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Bed sheets washed. 1783 Enabled Money Sent to King of England Wednesday the first day of February of 2023. Stephen Colbert Audience Masks Thursday. Satellites Friday. Bitchute Banned Channels Saturday. Eastern Honeys Chinese Lucy Sunday the 5th. Potato Five is Johnny Alive Monday. Greyhound Sucks Tuesday. Blazers Warriors, Arnold Attic, Uncle Story, Crazy Homeless Bag Man Wednesday. Cabinets Out, Burgerville Dad, Max Jeep Thursday. Lighthouse, Museum Sneak, Bunker Maze, Hiking, Restaurants Friday. Waterfall, Creek School Hill Hike, Birthday Arcade, Church Saturday.

Ted Pickett Family Seattle Sunday the 12th. Oregon, Sharon Hundley, Safeway, Forest Grove Hotel Monday. Pictionary Telephone, Beach Karate Kid Oatmeal Tuesday. Mario 3D World, Kart DS, Lois & Clark Hiking, Arcade, Vietnam Food Wednesday. Driving, Earthquake Bed Coffins, Zombie Lust Men, Day Ten of Ten of the Rick Trip Thursday. Sick, Files Work, Tim Pool Cast Cat Friday. Jamie Hanshaw of Out of This World Podcast Saturday.

Red Covid, Physiognomy is the study of the face Sunday the 19th. Project Veritas Committed Suicide By FIring James Okeefe III Monday. Fallout in Ohio in 2023 Tuesday. Ohio Trump Water/McDonald's. Who are the globalists Wednesday. Ukraine Laundering Scam Thursday. They're Trying to Take Alex Jones' Cat Friday. Potato Five Saturday. Hotep Jesus interviewed Scott Adams Sunday. Matt Baker, Yeonme Park, Oatmeal Hawaii 2008 Heckler Monday. El Salvador President Cracking Down On Gangs Tuesday.

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IMG_20230208_171603 Rose Garden Outside, Dad, Rick, Oatmeal.jpg

My dad, me, and my brother, at the Rose Garden.

Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-02 - February of 2023 | Published in of 2023




1783 Enabled Money Sent to King of England

2023-02-01 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-02-01 17-00-12 Star Wars.png

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill no mask while others wear masks, why?

1783 Paris UK USA Peace Treaty established the King of England as the prince elector of the United States of America, debts continued to be sent to the crown, the British torched the White House in 1814. The act of 1871 created an independent DC entity. Lex Fori. Did America become a corporation in 1871? Did DC become a city state in 1871? Is the financial capital of the New World Order in the City of London? Is the religious capital in Vatican City? Is the military capital in the District of Columbia (DC)? Are these three capitols the Unholy Trinity of the New World Order? Could this be how they govern the world through the three branches of the New World Order being the military (DC), money (City of London), and magic or religion (Vatican City), the three M's of control? Is this the true face and trichotomy of the NWO being the Vatican, London City, and DC? The USA Corp. These three city states have their own sovereignty separate and independent of the countries they are nested inside, DC, City of London, and the City of the Vatican. They are separate nation states. Is it true that in 1913 America established the Federal Reserve which is somehow governed by the City of London? What is Operation Paperclip?

I've thought about joining the United States Military since the early 2000s but I could not trust the leaders of the Pentagon, the Department of Defense (DoD), etc. At the time, I didn't know about Infowars Alex Jones and others who was speaking up against globalism, corruption. I agree. My position is promote and confront Trump. Some people want to only do one of those two things. But it should NOT be binary like gender is. Like, we can't just hope Ron Desantis can do better with foreign affairs. Trump will get more votes than Ron or anybody on the left. 2022 Russia Ukraine is 9/11 all over again (unlike the Jan6 false flag), the globalists want cyber attacks on the United States in order to blame Putin in order to do even more war while also setting up an even worse Patriot Act like thingy to try to lock up the Internet etc. I voted yes but it is a yes no thing. Because they both got problems. We should vote Trump 2024. But we should also ALWAYS pressure and confront Trump regarding KILLER Covid Vaccines, etc. Ron DeSantis is good in some ways but Trump will get more votes.

