The Ink Well Prompt #16: Your Birthday | An unforgettable day


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A long time ago in a small town in western Iowa, there lived a family consisting of a married couple and a boy of only 7 years old.

They lived in an urbanism where these were small houses, attached to each other, making it a very small town, where everyone knew each other.

As every year, the parents had a small birthday party for their son where they invited all the closest family and friends. As the date was approaching, the son asked his father for a clown, so that he could please the children and offer a greater variety of things for his birthday, such as magic tricks, the common balloon act, among other things, and thus achieve a good popularity among the children, but this was not easy for the parents, because it was very expensive, and the country was going through one of the biggest crises in the world.

The parents wanted to give everything to their son, so they looked for all possible options to make him happy, and the mother of little Timmy remembered that the brother of a friend was unemployed, and so she saw the opportunity to benefit both herself and help her friend's brother.

Only 4 days before the longed-for birthday, they managed to talk to him, and they agreed on a deal, and after that they were able to be calmer because they could give their son what he wanted so much.

The magnificent day arrived, everything was ready, just as they had planned. The clown arrived on time, with his colorful clothes and all his things, but something was not right. He had a lost look on his face, and arrived to give the performance without saying a single word.

The parents could not believe how happy their son looked, they could only imagine his relationship after all this was over, to know that he was happy, to hear his sweet voice saying thank you. Those little details that fill a parent with complete satisfaction.

-How is it possible? I don't know how you did it, but you are a great father. Said a friend of the father as he patted him on the back.

-If luck doesn't exist, then I don't know how all this happened. He replied, with a smile on his face.

-Soon I'll be doing my son's birthday, I'll need some of that luck.

As the hours passed the clown talked to the father and gave him the idea of taking the children to an amusement park, which was a few kilometers away, to which the father agreed since it was a very important day for his son. They arranged things and it was time to leave, the children were very excited and got into a car which had the clown, and left for the amusement park.

After a few hours they tried to call the clown and he did not answer, so the mother in her desperation called her friend, to ask for her brother and a possibility to locate him, to which she answered:

-My brother has been sick for 3 days, and has not been able to get out of bed.

The mother felt that her whole world was falling apart, so she did not want to wait any longer, and called the police, who immediately began the search.

After a few hours they called the parents, to tell them the location of the children, and when they arrived they saw the clown in handcuffs, and did not hesitate to go talk to him, but the wife saw the clown without makeup and changed her face, because she knew that something from the past had returned, because that clown was in fact the father she had so much negotiated to accept for her son. It was his real father who was there, and gave everything to be with his child at least for a moment.

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