Twinings Camomile And Honey

Afternoon Everybody,

As I thought I was going to have a rough night, I decided to settle in with a cup of herbal tea.


Twinings Camomile And Honey

"A honey and vanilla flavoured camomile infusion.
Camomile flowers swaying in the light breeze are a magnet for busy bees in the summer months. With just a touch of gorgeously rich honey flavour and a hint of vanilla flavour - this is a truly beautiful blend."

What I like about this tea is not only does it smell good. It tastes good too. I find a lot of herbal teas smell so nice, but when you drink them, they taste bloody horrible! This one has a sweetness which I’m guessing comes from the honey and vanilla. I can’t actually describe what flavour camomile is, but it has a very pleasant taste. This tea makes me feel like I am drinking a buttery, minty sweet. Also known as a Murray mint. I know there is no mint in this at all, but this is all the tea reminds me of. Strange huh?

Definitely a herbal tea that’s a keeper. I am yet to find one that is relaxing and comforting. It smells good and tastes good. I think I might even have another one tonight.

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