Geeks + Gamers Tuesday Night Main Event (TNME) of the Star Wars Fandom Menace was on Friday yesterday. Boycott Disney whenever they try to push lifestyles on children to bypass the wishes of parents. What Eliza Bleu said here is word salad as Stefan Molyneux likes to say, it's basically something a girl with blue hair might say, like it's too hypothetical. To be clear, I disagree with Eliza. Beyond that, it contradicts like her alleged public persona of being a victim/etc. My position is I'm pro-AnCap globally/federally (not necessarily locally/city/state) in minimizing tyranny. But only because I'm trying to counter globalism. But what Eliza Bleu described sounds like communism or something where the state gets to decide the fate of children. Please do not make Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep-Fake SEX TAPES, porn, nudes, naked photos, memes, videos, VR etc, of Oatmeal Joey Arnold Attic, Memes World Productions, Ra Ra, Lil Sniff, Quan Dale Dingle, Dead Wing Dork/King Cobra JFS/iJustine, Jack Ass, Comcast/Vietnam etc.

Stephen Colbert Audience Masks

2023-02-02 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-02-02 12-35-31 China Canada.png

Justin Wants To Rule Canada Same Same Like China King Winnie De Pooh

Everyone at Stephen Colbert wearing masks in the audience in 2023. Colbert said we can breathe easy. No. Not with a mask. Didn't Biden say the emergency was over on October 2022? Now it's May of 2023? Perhaps it will never end because Biden already said Covid over last year even tho the vaccines are killing people.


Yelyzaveta, to get you to love me, do I have to say I hate Russia? I put Russia in my name. Cuz I want to go there. NATO is wrong to violate their agreement with Russia. Putin is backed up into a corner while globalism tries to swallow up the planet. She blocked me. I asked her if she hates Russians in Ukraine. I guess she does based on her actions. Men fall for beautiful women who are either evil or in some cases misguided. Either case, it's destructive. This website wants money from men. But they're really bad at keeping em.


2023-02-03 - Friday

Xray Girl China USA Balloon Spy Montana FoAVIurX0AIVRNP.jpeg

X-Ray Girl, China Balloon Over China, Friday Night Tights, Nerdrotics, Geeks + Gamers

There are tens of thousands of satellites orbiting earth, a ring of satellite debris has been forming since the 1960s, I wonder if the rings of Saturn came from ancient satellites. You know who your real friends are when you are in the middle of a storm.

Do you think people will also comply with climate change mandates? They already are, people comply with the Climate Scam by simply buying energy-saving products designed to help the environment which is good. But what is the bad is users might lose control over smart meters, phones, cars, devices, etc.

Bitchute Banned Channels

2023-02-04 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-02-04 14-11-21.png

I was watching Friday Night Tights on Nerdrotic on YouTube

Why is @bitchutevideo banning channels? Bitchute removed some of my videos for having Mango Haze screenshots (face). He did bad. So I was mentioning that. But he reported the videos to @BitchuteMedia who sided with that I'm From German guy who was attacking Memes World Productions in 2022, Lil Sniff Michael Buddy Mullins, EZ Blazer, Moose, Duck, Voltron, Drunk Yoda, Roy Merrick, Oatmeal, Sky, Quan Dale Dingle, Stumble Chat CosmosisT Tyler Moore of Canada, Ian Oat Box.

Eastern Honeys Chinese Lucy

2023-02-05 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-02-06 01-32-55.png

Find Chinese Lucy on Eastern Honeys

Take the time to cheer moments from life both good and bad. Billy Graham. Benny Hinn. Carmen. I saw them. I did not see Bob Dylan. Love involves making others laugh. Enjoy the little moments in life. Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast is raising awareness of Eliza Bleu who is oddly trying to sue thousands of people. Edward Snowden is rolling in his grave and he is not even dead yet. You cannot have privacy Ed said. So, it's not a privacy violation because privacy is a fantasy online. Yes privacy is a good thing. We can strive after some privacy. But the Internet is a mess. The legality of the Internet is a scam.

Potato Five is Johnny Alive

2023-02-06 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-02-04 14-12-43.png

Joshi Jeremy of Geeks + Gamers

The Grammys. Sam Smith as Satan. Tip of the iceberg. They don't care any more. They are creating a meme of seduction. Humans lust after sex, power, influence, $$, love. The Devil is a symbol of power which is freedom which overpowers the freewill of other people. They want not just freedom but more than that. It's ok not to rush things like a hop on a flix. You gotta potato five life like never ever before a roy might merrick all mangos in the haze of you lovers.

Greyhound Sucks

2023-02-07 - Tuesday


Are you an NPC bot too?

