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A compilation shining the spotlight on this week's awesome coffee posts from Cinnamon Cup Coffee members.
The selected authors share their passion through stories and photos, for their favourite black liquid gold, commonly called coffee, and some special meals that complimented it.

👐 Nostalgia had community members stirring up memories of their lives in Cafes; while there were varied first time experiences with coffee, and coffee shops.
Affirmations of why the drink of the gods is good for us.
Bank Holiday coffee-stops, people-watching while drinking coffee;
The frustrating feeling of wasting money on a bad coffee, to saving the day with a twin pack of coffee - a hug in a mug.
Plus an emotional vlog, and an honest product-review vlog, and much more.

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My Life In Cafes

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "One of the things I miss most from Taiwan is my frequent visits to the many cafes. I used to do a #todayscoffeestop series on my Facebook page and posted some of the cafes on Hive as well as they all have their own unique character. Whilst I'm not an avid coffee drinker, I love seeking out different cafes to enjoy the ambience, and generally just sitting around relaxing not doing much. Each of the cafe holds special memories for me, in particular the ones I visited in 2020."/> Elsewhere Cafe - 1st Jan 2020 My first cafe of the year. I live in Taichung, Taiwan's second largest city, and spent New Year's eve in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan in 2019. It was a brilliant new year's eve, rounded off with a fantastic round of fireworks display to welcome 2020, the start of a new year. Everything was supposed to be good in the new year. How wrong can one be?New year's day was all about relaxing. It's a public holiday in Taiwan but a lot of places were still open, including Elsewhere Cafe. In fact, it was quite busy, and I remember waiting about 15 minutes for a table. It wasn't too bad as part of the cafe was a book shop and I was browsing around.They sold a lot of English books which isn't that common in Taiwan." @livinguktaiwan

Stirring Up Memories When Drinking Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Have you ever felt memories pouring back in whenever you hear a specific song? When the music suddenly evokes emotions that propels you back to a particular time in your life?"/> What if we associate a specific memory with coffee? A cup of java from a particular destination? A cappuccino after a stressful business meeting? A frappuccino after a breakup? A latte after receiving a phone call that you got the job?I took pictures of cups of coffee I had for years. I had no idea why and what for, but there was something about capturing it. They say coffee enhances and improves one's memory. Yet, this post is not about that nor any scientific study to prove this. It is about coffee's connection to certain events that are stirred up when we enjoy a cup. It is how we, caffeine drinkers associate that cup of coffee with an experience that happened at the time we were drinking that specific soothing fluid, the same effect that music has when we hear them." @discoveringarni

Bank Holiday CoffeeStop Coffee#1

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=""My first coffee out for about 3 months, well it is a bank holiday so I deserved a treat."/> So where did I go Coffee#1 at the bottom of Courtenay Street and right next to my bank in Newton Abbot so really handy.There are a few other Coffee Shops in Newton as well as Costa Coffee chain which seem to be everywhere. 3 in walking distance just in Newton. but Coffee #1 is one of my favorites its quite large inside and they haven’t crammed as many tables in so social distance is not a big problem and the whole front windows open so plenty of fresh air along with a couple of outside tables if it's not raining or you are a smoker." @diveratt

Coffee Before And After

"It had been ages since visiting the Dalston area. I used to always end up there when the London Overground train I took to work failed. We’d have to all get off there and get the bus. Thanks to the pandemic, and me having left that job many years ago, I hadn’t been in the area and had forgotten how rowdy it was.
Even though there were probably fewer people there than usual, it felt more rowdy probably because of the two year long social distancing conditioning. I also noticed more cafes than I remember. I arrived early so decided to do some people-watching, one of my favourite past times, over a nice hot Americano. I would require a window space, of course, so I opted for the perfect shop; Harvest. It’s actually a ”healthy food” grocery store with a cafe, which is a trendy thing these days." @adetorrent

Sweets + Coffee = Afternoon Treat

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Why is it that the afternoon cup of coffee seems to almost demand a sweet treat to go along with it? My morning cup of joe has no such demands. My morning cup is sometimes a gentle and warm wake-up. While other times it's like a drill sergeant jolting me out of my sleepy mind into an alert take action version of myself. No matter which version of wake-up my morning coffee provides, it does not request (or demand) a sweet treat to make it complete."/> The afternoon cup of joe is an entirely different matter. It's sometimes picky, "Only cheesecake or some other fancy dessert will do." and yet other times it has no preference, "You see that chocolate bar? Dip it into that jar of peanut butter and take a bite." @shinyobjects

