The Ink Well

The Ink Well is a @curie and @ocd curated community supporting short story writers on hive.

The Ink Well is a friendly community for all of the story tellers on the hive blockchain.

The Ink Well is also one of the only writers’ communities directly supported by curie and ocd, which means we will be rewarding well written creative writing with curie and ocd votes.

The Ink well aims to reward all diverse forms of imaginative writing. If you write literary fiction we’ve got you covered. If genre fiction is your bag, dip your pen and fill the well with sci-fi, fantasy, horror or even roleplay/D+D based stories.

If your story has narrative and a plot of some kind, please join us and dive into the ink well.

We are not able to accept poetry or chapters of serials at the moment.


- No personal abuse or trolling - This includes racism, sexist remarks, homophobia, threats of violence or any behavior deemed to be bullying.

- This community is focused on short stories. Please don't post other unrelated content.

- No plagiarism - Plagiarized posts here will be muted, reported to projects that counter abuse such as @hivewatchers and downvoted.

- No re-posts of previously published content or content that is published elsewhere in any form, in any sequence, other than your own profile and blog on the Hive blockchain and its front ends. We are looking for unique, original creative work.

- No hate posts or posts espousing violence against women or negative stereotypes.

- Peer review is a big part of a creative writer's development and learning how to edit. We encourage constructive feedback, but be gentle and explain your reasoning.

- Add value and build your writing skills by reading, voting and commenting other people's work.

- Only posts written in English please.

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