2023, August

TikTok Roy Legless Chase Birthday Bacon Tuesday the first day of August of 2023. I installed Mint Mate Wednesday. Liz Wheeler Thursday. Al Gore Won 2000 Friday. Makima Discord Bot George Washington Saturday.

United Nations Europe Collapse Scott Bennett Sunday the 6th. Washington DC Jurisdiction is Illegal Monday. Alex Jones Steven Crowder Partnership Tuesday. Blackberry Picking, Discord Link Died Wednesday. Exotic Culture Oatmeal Fake News, Discord 200 Thursday. Emu Oatmeal Discord Manager Friday. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Saturday.

Simpcast Live in Dallas Sunday the 13th. Three Pizzas 40 Accounts Oatmeal Discord Server Purge Monday. Hawaii Fire Tuesday. Hawaii Electric Cars Time Bomb China Wednesday. Discord Criminals Unbanned, Hawaii Trees Powerlines Thursday. Discord nuke. Laura Loomer Trump Baby Friday. Laura Loomer Saturday.

Squirrels Sunday the 19th. Vaccines Meat Allergies Monday. Stella Tuesday. Shelby Thomson Wednesday. Trump Mug Shot Thursday. Trump is Gangsta Friday. Joe Rogan Hulk Hogan Saturday. Trump 2.0 Sunday the 28th. Trump MLK Monday. SnapChat Tucker Hungary Tuesday. Fox News Rubert Murdoch is a Globalist Wednesday. Trump Against Lockdowns Thursday.

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Screenshot at 2023-08-30 03-20-31.png

The 2001 Star Trek Enterprise show had this perky hot alien lady.

Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-08 - August of 2023 | Published in August of 2023


TikTok Roy Legless Chase Birthday Bacon

2023-08-01 - Tuesday

Clinton Bush Obama Baseball game F2fTdzpXkAA6KLE.jpeg

Do you trust Clinton Bush Obama?

1265/ If you sent me everything I did online in the 1990s including Geo Cities, etc, or even just enough from the 2000s, from that decade including Diary Land, Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal, YouTube, video game websites, etc. If it was ENOUGH, then I'd likely give you. 1268/ This is a once in a lifetime OPPORTUNITY. There are currently three additional OWNERS of this main GROUP on DISCORD. You could become OWNER number FOUR. The three we have: Ian, Bilal, and Logic Zombie. Ask them how they got there. That could have been you. Yar Missing out.

@Chase Thank you for not opening 4 accounts with me because it was not me. You sent me 4 letters in the snail-mail today. People stole my identity. People are sharing my SSN and other personal information online. @FBI people are trying to take out credit cards in my name. Help. The Deplorable Choir strikes again with this.

I disagree with @IanCrossland (which I was banned off @minds who blocked me). China will track you regardless whether that be DIRECTLY through TikTok or INDIRECTLY through other social media networks, etc. Not using TikTok doesn't mean the CCP will not get data cuz it's SHARED.

Mint Mate

2023-08-02 - Wednesday

Earth Fire F2jg_WJWgAIBEu_.jpeg

Pray to God when things are gone.

Mint Mate. They either want you to get BREAST IMPLANTS or they want to cut off your boobs. Either way, you enter into a world of increased potential risk. Stop trying to become somebody else. Take care of what you have be it big or small. You're beautiful just the way you are. Japanese Naonao Shakura @shinunao2 Blocked Me.

1282/ I like fruit loops but this is very surface level comments. Is this all you got? I am out of pillows to blakewebb you. I am out of joy sticks to tiffanycumbo you out of the iJustine dead wing dork. The Airsoft Fatty seems like a silly guy. Meanwhile, a TMNT movie is out.

Liz Wheeler

2023-08-03 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-08-03 19-48-54.png

Liz Wheeler

Liz Wheeler. We can always invite people to this DISCORD SERVER with the following INVITE LINK, anybody can join to make friends, date, plug, advertise, market, sell, message, chat, debate, discuss, etc. No nudity, porn, NSFW, hate speech, spam, scams, etc. People can come here and invite everyone here to their own groups too.


