Lindt Gold Bunny Milk & Hazelnut 100G

Chocolate Fans,

I wanted something sweet last night. Only something small. I searched around for something. Anything. Then I found it. My hazelnut bunny that I had since Easter.

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Lindt Gold Bunny Milk & Hazelnut 100G

"Milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces."
"Lindt GOLD BUNNY chocolate gift - made with the finest Lindt Milk chocolate, beautifully dressed in gold, with a ribbon and gold bell that rings."

I do love a gold bunny. This one had chopped up pieces of hazelnut running all through the chocolate. The chocolate was so smooth and silky and then you had the crunch of those tiny hazelnut pieces. Love the nutty taste of the the hazelnut and the delicious finest milk chocolate. Perfect combination of nuts and chocolate.

These bunnies look so damn cute and I love the little bell that rings. Thing is I feel guilty unwrapping it and eating it as it really does look like it has ’feelings’ . I shared this bunny with my Husband. What a mistake that was! I was craving for more but I didn’t have much left at all. My Husband had already finished his share, so I couldn’t take some back. I just had to slowly eat what I had and take the smallest bites. Really do enjoy good quality chocolate. It was so tasty and I think I prefer it to just the milk chocolate bunny too.

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