No Happy Birthday: The Inkwell Prompt #16/ Your Birthday.

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Today is my birthday. And I'm currently the angriest boy in the world.

Apparently, I'm the only one who remembers my birth date. Not even my mother!

I woke up this morning full of life and gratitude to God for one more year, expecting to see my family gathered around my bed as usual to sing me birthday songs. Then they would present my cake and gifts.

I was very disappointed.

My parents had acted normal, as if this was just another day in the year. Even my sister had played a prank on me. Only my dog seemed to be different. Busky came to greet me, kissing and licking my face. But then, this was something he did all the time. So I guess he too was just like the rest of them.

If they chose to forget my birthday, then I too chose not to remind them. This was not something I was supposed to remind them of.

So I had sulked through the day, being moody and mad at my entire family.

School was a bit better. They sang the 'happy birthday' song for me. Something my family refused to do. But that was it. And somehow, when they were done, I felt even worse than before.

Immediately school was over, I walked him. Choosing to skip the bus as I didn't want to be with anyone. Eyes on my feet, I shuffled my way home. I made up my mind, I would not eat tonight. As my parents had made me sad on what should have been my happiest day, I would also make them worry.

Busky greeted me happily as I got home. But that was usual. What was unusual was the Frisbee in his mouth. He wanted to play, usually I was the one that had to coerce him into playing. I didn't argue though, after all I didn't want to be indoors just yet. I rushed in to change my school clothes and dashed back out. Completely ignoring my family. I was still mad at them.

On getting outside, instead of giving me the Frisbee, Busky turned and ran off.

"Busky!" I cried angrily, I was not in the mood for this. But I went after him, "come back here!"

He's young and fast. I'm also young and not so fast. So he was always slowing down to make sure I still had him in my sights. He led me to the community field.

And now, panting hard I look at him. I am too weak to even be mad at him.

"What was that for?" I rasp.

Wagging his tail, he grins at me. Showing off his canines as he drops the Frisbee at my feet.

"No!" I tell him, "you think I'm playing with you after the stunt you just pulled?"

He jumps about, not too sad about the fact I told him there would be no play. And that is also unusual. Because once started, it's difficult to stop him from playing. I realize then something is not right.

"What is going on here Busky?" I mutter, watching the dog.

He freezes, or something closest to it. Then be begins to dig into a nearby bush. I'm not fooled though.

"Busky!" I grab him by the collar, "why did you bring me here? What is happening..."

My voice trails of as he lets out a whine, then I understand. I fall back.

"I shouldn't be here, should I?"

He barks once.

Suddenly, I turn and begin to run. As fast as my ten year old legs can carry me. I zip through the street, with Busky hot on my heels as we run towards home.

It can't be... I keep thinking. It has to be...

I run into our compound, it's empty. But I know they'll be in my bedroom. Where they should have been in the morning.

I throw the door open into the pitch dark living room, I feel around and flip the switch, flooding the room with bright lights.

"Happy birthday!"

The chorus came from all parts of the living room with parents and sister leading the group of my friends and extended family members.

As I watch them speechlessly, they approach me with this giant cake that had ten candles on top.

"Happy birthday my love." My Mom says, her eyes are lit up by the light of the candles. "Did you really think we would forget your birthday? We wanted to throw a surprise party for you."

I can't speak aa they place the cake on the table, beside it there's this other cake. A miniature one, I look at it in curiosity. It can't be for me as well.

"Today is your birthday son," my father says ruffling my hair. "But that cake is for Busky. Today is also World Love your Pet Day. So we're celebrating you and Busky."

I turn to the dog, he's still grinning. I kneel and stroke him.

"You were in on this as well."

"Of course he was." My sister says, coming up behind me. "We would never have pulled this off without him. I'm sorry for the prank I pulled on you this morning."

I forgive her at once, the events of the last ten minutes have dissipated my anger completely. And as we gather around the cake, I feel the love and affection from my family and friends. And I'm so glad it's my birthday. I'm currently the happiest person in the world.

"Make a wish son."

I close my eyes and make a wish.

And I blow out my candles.

The End.

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