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On my eleventh birthday. I did not receive a letter from a prestigious school of magic, nor did I receive my first pokemon to go out and explore the world, nor did strange powers from mythological parents come to the surface. Although I would have wanted and wished that my monotonous life would have changed in that way, it did not.

However, on my birthday I received my first kiss. It was a sensational kiss that altered the foundations of my humdrum life. An event I was to treasure for the rest of my life.

How did it happen? Who kissed me?

Well, you see, it happened unexpectedly. I woke up like every day, you might think the only change was that it was my birthday. I had to attend my boring school, had a delicious donut breakfast courtesy of my mother, and received strong congratulations from my parents. I went to school optimistic, hoping that I would receive thousands of gifts when I got home.

At school, the teacher, principal, staff, and other students wished me a happy birthday. They even baked me a cake with a picture of a fantastic wizard spitting fire from his nose. I also got lots of candy from my best friends Marco and Estefania.
I'm sure at this point you're bored of who kissed me. Well, it was Ana Castell.

I met her on my birthday, I didn't know where she came from, but it wouldn't take long to find out. She was a newcomer. When she was introduced by the teacher, I didn't take my eyes off her. Dark wavy hair down to her shoulders, skin the color of the moon and glowing like the stars of the night, with eyes of extreme topaz. His mysterious aura stole my heart.

However, like every boy I was dismissive of her, I couldn't show her that she stole my heart. So at recess, I emphasized my presence in her life by teasing her. Helped by Marco and Estefania, we tousled her hair, pinched her cheeks and arms when she didn't notice.

She didn't say anything, nor did she squeal. Strange thing. She just looked at me with a scary look on her face. We didn't last long with the game and left it at that. I felt her eyes follow me as we left and it wasn't a happy feeling. I expected her like a normal girl to squeal and rage until I unexpectedly stole a kiss from her. That was my illogical plan.

In class, I also felt the girl's eyes on my back. No matter that I challenged her with my eyes, I still looked cold.

Wasn't she talking?

I wanted to ignore her, but there she was with her eyes never leaving me when I was leaving school. It wasn't a sweet look, they were full of cold and hate. I walked a few blocks home and there she was following me. I moved forward as fast as I could, I was already getting scared of his weird and erratic behavior. I had read many books to find out what people who behaved like that did.

However, as I turned down the street I came face to face with Ana. I tried to scream but the girl's iron hand covered my mouth and with supernatural strength she grabbed me. She dragged me with her into the forest, and we walked into the woods to a beautiful treehouse. It would have been a nice place if it wasn't in the forest's darkest and most sinister recess. There is let go of me and slammed me against the wall of the place.

I knew that shouting would be useless, we were far away from the urbanization and the municipal road was far away too. So like a good detective I asked what she wanted from me, but she continued to look at me strangely without opening her mouth. I decided to stand up so I could face her, she did nothing, she just sat cross-legged watching my movements. Although her gaze had become softening, it still frightened me
Several times I looked for a way out, but she blocked my way out. She was shorter than me, but her body was rock solid. Several times she would knock me down with a single swipe. It was getting dark and my temper was getting desperate. I indicated in desperation that I should go back, otherwise people would be looking for me. She didn't react, so I finally confessed that I liked him, but I was scared of her behavior.

What did she want from me? I remember asking her

And that's when she got up and stood up to my level.

Without waiting for it, she kissed me. It wasn't romantic, nor passionate. Remember we were in an ominous forest, in an abandoned treehouse. The magic of it was what it communicated. The girl wasn't real, she was a golem sending for a brave hero to save a princess. That's why she couldn't speak, the golem represented the princess. The kiss had thousands of images that I tried to piece together. An evil sorcerer, stepfather of the princess did not want her to marry to take over the kingdom, and to get there I had to follow the golem.

I only got images, no names or instructions on how to fight them. Only the strong conviction that I could be the hero who could save them. It was the odyssey I had hoped for, the message I had hoped to get on my birthday.

So I write this letter for whoever finds it. I have followed the golem, ready to save the princess and become a man in a rather crazy and crazy adventure. Very Mario Bross style.

I love you, mom and dad. I'll be back as soon as I can.

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