Sainsbury's Strawberry Jam & Cream Doughnuts

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Yesterday I wanted to have something sweet as I was planning on settling in front of the TV all evening to watch the final of Love Island. I had a look in Sainsbury’s to see if there was anything different to the other supermarket I go to. I came across these doughnut fingers. They sounded nice. I love doughnuts, cream and jam. This really was singing to me. I couldn’t wait for the programme to start so I could dig into them.


Sainsbury's Strawberry Jam & Cream Doughnuts

"Doughnuts filled with sweetened cream and strawberry jam."

I opened the box and the fingers were in a plastic tray that needed popping open from both ends before you could take them out. It was nice to see them packaged so well. I’m hoping the tray was recyclable otherwise that’s not so great. Anyhow, I took out the first finger and but into it. The doughnut was more like a sweet bread bun and not doughnut like at all. The cream was nice and fresh, but on my first bite I was thinking ”Where’s the jam?” I thought I had to wait until I took a few more bites to see the jam. No! I finished the whole finger and the jam was barely there! It was the stingiest bit of jam I ever saw in my life. It was if someone had scraped the bottom of the jam jar to fill the finger. Then I moved onto the next one. It was exactly the same!! I wasn’t happy at all!

Really wasn’t impressed with these at all. So I was glad I had something else to eat in the house that did make my tummy smile. I definitely wouldn’t buy them again. They were 200 cals each as well! I’d rather spend more and eat more calories by having a couple of Krispy Kreme OG doughnuts. I was not impressed in the slightest.

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