Shelton to FGG. Early to bed, early to rise, makes this Oatmeal tear up his legs in a turn of events. I got up at 05:50 AM. I was out the door at 06:30 AM. I jogged over with two bags three miles to Safeway. I hopped on Bus 6. I made it over to Olympia. I walked around a few blocks trying to find the Flix Bus which ended up being a Grey Hound. I ended up not asking people three times or so. But then did ask one guy who told me which direction to go. I ended up going back to the transit center where I started. I went into the building Greyhound has. But they said tickets are done online. Silly because why not do it there in person? So I had to walk several blocks to find WIFI to order a bus ticket. I walked back. But then realized I needed to open up the real ticket by email. So, I had to walk back to find WIFI again. I opened up my email to get an QC code thing for the bus driver to scan.

I do not endorse Greyhound because of this. I first hopped on Greyhound with my family in 1992 to visit California for a family reunion for that Christmas. But they had paper tickets. Now, I don't mind having QR codes as an option. My problem is forcing people to do online paperless tickets only. We should do both, period. QR codes can make stealing tickets easier in some cases. So a different bus came to take me to Portland. I made it to PDX around 11:30 AM. I was walking around. I made it to Pioneer Square. I hopped on the MAX train. That is where my brother ran into me. He found me. He was on the same train car.

Blazers Warriors, Arnold Attic, Uncle Story, Crazy Homeless Bag Man

2023-02-08 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-02-05 21-37-02.png

Why is Eliza Bleu attacking people?

We rediscovered the 44 VHS tapes, Arnold Attic home videos. We saw the Blazers beat the Warriors. I predicted they would win. We visited Uncle Story. My first time at Prime Time where we said hello to Don who was the father of that one chick Katie knew. We took the Tri-Met Bus and MAX Train. Crazy homeless man with trash bag on the MAX. Interesting to see the people at the Rose Garden.

Cabinets Out, Burgerville Dad, Max Jeep

2023-02-09 - Thursday

LOOMERED sdfsdafsadfsadvcrfeg5456463456.jpeg

Laura Loomered

When opportunities come, you can choose to defy fate or accept it. My brother confronted my dad toward with his thoughts on eternity, religion, faith, the afterlife. I documented the exchange. I decided to let it go. I've previously confronted Darth Vader at this crossroad moment. We also took out two cabinets and a giant television set out. We hopped on a yellow MAX heading towards the Expo Center. We hopped into the white jeep to Shelton.

Lighthouse, Museum Sneak, Bunker Maze, Hiking, Restaurants

2023-02-10 - Friday

Eliza Bleu SImpsons Fonx0f2XEAAVv9h.jpeg

Eliza Bleu Simpsons Internet Trafficking

Lighthouse, museum sneak peak, bunker maze, inspiration to pot pies, hiking. We didn't do Canada because my passport expired August 2022. My bad. But our adventure today was cool too. See our photos, videos, for more info.

Biden's America is spending over 95% of the IRS resources are going after less than 6% of the taxes meaning all the little people who only contribute less than six percent of the taxes. Did Project Veritas just suspend James Okeefe? They placed him on paid leave. They're wrong to do this.

Waterfall, Creek School Hill Hike, Birthday Arcade, Church

2023-02-11 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-02-10 20-18-08.png

Isabella Moody was on Friday on Tim Pool Cast.

We went to a waterfall. After that, hiked past a creek, up a hill to a school. After that, we played games at an arcade for our birthdays. After that, a Vietnamese restaurant for pho and a Bubble Tea Drink. Delicious. Church.

I was in the AWANA club as a kid. One of the levels of Sparkies is called Climbers. Sort of reminds me of like the stock market with the ups and downs. Keep climbing. Enjoy the journey. Don't get lost in tunnel vision. Watch out for the big bad wolf. Roy Merrick is never on Discord on Saturday. I have a strange feeling about this. I have the same birthday as Infowars Alex Jones.

Ted Pickett Family Seattle

2023-02-12 - Sunday


We visited the Ted Pickett family. Ted does real estate which is cool.

We saw Ted Pickett and his family in Seattle. For dinner, I ate delicious orange chicken with rice from a Chinese restaurant. Ted drove over and picked it up for us. We had good conversations. Morgan mentioned Assassin's Creed. I love that video game. Before that, Rick took me and mom to church. That was good. The highlight was visiting Ted and his family. We did talk about Honduras and also family history.

