The Protein Works Protein Cookies - Triple Chocolate Trouble

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Last night to eat something healthy, I decided to make myself a healthy fruit salad made with strawberries, raspberries and I chopped up a protein cookie too. I was very excited to tuck into it.

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The Protein Works Protein Cookies - Triple Chocolate Trouble

"Why have one type of chocolate when you can have three? Containing huge white chunks of white and milk chocolate in a soft chocolate flavoured Cookie dough."

Well I started off by eating some of the berries, then I turned to a chunk of the protein cookie. When I was chopping this for my fruit bowl, it was quite firm and dense. It was hard to cut through with a knife. You really had to add quite a bit of pressure. The first bit I had of the protein cookie was an unusual texture. The texture wasn’t like a cookie in my opinion. It was hard and chewy. I expect cookies to be crumbly and definitely a much softer texture. The taste at first wasn’t chocolatey at all. The cookie paired with the fruit made my mouth have a liquorice taste to it and I hate liquorice! I persevered and ate more of the cookie on it’s own. It did start to taste chocolatey and there were white chunks of chocolate, but I didn’t really see any milk chocolate chunks. It was a bit ’meh’ with the fruit.

I don’t think I would have the protein cookie again. Even if I did have it just as a cookie. The texture and taste didn’t seem right to call it a cookie. I’ve had much better and tastier snacks from The Protein Works and I will be sticking to what I know. In fact, I have been having my fruit with their Loaded Nuts and that’s so delicious!!

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