Carrs Cheese Melts 150G

Afternoon All,

Something savoury for today. I had these last night as it was far too hot to have a full on dinner. I was quite happy having cheese and crackers.


Carrs Cheese Melts 150G

"Wheaten Biscuits with Cheese."

"We've been baking pioneers since 1831. That's almost 200 years of crafting with carefully selected ingredients, to create the perfect balance of crispy texture and flavour. Our melts are deliciously crisp wheaten biscuits with a light and melting texture. Perfect on their own or topped to your own tastes. Why not try with chipotle spiced guacamole?"

These crackers are light and crispy. They are topped with a sprinkling of cheese. They are only 22 calories per biscuit and I find these are perfect to of with a spreadable soft cheese. I have had this topped with all sorts. Cheese, paté, salsa, pickles. All sorts of things. I love the cheesy salty taste and the flaky crunch when you bite into these. I love them.

These crackers are so good. So much so, you could eat them bare. Definitely one of my favourite, versatile crackers / savoury biscuits of all time. Highly recommended.

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