Breakthrough|| The Inkwell Writing Prompt

It was May 29, Edmund Hillary a man from Zealand who was a mountain climber courage himself to give another try after several attempts to climb Mount Everest. He was 23 years old and had curly hair. Tensing Norgay his friend was always there appraising every effort he made. though Edmund felt like giving up at some point, his friend always gave him reasons why he could do it.
"Remember you once told me you'll break a record when we were 6, I see that coming through" Tensing will say.
Though his strength was weakened, he wanted to make his friends and people who believe in him proud.
'Let me rest for today' he demanded.
'No way, today is no-rest day' Tensing said, tapping him on his shoulder.
He knew his friend wouldn't stop until he takes another try, so he buckled the belt and began to climb the mountain. Quickly he climbed up to the usual height, then climbed some feet higher. He looked up and became discouraged realizing he had not climbed half the level of the mountain, but as he resolved to climbed down he saw Tensing climbing up to him, amazed at his friend's effort he purposed to climb some feet higher.


A fresh surge of strength came upon Edmund Hillary, "There's something magical about having a friend joining him" he thought.
'Tensing' Edmund called, 'You're not even half the place I'm standing and you're already panting'
'let's see who reaches the top first
Edmund laughed, he had never seen Tensing climbing a mountain, if he ever did, it must have been during his training as military so he believed his strength would soon faint. But to Edmund's surprise, Tensing kept climbing up resting at a point.

Edmund continued climbing up, this time he wasn't concerned about the height, he kept checking on his friend and mocking him on how slow he climbed.
'Keep climbing, I'm coming up for you' Tensing said adjusting the earpiece as Edmund panting became louder.
'You're just a few feet to the top Edmund'.
He smiled, even if his bones hurt, he was going to climb up Mount Everest he resolved.

The top became tougher, with no rough edges for him to grab, at a point he slipped but immediately grabbed a shrub that is growing on the rock. Gradually he crawled, grasping every suitable hole. He was running out of breath, his panting increased.
'Relax' Tensing told him, 'go gradually'.
Edmund pushed himself slowly and after some moment he was standing on top of the month.
'Tensing, I made it
'yay! I knew someday you will make us proud'

Edmund became the first man to conquer month Everest, climbing to its top. The date recorded was May 29.

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