Al Gore Won 2000

2023-08-04 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-08-05 00-59-26 Discord.png

Help me know you are real.

Al Gore won the 2000 election, George Bush Jr lost said Alex Jones. Many democrats were CAUGHT on VIDEO agreeing with this. Lock me up like you are TRUMP and JAN6 related AMERICANS.

Sorry to hear about the government in Turkey. I know very little about this country but I know governments in many countries gain too much power. I want to give back power and freedom back to the regular people. That can be hard because it requires that people be responsible with the power. But I prefer that people have freedoms. I don't like politics but there are bad people trying to take over the world through the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (U.N.), NATO, etc.

Makima Discord Bot George Washington

2023-08-05 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-08-05 18-53-53 Discord Bot Math.png

Makima is a silly AI bot on Discord.

They say they can delete MEMORIES from your HEAD. I want to believe that MEMORIES are also stored in the SPIRIT WORLD and not just on the PHYSICAL LEVEL. But how do we get access to extra-dimensional MEMORY? No idea but that would be a game changer. What are Quantum Dots? They are finding NANO-TECH in the VACCINATED and in the NON-VACCINATED. How do we flush it out or how do we minimize FORMATION of said NANO-TECH? Formation of NANO-TECH occurs even in the NON-VACCINATED due to FREQUENCIES of HERTZ, different WAVES be it SOUND, LIGHT, RADIO, etc. Also, another FACTOR is the GEOENGINEERING which introduces elements of toxin and such into our body. Can we combat the BAD WAVES with GOOD WAVES? NANO PARTICLES are being spread via GEOENGINEERING all around the world, we should all talk about trying to DETOX from it. We have to filter dirt, water, and air. Filter as much as you can. Get it out of your body. Many ILLNESSES are from these things and more. 5G hurts people.

People stole my social security number, street address, IP, DOB, personal info, @FBI @FBISeattle to take out credit cards, stole pizza. They're stealing my identity. I need a new SSN. I need background checks, credit score checks. Freeze suspicious activity in my name. Help me.

This is my first time seeing Tell Me Something I Don't Know by Selena Gomez. So it came out around 2008? A silly but catchy sarcastic female teen song. Fun and easy to sing. It's not Britney Spears level. It's more a simple song.

United Nations Europe Collapse Scott Bennett

2023-08-06 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-08-06 22-22-31 Discord.png

Bea is a mod and may become an admin someday.

United Nations sent AFRICANS to EUROPE, to countries like France, Belgium, Sweden. The U.N. promised thousands to millions of these MIGRANTS jobs. But they're not getting anything. Not even welfare. They're running around like LOCUST with nothing to lose. Globalists did this.

Go Woke or Go Alex Jones. A lot of alleged normal people are not normal people. If anybody is normal, it would be somebody like Lauren Southern. Being normal can have two meanings. One, normal means average. Second, normal means living off the grid in a simple common sense traditional fashion.

Scott Bennett talked about how he sending documents to help Trump. Scott said it's a Pandora Box that the leftists opened up as they illegally go after Trump. Go Woke or Go Trump.

1380/ Please tell me on TikTok or something when this GROUP on DISCORD hits 200 MEMBERS, I will be away until then, remember to remind people this each day as people ask where is OATMEAL, you will see. I am never coming back here if we never hit 200.

Washington DC Jurisdiction is Illegal

2023-08-07 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-08-08 01-52-40 Simpcast.png



Why are people becoming ALLERGIC to MEAT, could it be Disease X or better yet the killer Covid Vaccines and other things, this is the CLIMATE SCAM to get rid of FARMS globally.

In 2025, 47th U.S. President Trump must get rid of Washington DC as a legal jurisdiction said Robert Barnes, the founding fathers never intended it to become what it is today. They're trying to imprison Trump which will only backfire.

