Beer Tasting: Zichovec Krahulík 12° and BrewDog PunkIPA

Hello beer lovers! 🍻 😎 🍻

How are you? As you've probably noticed, the Beer community is getting automated (read: new bots are being introduced to simplify certain activities...), but there's bound to be a problem, especially if we have a drunk beer bot 😁

But regardless, the 253rd in a row #beersaturday is here and I have two interesting beers in front of me, one British and one Czech, and I'm going to enjoy them.

Is there anything happening in your area at the weekend?
I should go to a concert by a very popular local band Ana Popedan, I've recorded them several times, I've known them personally since they started playing, thirty years, but I don't feel like going. My wife has gone to a concert, the kids have disappeared somewhere, and I'm at home looking after the dog and tasting beer. I prefer it that way at the moment :)

First, the one with less alcohol.

🍻 😎 🍻

Zichovec Krahulík 12° Svetly Ležak

Brewed by Rodinný pivovar Zichovec, Zichovec, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic.
Can, 0.5 l, alcohol 5.1 ABV, 32 IBU. It's a Bohemian or Czech Pilsener style, with bready malt and hoppy character.

What do the Master Brewers say?

Our flagship 12th represents what we love most about Czech pale lager - the rich aroma and flavor of Czech Saaz hop strong bitterness and full malt body. Higher fermentation and effervescence guarantee a very pleasant finish.
The color is light golden with a stable creamy head. The flavor is hoppy, peppery to herbal. Pleasant hoppy aftertaste.

This is one of the biggest Czech breweries and that's my first session with this brewery. As Czech beers are generally excellent, I expect something similar. So, high expectations :) 😀

The beer is clear and bright golden in color, and the head is solid and slowly fading. It has no particular odor. The first sip goes down the throat smoothly. First a mild hop bitterness and malt sweetness, about the same, then the sweetness gives way to hop bitterness, which dominates more and more, aromas of some herbs, nutty and bready flavors, discreetly peppery and spicy.

In the end, everything disappears except for the pronounced hop bitterness, which lingers for a while in the aftertaste.

Absolutely excellent!
It's a very balanced beer, surprisingly tasty, the hop bitterness is present throughout, there's no doubt at all that this is one of the best Pilsners/Lagers I've ever tasted, if I go to a higher, surreal level I would say that it's like a kind of déjà vu, that it's what I imagine in my delusions or dreams (to be a bit more kind to myself, haha), that this is what I mean by a great beer!

With its stable bitterness and herbal flavors, it can also measure up to some of the top IPAs. Unfortunately, it's not available here, except through their e-store, so if I want to keep it in my fridge I'll have to order it there, but I'm not sure they deliver it to us ... we'll see ...

OK, enough kudos, it's just beer, let's move on!

🍻 😎 🍻

BrewDog Punk IPA

Brewed by BrewDog, Ellon, Scotland, UK.
Can, 0.5 l, alcohol 5.4% ABV, 45 IBU. It's India Pale Ale (IPA) style, hoppy, bitter and dryish finish.

And what do the master brewers say?

Punk IPA is the beer that kick-started it. This light, golden classic has been subverted with new world hops to create an explosion of flavour. Bursts of caramel and tropical fruit with an all-out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee, precede a spiky bitter finish.
This is the beer that started it all - and it’s not done yet. Post Modern Classic.

I've tasted a few BrewDog beers so far. I haven't tried this one yet. But I've already been recommended by a few beer drinkers to give it a try. And now it's in front of me :)

The beer is orange-gold in color and the head is solid. It smells of hops and fruit. The first sip passes quickly and smoothly through the throat and the palate is immediately dominated by the bitterness of the hops with aromas of tropical fruits, especially grapefruit, pineapple, and lemon.
In the aftertaste, everything disappears except the bitterness, which lingers for a while.

A great IPA! BrewDog didn't disappoint me with this beer either. A classic IPA, with bitterness prevailing throughout and discreet tropical fruit flavors. Comparing it to the previous one, admittedly conditional because it's a different process, it's a little more bitter but not too much.
I'd have liked to have this in the fridge too, but here it's only available to order through a specialist e-store. We'll see...

All in all, today was an awesome #beertasting day. Two great beers that I'm going to put high on my list.

🍻 😎 🍻

And what am I listening to as I write this?

Could it be something from my last #newtunes post, or some punk, because I've just tasted the Punk IPA, but no?
Since I didn't post a meme today, one beer death metal story. All real beer drinkers will sacrifice 4 minutes and watch the video :)

BAEST - Necro Sapiens

🍻 😎 🍻

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Stay healthy and enjoy your beer!


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