First Time Trying The Caramel Macchiato & Chocolate Drink

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Starbucks is one of the coffee shop is famous in the World and become the favorite coffee shop a may people. The popularity of Starbucks coffee in worldwide and has many outlets that we can find anywhere. In addition to having a comfortable place and good location, coffee shop, Starbucks has a lot of variants of the menu and have good taste. Not only coffee, Starbucks also has a lot of variants of menu tea and dessert. @aswita "/>


Cinnamon Cup Coffee - Whitwork Park & The Longshaw Estate

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I've been greedy this week, going to several cafes for a cuppa. After a nice walk, there's nothing better than sitting and having a coffee and a bite to eat!We called in at the Whitworth Terrace Cafe, which started out just selling teas and coffees from a hatch in the wall. The centre is a charitable trust, so all the profit from the cafe is put back into the upkeep of the centre, so it can carry on being used by the local community and not just used as a cafe." @ellenripley"/>

Weekend With Via Iced Coffee Starbucks

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Last weekend, I was spending more time away screen from the and trying to socialize more. To accompany my weekend, I finally opened my Starbucks Via Instant Coffee. It’s an iced-flavored coffee variant from Starbucks that has about 4 different flavors. I pick the regular flavors because I want to mix something with it, like matcha powder. For those who prefer flavored and iced coffee, Via Iced coffee may be the perfect choice. So, in this post, I’ll tell you why it’s good and what I like about it compared to other instant iced coffee. @macchiata"/>

I Wasted My Money For A Cup Of Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Expectations always kill our happiness. Certainly. That also applies to our taste for drinks and foods, including coffee."/> When it comes to franchised brands, I don't really have high expectations. But at least I have come up with a “comfortable” feeling that will get a taste that will suit the brand image. Products that come from franchised brands usually have a standard taste that makes us comfortable, although not completely satisfied. But this time I made an exception. I will share my unsatisfactory experience when drinking coffee from one of the famous franchise products in Indonesia. This brand is famous for its Thai tea products since its release for the first time. But now they are also releasing coffee products. I've previously reviewed this brand, with cold drinks, and it was no problem at all. I like cold drink products from this brand, such as Iced Coconut Coffee." @anggreklestari

A Twin Pack Of Coffee To Save The Day

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "It's almost every day that I consume coffee also but it's just this day I open up to you my coffee taste. I'm always up to saving some money for everything because I'm not that wealthy so to be able to save up a little bit I choose to use the instant 3 in 1 twin pack coffee with sugar and creamer. It's all in one, so I can split them for another day or in the afternoon whenever I want to have coffee. In this way, I can save spending on regular coffee and can have my coffee on the go. They have various flavours but this original one stood up for me I just love the aroma that I smell every time I got to sip my coffee - A COFFEE IS A HUG IN A MUG" 🙂 @luckylaica "/>

Drink Of The God's - Coffee & Tea Lovers

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Coffee is a drink surrounded by contradictions. Someone claims that the effect of coffee on the human body is wonderful and there are no negative influences. Others say coffee is bad for your health.So where is the truth, and who is right and who is wrong with their points of view? Can you drink an invigorating drink daily? Are there any restrictions? In this article, you will get all the answers.We, as lovers of coffee - this divine drink, know everything very well, about coffee what tea lovers do not know. A very large number of people in many countries of the world start their day with a cup of aromatic coffee. And this is wonderful, this is good - so I think." @antikus369 "/>

Buy My Favorite Drink

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Yesterday I received some coffee and tea. These are all my favorite drinks that will be my supplies for a few days. I really like coffee and tea, although it's not all types of tea I want to drink, but I like all coffee. That's why I bought a coffee that was big enough because every day I would definitely drink coffee."/> The first drink I bought was black coffee from Nescafe classic, this is the black coffee that I like the most. I buy this quite often, but usually I buy the plastic packaging, but this time I bought the glass bottle because this would be easier, as I don't need to move it into a jar anymore, just leave it in this bottle. In one bottle consists of 100 grams which can be made for 50 cups.I really like coffee and tea, although not all types of tea that I want to drink but I like all coffee that's why I bought a coffee that was big enough because every day I would definitely drink coffee." @sweetest


A Coffee And A Smile

"Every coffee has a story to tell. It is a tradition to share a rich coffee to engage in a pleasant conversation with friends and family and even many times in solitude it allows us a few moments of introspection.
My country is famous for the quality of its coffee beans. The coffee plantations of Venezuela are a reference worldwide and are considered some of the best because of their special flavor and their characteristic smell.
Many are the benefits of drinking a good coffee; it is a great source of antioxidants, which makes it an excellent option for our health.In the past it was discussed about the benefits it brings, but recent and endorsed studies show that consuming at least 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day provides wellness to our health." @surglen