Oregon, Sharon Hundley, Safeway, Forest Grove Hotel

2023-02-13 - Monday


Driving to Oregon.

We drove to Oregon. We hung out with Sharon Hundley. The homeschooling club started in the 1980s. We stayed at a hotel near McDonald's in Forest Grove. We had many conversations. We did many things. See videos and photos for more info.

Pictionary Telephone, Beach Karate Kid Oatmeal

2023-02-14 - Tuesday


Beach Karate Kid Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Pictionary Telephone Game. Animated Mario coming next month. Live action film ffrom like 1993 was so bad it was good she said. I agree it was a cool movie in some ways. Rick drove mom over to CCBC to say hi to Pastor Dave Weber. There was snow in the mountains. We drove to Karen's. We went to 3 beaches. I played Rick a game of basketball. He beat me 10-7. We were taking photos of these two photo albums. Please see the videos and photos I took today for more information.

Mario 3D World, Kart DS, Lois & Clark Hiking, Arcade, Vietnam Food

2023-02-15 - Wednesday


Hiking at Lois & Clark near Astoria, Oregon.

Mario Kart DS. Mario 3D World. Rabbit. Zero Cat. Hiking Fork. Arcade Cafe reminded me of Back to The Future. Sky Hawk. Rival Turf. Banh Mi Ca, fish sandwich, at the restaurant. Highway 30 was interesting. Good talk all day. See the photos and videos for more information. Let me tell you a secret. Instead of just me getting lost, all three of us got lost.

Driving, Earthquake Bed Coffins, Zombie Lust Men, Day Ten of Ten of the Rick Trip

2023-02-16 - Thursday

Geeks + Gamers Girl Fo85oEKWIAIZinr.jpeg

Geeks + Gamers Girl

Driving. Earthquake bed collapses you into a coffin with a food pantry. But what if the bed is hacked? It activates upon underground tremors, vibration. However, how would it know the difference between earthquakes, loud music, other vibrations, etc? I go on a live stream on LADate.com, I tell the girl I could fix her audio problem. She ignored it. The crazy thing is the other men don't care about this hissing, buzzing, beeping. It'll bleed their eyes out of their sockets. It is that bad. Somehow they're so mentally retarded, they'll just let the feedback rape their brains until it oozes out into a puddle of Weird Al parodies.

Sick, Files Work, Tim Pool Cast Cat

2023-02-17 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-02-17 17-56-18 Tim Pool Cast Cat.png

Tim Pool Cast Cat

Space Hey is like MySpace. I was working on the 2023 Oregon Rick Trip files. I want to publish those photos and videos. However, some of them are not working. Corrupt files and what have you. So, I'm still trying to work on that. Got sick like Wednesday or Thursday. Maybe got the flu or something. Started getting not just a headache but also a migraine. I was taking Advil and/or different medicines. Was also feeling bloated in my stomach. Started eating less. More tea. More sleep. More water.

Jamie Hanshaw of Out of This World Podcast

2023-02-18 - Saturday


MTG, Kari Lake, and that wife/GF of Don Jr

I was sick. I would love for Trump to be reinstated because he won 2020 in reality. Biden lost. But some have said undoing the election theft is not possible. But I am not saying it is not possible. My best guess is this will likely not happen. It can happen. We should always try.

Jamie Hanshaw of Out of This World Podcast was redpilled by Alex Jones' Bohemian Grove documentary twenty years ago. One of the purposes of the Internet/etc is not merely to spy on the good but to recruit sociopaths, psychopaths, who hate humanity. In other words, it's not just about the lost of privacy. They use these networks to find and hire their foot soldiers, puppets, mouth pieces, many who will take the blame for what the Wizards of Oz behind the curtains do do.

Physiognomy is the study of the face

2023-02-19 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-02-19 14-14-11.png
Screenshot at 2023-02-19 14-14-03.png

Physiognomy is the study of the face.

Physiognomy is the study of the face. They say don't judge a book by it's cover. But what ya gonna do, read every single book? No way Jose. Aint got time for that. Places to go, people to see, things to do. Physiognomy dates back to ancient China, Greece. It's used to predict what people do. How we live life influences DNA expression as seen in the features and expressions on our face biologically, socially. It comes out naturally, wholistically. Speaking of Cowgirl, Hollywood was founded at least in part by Free Masons. Look at Disney for example. Not to say all like masons are evil or whatever. But there are these factions of maniacs.

