"Hanna! Hurry up or we will be late and we will have to queue to get inside the club!"

"Leah, you know I don't have superpowers. I'll be out in a minute".

Hanna, a beautiful young lady in her early 20's, dressed in a flowery designed peplum top and blue jeans, came out of her bedroom, her roommate Leah said, "you look beautiful, friend".

Hanna giggled into her palms covering her mouth and complimented her friend. "You look beautiful too. Now come! Let's go! Or we'll be late like you said"..

Leah secured the locks to their apartment while Hanna walked ahead.


They took a cab to the club which was a twenty minutes drive from their apartment. So they both got there on time. There was music in the background, laughter, dancing, smoke in the air. Hanna and Leah stepped in, holding hands. They went to the bar to order their drinks when two handsome men walked up to them.

Leah said, "uh, heads up Hanna. Your 3 O clock". Hanna immediately looked to her side and saw two handsome identical twins coming their way. They were dressed casually, a pair of blue jeans, t-shirts and Jordan sneakers. One of the twin said,

"Hi ladies, I am Lucas and this is my brother Matthew. We would like to buy you both drinks if you will allow it."

"oh! That will be lovely" said Leah, smiling. Lucas sat close to Hanna while Matthew sat close to Leah. She was dressed in a chiffon top designed with a bow tie under the burst and dark-coloured high-waist jeans. Her hair was braided well to form a bun. "You look radiant, Leah," Matthew said, admiring her.

"oh, thank you, Matthew," Leah replied.

The night was fun-filled for all of them, they all danced, drank beer, played darts and talked. It was almost midnight when they all said their goodbyes, exchanged contacts and promised to each other again.

A week later, Lucas and Matthew set up a double date with Leah and Hanna at a fancy restaurant. The twins were so eager to see them again after their last meeting which was fun and memorable.

Twins were seated at their reserved table waiting For Hanna and Leah. Five minutes later, they arrived. Leah was dressed in knee-length maroon silk; her dress was further designed with flower lace material and she had her hair up in a ponytail accompanied with silver-coloured ribbon. Hanna on the other hand was dressed in a stunning lavender gown, laced upon silk, strapless which fitted perfectly on her curvy body like it was made for just her.

"The food here is nice", said Hanna

"I love it here", Leah replied.

So they talked, got to know each other better and cracked jokes. Afterwards, Leah and Hanna went to the restroom. The twins went on talking, "Matthew, I think I like Hanna. I don't know, but there is something special about her. I want to know her more," said Lucas.

"Lucas, I think I am in love already" Matthew responded.

"You are joking, right? How can you be in love immediately? Don't forget you did the same with Jane and you were heartbroken. Be careful brother?"

"c'mon! This is different for me and I can feel it deep inside."

Lucas sighed, "Remember in two weeks we will be gone for the mission? We can't afford to have ties here Matthew! Or what if we don't come back, what happens to Leah, huh?!"

"Lucas, be positive. We will come back."

"No, Matthew. I won't allow you to play with her. These ladies deserve men who will not have to fly to space for two months. So let's just treat them well tonight and make them happy, agreed?"

"Alright, fine! But I am not promising anything".

Lucas grumbled, "oh my God! You know you are annoying right?"

"But you still love me", Matthew winked at Lucas as Leah and Hanna returned. Lucas requested their bill and they wrapped up the evening.


Leah and Hanna back home…
"Oh my God Leah, I have not had fun like this in ages", said Hanna.

"We had fun and tonight was lit! Yeah!!" They both looked at each other and busted out in laughter after which they slept off.


The next morning, Lucas and his brother went to work smiling, but disappointment awaits them.

One of the office assistants entered the twins office, "Hey, the boss wants to see you both now."

"Okay, we will be there right away", said Mathew.

"Morning sir, you requested to see us?

"Ah yes!"......... "I called you in here to let you know your mission to go to space has been fast-tracked by the government and more funds have been sent to us. So your mission will be in two days, so spend some quality time with your family and loved ones, okay?"

