My videos are not copyrighted. You can share my public content to the extent it's digital and public and what have you. You don't have to ask me for permission to share my articles, memes, videos, photos, websites, posts, screenshots, messages, emails, etc. This does not apply to money, passwords, or anything that might be too personal or what have you. It does not apply to private property that is tangible and physical and things like that. Don't come to my house and steal my laptop.



Don't hack my computer remotely through the Internet in order to borrow my RAM, CPU, GPU, data, HDD, etc, and other such resources for the sake of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin mining, etc, unless if I already agreed to say Bit Torrent transactions for example. But if I didn't agree to it, then you may be violating my private property rights.

My things are open source. You can steal my digital things and pretend that they are yours. I hope people will someday realize that you got it from me or from wherever I got it from or what have you. But I believe in the value of sharing things for a variety of reasons. This is a very small rough draft article where I will say a few things relating to a few connected and related topics and such. I wanted to post something online that could perhaps express my thoughts relating to these matters. I've included a few links and will try to add to this page when I can. Please continue reading as I have so many things to say on all of these topics and more.

Please share my videos, memes, articles, etc. Feel free to link to my things online. Plug your channels, groups, etc, on my Facebook walls, profiles accounts, groups, pages, videos, photos, posts, comments, messages, etc. Share your stuff onto my Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hive Blog, etc. You can share my stuff everywhere and you can share whatever you want onto my platforms and what have you online as well.



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Oatmeal Daily - 2022-03-04 - Friday | Published in February of 2022





For the record, I want to say that I declare my content and everything free of Copyright. Some exceptions to this generality may exist and may apply. However, I'm an advocate of the principles of Copyleft and Open Source. I wanted to quickly publish this post expressing my views on this.

This article you're reading right now is a hiccup, a fast throw-up of word salad by your boy Oatmeal Joey Arnold. This is a rough draft outline or brief summary or attempt at expression. I don't have time to get into my views on Copyright and related matters. I don't have time to talk about the problems I see regarding copyright, patents, trademarks, etc. I've even disagreed with what Trump said regarding Copyright and things of that matter.

I have so many things I want to say. I need to edit this article in the future to better organize all of my many thoughts. Steal my stuff. Don't ask me. Just go with it. See something you like, download it. Upload it. Share it. Do what you can to share what matters. I've written a few thoughts today relating to me and copyright and a wide variety of things. I am sometimes accused of being bad and a wide variety of things. But I believe I am not trying to do bad. But I have been punished for alleged crimes and such. I will mention one example below. But I say that to say to say I am not a crook as Richard Nixon would say. I will continue to do what I do regardless of whether or not they may or may not be perceived or accused allegedly of being bad or whatever you want to call them. I'm not going to get into why I do do what I do or even what I do because I do so many things. I've published thousands of videos and ten of thousands of posts, articles, comments, memes, etc. I do many things and I believe in what I do do. But I have been and am being and will be accused of being racist and sexist and bad and fill in the blank. I did not kill myself. I try to help people. Feel free to share my stuff. Plug your stuff on my platforms any time you want and as much as you want. Use my online digital platforms like you would virtual public town squares and such.

I may have been and probably am being and probably will be accused of infringing upon copyrights and other matters which may or may not be directly and indirectly related and connected both loosely and tightly both absolutely and to any degree or level or manner or variation or combination therein and thereof. So, on one hand, I tell people that my stuff is not copyrighted and on the other hand I may be accused of violating the copyrights or other rights of others or what have you. But for the record and the truth of the matter is I do not try to violate natural rights or what have you. I believe in the concept of Fair Use. I believe, right or wrong, in transformative effect which is a term described on YouTube for example. I may not always be right in what I do on a moral level perhaps but I do try to do my best to help others. I may not always be good at explaining myself online or offline.