Some of the Covid Vaccine batches were less deadly, according to the leaked documents, they did that in order to test how deadly the shots were. Also, they did it to try to discredit those who say the vaccines kill people which they do. So, they're hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. Some of the Star Wars Bad Batch was sent out to red states as to murder those who are against the new world order, the deadlier Covid Vaccine Batches were deployed more so to fly-over America to illegally influence future elections.

Red states received twice as many of the bad Covid Vaccine batches than the blue states did which explains why so many more people die from it in the red states of the United States of America in the 2020s. Millions of UNVACCINATED illegal aliens flood into the United States of America, the USA, in the 2020s. Meanwhile, they're trying to murder MILLIONS & MILLIONS REPUBLICANS in red states by giving them the bad doses, the bad batches, of the Covid Vaccines. Population Replacement. Disneyland was probably the first smart fifteen minutes city, the idea is to convince people to live inside the mega cities and to never ever leave, total control, Wall-E, fat people in pods, you will eat the bugs 2030, you will own nothing, you will be happy. Being aware of this is a good thing, not a bad thing. Step one is being aware of what they are doing.

Project Veritas Committed Suicide By FIring James Okeefe III

2023-02-20 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-02-20 01-27-22.png

The Shrinking Show Starring Harrison Ford

I am unfollowing @Project_Veritas for betraying America and the world by removing @JamesOKeefeIII. They are wrong. I encourage everyone to talk about it. England is trying to ban the books, the work, of William Shakespeare, Tolkien (Lord of The Rings, LOTR), Orwell (1984, Animal Farm), Huxley, Chaucer, Milton, Tennyson, Kipling, Edmund Burke. This is worse than book burning. They're rewriting the Willy Wonka books.

My username on social media is Joeyarnoldvn on Facebook, Twitter, Hive Blog, TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube. Also, send me messages to joeyarnoldvn at pm dot me. That is the e m a i l address. I will probably be banned, suspended, terminated, deleted, removed, erased, banned off, kicked off, more websites, places, etc. So you may not see me here and other places too. Google me to find me photos, videos, articles, memes, etc. You can use different websites and search engines to find me. Just type in keywords like my name Joeyarnoldvn or search Oatmeal Joey Arnold Vietnam Oregon USA WOLBI.

Fallout in Ohio in 2023

2023-02-21 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-02-22 02-31-25.png

The Ark Show, Spaceship

Fallout in Ohio in 2023, birds falling out of the sky dead. Children to be born with deformities. Toxins polluting the crops people eat to give them cancer. Never mind a Nuclear Holocaust with Russia. You thought Fallout was just a video game. What do people in Ohio do right now? We got to block out the sun said Soros a week ago and all y'all thought I was just an Infowars Alex Jones conspiracy theory with all this geoengineering talk. Dane Wigington @RealGeoEngWatch geoengineeringwatch.org has been warning us for years about this conspiracy fact.

Russian could destroy every single city in the United States of America (USA) in just five minutes, they have submarines in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantis Ocean, the gulf of Mexico. They can shoot missiles which normal defenses cannot shoot down. In other words, Biden should stop poking the bear with Putin. The northern hemisphere of our planet could go up in smoke for years. How do we stop it? Do we hide in bunkers? Do we run towards southern hemisphere? Do we just pray? Do we call up military, government, etc? Russia has had these submarines within range for many years now. So, this has been a threat for a long time. Not a good idea to poke the bear.

Hey, nobody told me Regis Philbin died in 2020. It only took me three years to find out.

Ohio Trump Water/McDonald's. Who are the globalists

2023-02-22 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-02-22 22-03-16.png

This is the nerd girl on The Ark, she saves them.

Ohio Trump Water/McDonald's. Who are the globalists? There are around 20 people who are the heads of over 100 boards positioned all around the world, these boards are funded by these people, these boards influence governments, groups, people. Follow the money, the pyramid of power.

Trump Water. Ohio is dangerous. Toxic. Natural remedies to heal from it. Go Google it now. Ian Tim Pool debate. Trump said he liked Wikileaks. Later he said he knew nothing regarding Julian Assange, the charges, the trials. Ian said Trump lied. Perhaps Trump lies sometimes. We all lie. But also, people change their mind. But also, Tim mentioned chocolate. You can like chocolate without knowing what is in a chocolate dessert. You can like a computer without knowing how to weld it together. Trump can like the Wikileaks as it talked about Hillary Clinton. But Trump can also say he does not know about the allegations relating to Assange, These are two different things. Assange was blackmailed by 2 MI6 hookers. Infowars Alex Jones talked about what happened, how they framed Assange. We don't know how much of that Trump may or may not know. Some people told Trump to say he knew nothing about it and to not pardon Assange. Trump was wrong not to pardon Assange. But the corrupt system in the USA wants to get Assange and punish him too. So that is not a good thing either.

