brewing Company, Celbridge, County Kildare, Ireland.
Bottle, 0.5 l, alcohol 6.0% ABV, IBU 51. IPA style.

What do the Master Brewers say?

This amber-coloured ale gives an aroma of apricots, peaches and tangerines which is balanced by a sweet malt flavor. With a well-rounded mouthfeel, it's a perfect contender for any occasion. Hops: Chinook, Columbus, Simcoe. Brewed exclusively for Lidl Ireland.

Hmm... I didn't know that Lidl Slovenia (where I bought it) is part of Lidl Ireland. I would have said Austria.
Or were they not sold there and are now being replaced? What do I know ... after all, it doesn't matter ... The EU and this...

The beer is golden and slightly cloudy in color, and the head is average and creamy. It smells of hops and fruit. A sip goes very smoothly down the throat, and I immediately detect the bitterness of the hops, which is predominant but not too much, followed by the fruity aromas. Peaches, apricots, and grapefruit.
In the aftertaste, the fruity aromas quickly disappear, but the hop bitterness lingers for a while.

A very drinkable and very tasty beer. The bitterness of the hops is very well balanced with the fruity aromas. Comparing it with the previous one, this is a much better IPA, even more affordable (€1.76), and deliverable, so there are already a few in my fridge.

I'm not a beerologist like @zekepickleman (just a consumer😁) but it seems to me that the master brewers have managed to brew just the right combination of bitterness and fruity flavors.

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And what am I listening to as I write this and tasting beers? Something from my latest #newtunes post.

Drive-By Truckers - Puttin’ People on the Moon

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#beertasting2023 (it looks like I have to open the annual page for 2023 and half a year hasn't passed yet 😁)
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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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