I wanted this post here to say that I may be blamed for breaking rules, laws, codes, rights, copyrights, guidelines, mandates, acts, patents, trademarks, secrets, principles, etc. I don't actually try to do that but it can be impossible to be in the clear. One example is what happened to me in July of 2012 in Oregon. I was in jail in Hillsboro, Oregon. I was there for around two weeks and they say I could have been sentenced to a year or longer in prison plus a fine of thousands of dollars. I was accused of violating a federal or state law which states you cannot interfere with a 911 call. I've talked about this before. I was trying to stop the cops from responding to a drunk call, a prank call, a false call, whatever you want to call it. My dad's GF, Robin Baker, called 911 to complain about me. I took the phone from her. In other words, I interfered with a 911 call. My intent was correct but I broke a law I didn't even know about. I told the cops what I did and they took me in because I confessed to a crime that I didn't know was a crime. I was in my own house trying to make dinner for myself that Friday, the 13th of July of 2012. That was Friday the 13th. It was 2012-07-13 - Friday. I was taken in around 10:00 PM or it was pretty late and already dark outside. Robin was yelling at me and I calmly told her to go to her room. She got mad at that and called the cops. And that led to me being put in prison or jail. I share this story to say rules may not always be right. But you can end up in trouble. I am not advocating the attempt to violate laws and what have you. I mean, I would not excessively go out of the way to break rules. I want to help people and do good. But with that said, some rules hurt people. That is what the Freedom Convoy truckers are against. Covid Vaccines are killing people. If there was a law that said you can't tell people Covid Vaccines are killing people. I would go around telling people and then get thrown in prison. So, I am not here on this web page to get into talking about LAW and things relating to that. I am trying not to get too into things relating to laws and rules and guidelines and mandates and all of these related topics and subjects and everything.

But I mention a little bit about laws because copyright can be enforced in the same way laws and everything can be. I'm trying not to dive too deeply into the Pandora Box relating to laws and copyright and everything. I have a lot of thoughts relating to copyright and I understand that copyright can perhaps protect content creators and such. I understand the alleged or actual intent and purpose behind copyright, patents, trademarks, etc. I'm not saying they don't help or don't try to help to protect creators, inventors, musicians, artists, producers, writers, authors, content creators, designers, directors, etc. I understand both the alleged and the actual intent and extent that copyright claims to have or tries to maintain. I can and have talked many hours over the years on these topics. I understand the history of copyright going back at least to the 1400s or what have you. Well, it depends on how many years you want to go back with related history and everything. Some of it may go back even farther. But a lot of it started with the kings and the invention of the printing press a few centuries ago. So, I get the ideas of copyright and everything. However, it has been abused, weaponized, etc. Part of the problem with copyright could be compared with the concept of communism. At the root of copyright is protectionism through correction. YouTube however shifted that from correction to prevention which could perhaps violate the 4th amendment regarding privacy. But also the 5th and 6th amendments relating to the right to trial. You cannot have a trial if you are prevented from doing something. But sure, if I am doing a bad thing, you can try to prevent me from doing it. But it then becomes a question of what is a crime and when something might become a crime. I am against the idea of stopping someone before the crime happens. I believe in correction over prevention within the realms of the law and what have you. It brings to my mind a list of science fiction related movies like Judge Dredd, Minority Report, etc. Those films deal with precrime and pretrial justice which violates the bill of rights, the U.S. Constitution. Copyright can be tough to enforce and it can depend on the people who are making the decisions. The problem can be when judges and jurors become corrupt. Also, another major factor as highlighted and personified on big tech social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, GoDaddy, Tik Tok, Wordpress, Blogspot, etc, is selective enforcement of the alleged rules relating to copyright and censorship which led to me being BANNED online. I'm not going to talk about how I've been banned on big tech and everywhere many times for over a decade going back to the early 2010s or possibly earlier too.