If you want to talk to me. Find me. Contact me. Google my name. Oatmeal Joey Arnold. I taught English in Vietnam. I'm from America. My name is JoeyArnoldVN on Facebok, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Hive Blog, and other social media networks, websites. I worked in Hawaii, New York, California, Oregon, Washington, Quebec, Idaho. I like to draw, sing, write, film create, design, basketball, video games, eat, etc. I have many hobbies. I like talking to people. I am romantic. I want wife. I want children. I love life. I love education, entertainment, history, science, religion, politics, culture, travel, law, science, sports, games, trivia, facts, statistics, funny things, movies, shows, etc. I love everything. I love trying new things. I am crazy, funny, smart, stupid, weird. I am passionate, driven, insane, dedicate, etc. I love meeting new people. I love writing articles. I'm a journalist. I write. I make videos. I keep a daily blog. I may not ever write to you. So, you will have to find me on other websites, email, etc. I DO NOT REPLY ON THIS WEBSITE. I WILL EMAIL/MESSAGE YOU. PLEASE WRITE POTATO FIVE TO TELL ME YOU READ THIS. THEN I KNOW YOU REAL. I WILL NOT RESPOND. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO ME.

Ukraine Laundering Scam

2023-02-23 - Thursday


Biden billions to Ukraine even as people die in Palestine, Ohio.

Trump wrong, actually $200+ BILLION dollars being sent to Ukraine, but most of it is funneled back to America. Laundering scheme scam. People are pocketing the money stolen from taxes. @Pizza#0642, 90% of those 186 people is Lil Sniff lol. We wrestle not against distorted Starbucks drinking faces of trigger.

They're Trying to Take Alex Jones' Cat

2023-02-24 - Friday


The economy is so bad, there is more debt than actual money.

The four H's of manhood: Horny, Hungry, Happy, and Hatred. It seem The Quartering DOES NOT KNOW about Sandy Hook and Alex Jones. Instead, it seems he is simply repeating the FAKE NEWS NARRATIVES about it. That is not good. Too many establishment Republicans, RINOS, do that. Not to say Jeremy is a RINO. He is not. And that is why he should NOT be blind to this. But yeah, it takes many hours of investigations to realize you have been fooled, conned. So, Jeremy may not have the time to look deeper into what really happened. Like what Alex really said. Not the stuff taken out of context etc. Dear Elon Musk Twitter, why am I losing so many followers. Didn't I have over 4,000 followers? Now it's going to drop under 2,000 followers. Why? Did I change? Did I get worse? Not to say I'm great. The point/question I'm making: why the sudden change?

Did you have to delete a Twitter tweet, did you win an appeal after waiting 2 weeks, or what happened? This account of mine was restored in 2022. But after that, even with Elon Musk, I was forced to remove tweets. After weeks of waiting for appeals, I gave up. Not happy. Yeah. Twitter still has a list of words which will trigger the AI to flag/remove tweets, to lock accounts. I had a tweet which quoted a guy who called me f*g. I think that was the word that TRIGGERED the AI. Hard to keep track of long lists of what is allowed and not allowed. 1984 stuff. Dear Internet, how many of the 2022 Ukraine Russian videos and photos fake, doctored, edited, out of context, changed, filtered, photoshoped, left out, removed, etc? The answer would take a long time to debate. It would take hundreds of hours of investigations like Jan6, 9/11 etc.

THEY'RE MAKING THE FREAKING CATS GAY. NOT JUST INFOWARS ALEX JONES FROGS. THEY'RE COMING FOR HIS PETS, KIDS, DESCENDANTS. THIS GOES FOR EACH PERSON THEY DEPLATFORM. They debank you. They take your money. They take your kid's money. Then your kid's kid's money. Slavery. Leave Britney Spears Alone. No. Leave Mushu alone. All dogs and cats go to Heaven. Ice Age.

Potato Five

2023-02-25 - Saturday


It is always them boob boob.