The twins could not believe their ears. They looked at each other.

"Yes sir, we will", they both replied.


Lucas and Matthew fixed a double date with Hanna and Leah as it was the last time they saw them.

"Matthew, we should tell them about us, where we work and who we are. It won't be fair if we just disappear like that without any warning from our end", Lucas suggested.

Matthew sighed and replied, "you said it yourself that we should not be attached to them. Change of mind? Huh?"

"Hanna and I bonded on our last date. I don't think it would be right if we just disappeared without a word, or what do you think?"

"Let's tell them tonight then."


The twins were waiting in the park for their afternoon picnic with the girls. They both dressed casually. Not long after, the ladies arrived both dressed in a flower-pattern design short gown with sandals and their hair tied up in a loose bun.

Hanna and Leah hugged the twins as they exchanged pleasantries and the picnic double date began. They had so much, played monopoly and chess together, but it was time for the twins to tell the ladies they will be gone for two months and the probability of them coming back is slim.

Lucas cleared his throat while Leah and Hanna were quiet and trying to get what was going on.

"Em ladies, we have something to discuss with you and please don't be angry with us?"

"Well, out with it before we grow grey hair! Haha" Leah jokes.

"So Matthew and I work at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). We are astronauts. We will travel to space in less than 48 hours to be back after 60days and our chance of coming back is not guaranteed".

Both Leah and Hanna went white, quiet and unsettled.

"Are you both joking or what is going on here?" asked Hanna.

"It's the truth". Lucas responded sadly.

"No! I... I..."

Leah stood up abruptly and left the park. "Excuse us," Hanna said and chased after her. She later caught up with Leah who was already crying.

"I can't believe they are leaving in less than 48hours, why? Is it because I was beginning to fall in love with Matthew? I guess the universe doesn't want me to love or have a man".

"No! Leah, don't say that. I think it's a test. They will come back in just 2months, right?"

"Hanna, what if something happens to them, what if they were kidnapped by aliens or.. Or…". Then Leah began to cry deeply while she held onto Hanna.


It was evening already when Hanna and Leah got home. They were both sad and slept off on the couch.

Hanna woke up with the sun rays blinding her sight and realized it was morning already. Hanna was trying to adjust to the sun rays when she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

"Hanna, it is Matthew and Lucas", said Lucas.

"Go away! We don't want to see you both!"

"Hanna please don't do this, I have something to tell you. So does Matthew"

Hanna opened the door and the twins came in. Matthew saw Leah sitting on the couch and then requested to speak to Leah alone. So Hanna and Lucas were left alone in the sitting room.

"So you will be gone in less than 24 hours?" Hanna asked.

"Um yes. Listen, Hanna. I have something to tell you", said Lucas.

"I love you", both of them said at the same time and they looked at each other surprised. Lucas then made the bold move by kissing Hanna passionately.

"Please don't go", Hanna said.

Lucas replied while his hands cupped her face, "I wish but I have to."

Leah and Matthew returned to the living room and you could tell their differences had been settled. So both Leah and Hanna went to the rocket launch event to see the twins off to space. They hugged and kissed each other.

Leah and Hanna made a special heart-shaped card for the twins telling them to "bring back their hearts". The Twins were the first to visit the planet called Uranus. Will they come back safely? Will both Hanna and Leah get to see them again?


Leah and Hanna were at a coffee restaurant ordering their daily dose of cappuccinos when all of a sudden the entire restaurant went silent. Hanna turned around to see what was the cause of the awkward silence and the twins were standing right behind them in air force uniforms and bouquets in their hands. Leah's coffee fell to the ground in shock and Hanna screamed. Lucas and Matthew quickly hugged while they all had tears of joy.

They were reunited, their hearts came back to them in one piece. When love is pure, it can stretch to any distance.

This story was inspired by a historical event that happened on the 26th August 1978 in which Sigmund Jähn was the first German to go into space.

On the 26th August is my birthday.
I hope you enjoy reading.
Thank you.

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