The Ink Well Prompt #16: My Birthday

Going through this inkwell write-up, I didn't have anything to write other than my birthday.

My birthday always happens once a month and that is on May 24th to be precise.

While I was with my parents, my Dad always made get day special for me as he always bought biscuits and groundout for me to share with my friends in the compound but after his death, my birthday was just like a normal day to me. I never told or reminded anyone about it but kept it to myself.

In the year 2017 when I came across certain people who not only became my brethren in church but also friends, I always looked forward to that date Month and that day because they always made it special for me.


I never knew what it meant to have people celebrate you, send text messages, call you, pray for you, post your pictures on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsup, and the rest of them on that, buy gifts for you or take you out making you feel special until I came across this beautiful friends on mine and ever since then, my birthday has been an unforgettable one for me.

Well, one of my birthday rituals that became a new normal or should I say routine was that my friends made me cook one of my favorite dishes which is Coconut Rice all by myself while they all come to eat the food when I am done cooking.


I remember one of the times, I came back from work feeling tired on my birthday only for me to meet my friends at home waiting for me to come and cook coconut rice for them.


Like, who those that? Don't be surprised, my friends do that. I got no option but to find my way to the kitchen to cook for them so they would let me sleep in peace.

It was not an easy one, we all know the hectic process of cooking coconut rice but unfortunately for me, all my friends ganged up against me and never came to my rescue in the kitchen. I did the breaking, to the grating, to the sieving, the pounding of the ingredients, and finally, to the cooking all alone and after the cooking, we all ate together but not after one of us decided to go out and buy a drink for every one of us.

It was a fun day for me even though it was a stressful one but I wouldn't mind doing that for them as they always made me feel loved and happy to part of them.

Fortunately for me, Monday which is May 24th is going to be my birthday, although I have nothing in mind for that day, I know it is going to be a happy day for me because it always is and I can not wait for that day to come.

Although this time around, I don't plan to cook for anyone, I just want to be taken out, I wanted to be taken out to an eatery and asked to take anything I want and I know my friends are up to the task especially two persons, a she (female) and he (male) but I won't mention the name. I am just anticipating this year's event how it is going to play out.

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