I say all of this to say I could be and have been accused and/or what have you of violating and/or infringing and/or etc copyrights and/or etc and I may even be allegedly and/or falsely and/or etc etc sentenced to prison or perhaps even executed or murdered or killed or what have you. Perhaps I will be taken to a dungeon or something. I will not COMMIT SUICIDE at all. My username online is Joeyarnoldvn and I will not kill myself. If I am not publishing my OATMEAL DAILY as in my daily blog posts on the Internet each day, then I was probably thrown in jail or murdered or what have you for being a truth teller and everything. I will do what I think is right. My name is Joseph Scott Rasp Arnold Morehead Hunter Pickett Pickell Henderson Cunningham Mitchell Hocking Vanderbyl Smith or Marilyn and Donald born February 11 of 1985 in Forest Grove, Oregon. I did not and am not and will not kill myself or what have you. If I am dead or what have you, people did that and not me. I say this for the record. I write online. I make content. I make videos, memes, articles, etc. I share things. I plug channels, groups, etc. I might share a video which I am not stealing. It is not an infringement of copyright because I'm not saying it is mine. PLus, copyright can be used to violate the private property of the soul by copyrighting brain waves and thoughts as we take Elon Musk injections to get the Brain Net which is coming soon. You plug into the Internet, your brain and thoughts both via wired and wirelessly through WIFI, 5G, blue tooth, etc. Computers and the Internet uses electricity which is similar to our thoughts which also are thoughts. When you copyright the Brain Net and then mix the electronics and electricity of the Brain Net inside your own brain, then your thoughts become a cocktail of what is copyrighted. Similar thing is happening with Covid Vaccines.

I am not here trying to hurt people, I try to help people. I share things others posted and I give them credit. I am not trying to break laws, copyright, etc. But that does not mean I am not sometimes accused of doing just that. But I am not really here today to talk too much about all of that. I'm not here to talk about how the Brain Net and Covid Vaccines violates our rights and can be used to copyright our thoughts and bodies.

Instead, I only wanted to write about how you can share my content online and offline. You don't have to give me credit. You can say it is your content. My bet is that people will figure out you got it from eventually. So, that is my bet. That is my belief. I should perhaps edit this post or article or web page here in the future. I may write other articles relating to this. I've included a few links to other articles on this page already. I may include videos and other things and link them here. I may embed videos on this page. I may add sub-pages and what have you. I feel like this post was badly written. But the heart and soul and spirit of this article will ring true within the motto and philosophy of what I believe. My content and my things and my stuff may include my videos, photos, memes, articles, posts, pages, messages, pictures, images, comments, websites, blogs, etc. I would say you can steal my stuff. But that does include my money or my passwords or things offline. Don't come into my house and steal my actual laptop. Don't go online and hack into my computer to borrow my RAM, CPU, GPU, HDD, cache, cookies, etc, to do cryptocurrency mining or whatever else. So, I am against a direct assault upon my private property.

So, that is my DISCLAIMER that I don't want my actual ownership rights to be too excessively and aggressively and obsessively and purposely and too directly and too extremely violated and infringed upon and what have you. My belief is that if I post a video on YouTube for example, then you can mirror that video. You can reupload that video. You can slice up the video and upload your own version of that video. You can take screenshots of that video. You can try to turn it into your own video. You can make reaction videos to my videos like DEAD WING DORK DID. YouTube is a good example of what I believe. This is a good outline to explain what I believe. Fair Use is fundamental. Commentary on things is important. Feel free to rebroadcast and syndicate any of my things. Share what I have. You don't necessarily have to give me credit for any of my stuff. My things are not copyrighted. You don't have to ask me for permission to share my stuff online or offline. This applies to all digital items apart from actual money, cryptocurrencies, passwords, keys, private keys, 12-word passphrases, excessively personal info, anything that might be too personal or what have you. This does not apply to my ball of garlic. I am eating that. It does not apply to non-digital items. It does not apply to you trying to borrow and use resources and processing power from my computers and what have you which are tangible non-digital items. As a general rule, public digital items can be shared to the extent the items and things were shared to the Internet from and by me. I may not be able to speak on the behalf of what others may publish and release online and offline which may or may not relate to me, my family, my friends, etc.

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