In my bio on dating sites, I say my secret code is Potato 5. If you write that to me, it tells me you paid attention. Perhaps you aint a bot or incompetent in understanding English. Perhaps. Generally. Exceptions exist. Depends. Who knows. With that said, let me say more.

Hotep Jesus interviewed Scott Adams

2023-02-26 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-02-25 21-20-49.png

Hotep Jesus interviewed Scott Adams of Dilbert on Saturday.

Android broken. I cannot find my videos/photos. I recorded via the default camera app. It usually works. It would save to the internal SD card. But I couldn't find the files via Camera or via a file browser app. This is unusual. I first noticed the problem on TikTok. 2/ TikTok said my minute long video was less than one second long which is not true. So I knew something was wrong. I was then unable to play the videos or photos via Camera.

Matt Baker, Yeonme Park, Oatmeal Hawaii 2008 Heckler

2023-02-27 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-02-27 17-27-20.png

Can we rename Yeonmi Park Tiffany Cumbo?

Chrissie Mayr said Matt Baker was being a heckler at her show. Lila Hart said he apologized. He was drunk. I was a heckler in Revolution Hawaii 2008, California. Just ask Lincoln & Fulton Hawk of The Salvation Army. Ask Rob Noland. Matt said death to Fauci in viral videos as the son of Infowars Alex Jones. Oatmeal on the other hand told Canada Michael Collins he had an island on his head only after Mike mentioned it. Oatmeal has many tales if you only know who to ask.

El Salvador President Cracking Down On Gangs

2023-02-28 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-02-28 23-09-15.png

Welcome to the world of Oatmeal

If you kill Putin, then what makes you think the people under him in Russia won't be even more war-like? In the past, many millions of Russians died in war. Some of them may want to seek revenge. Plus, NATO started it if you think about it. NATO sucks. Sargent Justice, The problem it's not simply a war between war between Russia and Ukraine but more so Russia versus the New World Order, NATO, etc. There is a question of whether China is an ally of Russia at this point in time in history or what will China do? Russia is a bear. Don't poke the bear. The New World Order wants Russia to blow up the world because they want an excuse to invade Russia.

Some believe Covid was in North Carolina, that Obama had it moved to Wuhan around 2015. It is said the Pentagon was behind the funding of some of it going back decades. I support Trump 2024 as the best option for a variety of reasons, I started supporting Trump on Facebook in April 2016 stating Trump would win 2016. I went on to say 2 consecutive terms. I was wrong about that (even tho he actually won in 2020).

Fake news is attacking El Salvador President @NayibBukele for cracking down on terrorism, gangs. The enemies of freedom also went after Trump and the President of Brazil. The good news is freedom is contagious like a Woody Alex Jones Sparta Hydro Dragon. In 1991 Bill Clinton said on video, "We can make America great again." He went on to become the President of the United States. Arrest him for that? No. Trump later on said the same thing Bill said over two decades earlier.

"Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"


1783 Enabled Money Sent to King of England

Stephen Colbert Audience Masks

Satellites Friday

Bitchute Banned Channels

Eastern Honeys Chinese Lucy

Potato Five is Johnny Alive

Greyhound Sucks

Blazers Warriors, Arnold Attic, Uncle Story, Crazy Homeless Bag Man

Cabinets Out, Burgerville Dad, Max Jeep

Lighthouse, Museum Sneak, Bunker Maze, Hiking, Restaurants

Waterfall, Creek School Hill Hike, Birthday Arcade, Church

Ted Pickett Family Seattle

Oregon, Sharon Hundley, Safeway, Forest Grove Hotel

Pictionary Telephone, Beach Karate Kid Oatmeal

Mario 3D World, Kart DS, Lois & Clark Hiking, Arcade, Vietnam Food

Driving, Earthquake Bed Coffins, Zombie Lust Men, Day Ten of Ten of the Rick Trip

Sick, Files Work, Tim Pool Cast Cat

Jamie Hanshaw of Out of This World Podcast

Physiognomy is the study of the face Sunday

Project Veritas Committed Suicide By FIring James Okeefe III

Fallout in Ohio in 2023

Ohio Trump Water/McDonald's. Who are the globalists

Ukraine Laundering Scam

They're Trying to Take Alex Jones' Cat

Potato Five

Hotep Jesus interviewed Scott Adams

Matt Baker, Yeonme Park, Oatmeal Hawaii 2008 Heckler

El Salvador President Cracking Down On Gangs



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