Kokoro Vegetable Gyoza

Hello Foodies,

Continuing on from my visit to Kokoro’s store, I also got in a couple of boxes of gyoza. This is the first one I picked up to go with my Sushi Katsu Combi. A meal must have it’s vegetables and I decided to get them in gyoza form.

Courtesy of Kokoro

Kokoro Vegetable Gyoza

"4 steamed vegetable gyoza with Kokoro gyoza sauce."

I got my husband to heat these up as he is way into his Japanese food than me. I didn’t have a clue how to heat them. I thought they went in boiling water until my husband told me they are heated up in a pan. I’m glad I left it for him to deal with or I would have ruined them. I did like the way these gyozas / dumplings were neatly folded. I wandered if they were don’t by hand or by machine. They looked perfect and they look really plump too. After my husband cooked them, I tucked in. I got a lovely crunchy bottom and the rest of the gyoza was soft with not a split in sight. The filling was full of vegetables. I couldn’t tell you what vegetables were in there. One, I wasn’t looking as I was too busy stuffing my face. Two, I put them in my mouth whole! Yes, I have a big mouth!

These little beauties were light, yet filling and made me cry out for more. I definitely need to get more in next time I visit. I feel like Japanese food is all I’m craving at the moment. I’ve found a new cuisine I really enjoy!

Kokoro Sushi Katsu Combi

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