Cinnamon Cup Coffee - Costa Coffee, Cats, And Rummikub

"I'm having a little holiday staying at my friend's home in Dorset. We popped to Costa to get a coffee and then went back for a game of rummikub in the garden. Costa are official sponsors of the olympics. I love the cups. Miss Pussycat decided to see what all the fuss was about. Perhaps she was making sure I wasn't cheating. As if I'd do that!I only have a communal garden at home so it was nice to be able to sit in a garden having a coffee. It was a lovely, warm evening." @ellenripley

Trying A New Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I am going to share with you a way of preparing the coffee that a barista friend recommended to me, it is about making the coffee in an Italian coffee pot or greca as it is commonly called, but under the supervision of the water boiling and the coffee begins to come out through the barrel, we lift the lid waiting for the coffee to reach the middle of the container we proceed to turn off the stove and we leave it until all the liquid comes out.With this procedure we achieve that the coffee does not burn and that it has the best similarity with a coffee prepared in an espresso machine, by taking care of this procedure the properties of the coffee that we are working with are taken advantage of to the maximum, neither the aroma is lost nor the flavor is saturated by overheating."@soychalbed "/>

My First Time In Filosofi Kopi, It's An Interesting Place

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Today i have the chance to meet up with my friends."/> We met up to eat. But, like usual or tradition here, i dont know why. When we meet up with our friends, it doesnt feel right if we dont go to coffee shop. Its just like a must. Weird right? I dont know if the same thing happened to other group of friends in another country, do you and your friends have to go to coffee shop no matter if you already eating in restaurant or not?This is the coffee shop. The name is Filosofi Kopi. The name if the coffee shop is the same as one of famous Indonesian book by Dee Lestari. The novel itself released first in February 2006. Not only in the form of book, they made a movie out of it. And taraaa, the owner of the coffee shop is actually the actor in the movie. The coffee shop Filosofi Kopi in Medan located in Jl. Samanhudi No.7, Hamdan, Kec. Medan Maimun, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20152." @firayumni

My Favourite Coffee Shop - Street Coffee

"This street coffee is my favorite coffee shop, I am a coffee fan, this is where I found the right taste of coffee on my tongue, "Street Coffee". When I came to the stall |Coffee Street| . I can't wait to make cold coffee mixed with real coffee, what we call here is "Sanger". I've found a "comfortable" feeling when I taste it I get a flavor that matches what I like. The coffee that is mixed by the owner is really high in taste, even though this shop is located on the side of the road, the taste on offer is extraordinary, having a taste standard that makes me comfortable is really extraordinary. The owner, "Hafis", is an extraordinary barista who is able to create the best coffee taste. Satisfying concoction when drinking his homemade coffee like made by famous baristas in Indonesia.I get the authentic taste of coffee here. This is what always approaches the milk coffee made by this barista, many variants of coffee are offered here and the price is very affordable." @yuyu-arts

The Pleasure Of Drinking Freshly Ground Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Those who know me know that I like to drink coffee and that I prefer it hot and without sugar. My taste for this aromatic beverage has been a family inheritance, since I grew up traveling through some hectares planted with coffee and seeing the whole process of harvesting the beans, the threshing and all the work that goes into roasting. My olfactory memory is impregnated with the smell of roasted coffee that was perceived throughout my paternal grandmother's house in a town in the state of Sucre." @aurodivys "/>


The Heritage Coffee - Sumatera Mandhaeling
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<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "On 1st September, as usual, I went to work. The weather was nice today. The sky was blue and the cloud was so beautiful. The day was bright but dunno why I slightly sleepy. So when my first hours in front of my desk, I turn down to buy the coffee."/> I ordered the cappuccino, no other unless my favorite coffee cappuccino. I formerly want to ordered their special menu, it was Coffee Jadoel, but that menu was out of stock so I have no choice but cappuccino. While the barista has prepared my order, I come across this kind of coffee." @viviehardika

Worrying Minds And Greentea Latte
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<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Take a deep breath, and take a sip of the latte. I hope my worrying thoughts will lessen. I am very worried about the condition of AL who is currently being given an IV (Intravenous Therapy) at the vet.Today I will share a view from a coffee shop that I always visit every time I take AL to the vet."/> Luckily, this coffee shop has a nice ambiance and has a balcony, my favorite corner to drink coffee while looking up at the wide sky.I ordered a green tea latte and chocolate banana nuggets topped with cheese. Delicious latte and snacks.But unfortunately, the day seemed to know my sadness." @anggreklestari


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A Lidl Weekend Love
Coffee W/ Pastries From Lidl
"I love Lidl so much, I'd stand in the rain with a banner, chanting I love Lidl."@millycf1976


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