Tesco 2 Steak Bakes

Hello PeakD,

For a a couple of years now I have been craving a Greggs sausage roll and a cheese and onion slice. There isn’t one easily accessible to me and I thought I would see what was on offer at the supermarket. They didn’t have any sausage rolls whether that be in the chilled or the frozen section. So I looked for a minced beed and onion slice. They didn’t have that either. I ended up getting a steak bake and a cheese and onion bake instead and I had one of each. I will begin by telling you about the steak bake.


Tesco 2 Steak Bakes

"Flaky Puff Pastry Filled with tender pieces of beef steak in a thick and meaty gravy."

So I followed the instructions to a T. 25 - 30 minutes in the oven on 200 degrees c, until golden brown. After 25 minutes the top was barely golden at all apart from a couple of corners. The top pastry looked so blonde, it was practically anaemic! I left it in for a few more minutes, but the pastry didn’t seem to get an better and the sides looked like they were starting to burn. I took it out and stay down to eat. It was very difficult to cut through the pastry. It just squished as opposed to cut. Even trying to tear the pastry apart with a knife and fork was hard work! The centre had a few chunks of meat but not enough to call it a ’steak slice’. The gravy was thick, but it really needed more of everything. More meat, more gravy, for flavour, more everything!

This really wasn’t worth the calories at all. With it being a weekend and a ’cheat day’ , I was well up for having something that was unhealthy. I think I would have got more satisfaction from a bag of mixed veg than this slice. It was horrible! Never again!

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