The Ink Well

The Ink Well is a @curie curated community supporting short story writers on the Hive blockchain

Our community is specifically for publishing and supporting short fiction.

We are one of the only writers’ communities directly supported by curie, which means we reward well-written creative writing with curie votes.

The Ink Well aims to reward all diverse forms of imaginative writing, from literary fiction to genre fiction including sci-fi, fantasy, horror or even roleplay/D+D based stories. However, we ask that you avoid excessive gore and violence. Please read our rules below. Note that we must mute any posts that are plagiarized, depict violence against women or otherwise break our community rules.

NOTE: We are not able to accept poetry or chapters of serials.

If your short story has a narrative, a story line and meaningful characters, please join us in The Ink Well.


- This is a short story community. Please don't post unrelated content.

- No plagiarism. Plagiarized posts here are muted and reported to projects that counter abuse.

- Use only copywrite-free images (e.g. your own pictures or images sourced from Pixabay, Unsplash, Pexels or Hive stock images). You must link the image source.

- No re-posts or content that is published elsewhere in any form. The Ink Well is for original creative work.

- No posts depicting negative stereotypes of groups or classes of people.

- No “NSFW” (not safe for work) content, e.g. explicit sex or erotica.

- No brutality of women, girls, children or pets, and no excessive violence, blood or gore.

- No hate posts, abuse or trolling. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, threats of violence or bullying.

- We encourage feedback, but be gentle and constructive.

- Add value and contribute to the community by reading, voting and commenting on other people's work.

- Only posts written in English, please.

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