The Ink Well Prompt #17: Action, Dialog and Narrative


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Hello and welcome to the The Ink Well weekly fiction prompt. The Ink Well is a Hive blockchain-based social media community of creative writers. If you love to write short stories, we invite you to join us. Or peruse the work of our community members.


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Okay! Let's review fiction entries from last week and start a new prompt.

Stories From the Previous Week

Thank you to everyone who posted a story for last week's prompt, “Your Birthday," which challenged writers to search for their birth date on the Internet and create a fictionalized account of something that happened on that date anytime in history. Thank you to those of you who tackled this one!

Here are the week's stories. Be sure to read and support these authors for their work!

This Week’s Prompt

The prompt for this week is Action, Dialog and Narrative.

For this prompt, please do three things:

  1. Read our writing tips on Action, Dialog and Narrative, The Dynamic Trio.
  2. Look at the featured image, or feel free to choose one of your own, and imagine who the characters are and what is happening between them. To make it dramatic, you will need a confict, and you will need to resolve that conflict by the end of the story.
  3. Write your story. Include all three of those important elements: action, dialog and narrative.

Action tells us what is happening. Dialog is the interaction between the two people — what they say to each other. And narrative is the storytelling and description. Here's a very brief example, for writers who are still in the early stages of their writing journey;

The VW drove along under the canopy of trees.
"Stop the car," Veronica said. She gripped the dashboard for a moment with both hands.
Jamison kept driving. "I really don't want to stop here, Veronica."
"Stop right now!"

We hope this inspires you. Good luck!

Note: As always, please avoid gory, bloody, brutal, sexist or racist themes and language.

If you don't feel inspired by this prompt or the featured image, feel free to peruse any of our past prompts or our collection of idea-generators:

Weekly Prompt Rules:

  1. Deadline: You have a week to write for the prompt, until the next one is posted. (Note: You can write for any of the prompts anytime. This is just a guideline to be included in the weekly round-up of highlights.)
  2. Hashtags: Please use these hashtags: #fiction #writing #inkwellprompt #theinkwell.
  3. Story link: Post a link to your story in a comment on this post.
  4. Community support: Visit the work of at least two other community members and comment on their work.
  5. Title: The title is up to you. You can come up with any title you wish. You do not need to name it after the prompt or include the prompt word.
  6. Images: Please only use images from license free and creative commons sites, like Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels. Images you find on the Internet are copyright protected and cannot be used. Be sure to provide the source link.

Reminder: Be sure to also read our community rules. The reason for the repeat reminder is that we see many stories describing brutality of women or that have excessive gore, and we must mute them. Please do not post these stories in The Ink Well. We want our community to be a safe and comfortable place for all readers.

Here are the past prompts if you would like to use them or refer back to them:

We look forward to reading your stories!

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