The ink well prompt-#16-My- birthday/ Telephone

Drake sat with his eyes placed on the door waiting patiently to hear a knock on his door.
It has been three weeks now since he sent message to his family at home telling them how he is fairing in school but the problem is that it always takes a couple of time before he gets it.
There was a time Drake fell sick and was out of cash at that moment he almost lost his life as a result of the late response he got due to the system of conveying message.
Drake is an engineering student who studies hard to see how he could change situation concerning how information should be passed as he has been waiting for response from the letter he sent to his family as he is in temporarily out of cash and needs some assistance from home.
It's annoying how message take long before it gets to the receiver.
Drake has been thinking of faster means of passing this informations without having to wait for a very long time before getting response.


As an engineering student he decided to carryout an experiment by constructing a gadget that can convey message from one place to another within seconds.
Drake gathered all the tools needed to fix this particular gadget he called what he wanted to fix a telephone, he tried to fix it and after several attempt of unsuccessful work, he then succeeded in achieving what he had in mind, after coupling the gadget he discovered it can convey message but not to a far distant as it was a wired gadget so he thought to himself how many bundles of wire will he need to extend it to his home so he was discouraged when he discovered he can't he was discouraged about ity was cut short, but then something happened.
Drake was called by his vice Chancellor in the school in honor of his invention he was awarded the best engineering student of his set and then the school offered him full support to make his invention well known and promised to take his invention to the highest level where it will be used all over the world and that even made him more existed knowing fully well that sooner or later he soon start passing information to his family without the stress of sending letter and waiting for a long time before getting any response.

This piece was written with an inspiration from an invention that happened on the 2nd of August which happened to be my birthday .
(Alexander Bell Graham an American/Scottish engineer who invented telephone in 1922.)
All thanks to the ink well community for such a wonderful prompt.
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