Alex Jones Steven Crowder Partnership

2023-08-08 - Tuesday

Chrissie Mayr at Alex Jones

Infowars Alex Jones is partnering with Steven Crowder on Rumble, they are expanding as they work together, their crews are joining forces, it would be like if The Blaze and The Daily Wire joining forces.

People are killing people in South Africa. There is an emphasis on attacking white people. They rape, torture, and murder even children. Here is Chrissie Mayr dancing behind the scenes at the set of the Owen Shroyer War Room is Raw Show on Alex Jone's Infowars. She is always a looker. I fast forward through just to find this gem. I was like shut up Owen, I wanna see that red head. And @lovelilahart was there too.

Blackberry Picking, Discord Link Died

2023-08-09 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-08-10 02-51-17 Discord.png

Discord Link Died

I have a PROBLEM, @discord. I'm an owner, I created a server on Discord, I created a PERMANENT invite link to my SERVER in JULY of 2023 and today it is invalid. A broken link. It didn't expire. Audit log said nobody changed the link. Nobody had permissions to change it.

Iron Shield, some of them talk about random things in my group on Discord. I created the group in 2019. But people took it over at least 2 times already. So both times I had to rebuild it. I post some of my content in the group. There might be a few people like us in the group. But it seems like a lot of the people are kids or I don't know. Some of them seem to hate me. They try to scare people away by telling lies about me. So, it's a pretty crazy group.

You would have to ask George Washington. The District of Columbia (DC) was not what it is today in 1776 or 1783 as America was beginning. DC started changing around 1804 or so and in the year 1871. DC became like a state over time. And that was not the intention before. DC is supposed to be like a capitol of the country. So there may be a problem regarding the law, I mean legal jurisdictions regarding the courts in DC. Trump needs to get rid of the current legal systems in DC. I don't mean the White House or the Congress. There are 3 main branches of government. The White House represent the executive branch. The Congress represents the legislative branch. The third branch is judicial meaning the courts. I don't mean get rid of the Supreme Court in DC. I mean the lower courts under the Supreme Court in DC. I may be off with the exact details but I know there are problems.

Exotic Culture Oatmeal Fake News, Discord 200

2023-08-10 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-08-10 18-17-31 Discord.png

My group on Discord has 200 members.

Exotic Culture uploaded a fake news video about me. GLOBALIST made people ALLERGIC to MEAT via COVID VACCINES. Even those who did NOT get vaccines are getting these DISEASES as vaccines SHEDS onto the UNVAXED too. We must talk about FLUSHING it out. Or BILLIONS of PEOPLE will have problems.

1425/ JOIN my GROUP on DISCORD if you're a FAN, this SERVER has too many HATERS. Please don't make new INVITE LINKS. This is the current link. In my GROUP you can ADVERTISE. Make friends. Debate. Date. Network. Talk. Have fun. Promote. Market. CHAT. Etc.


Emu Oatmeal Discord Manager

2023-08-11 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-08-12 01-20-54 Discord.png

Emu Oatmeal Discord Manager

1433/ Take a photo of yourself, your face, holding a paper with my name, joeyarnoldvn, today's date, and secret code LKF77. This can help me know you are real and not pretending to be somebody you aint. I might be able to trust you more. No promises. Send pics here or in DM.

Bitcoin will be over a million. But at that time, the dollar will have less value. Catch 22. Currently using Ubuntu Mint Mate. Most viruses are made for Windows. Plus, Linux-based OS are generally open-source which means a pool of innovation.

1437/ Bad people are THREATENING to get my SOCIAL MEDIA suspended again, banned, terminated, deleted, kicked off, erased, forever, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TIkTok, etc. They're spreading my SSN all over the Internet. They're taking out credit cards in my name, stealing pizza.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

2023-08-12 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-08-12 04-37-47.png

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

1442/ I want to make you an ADMIN in my GROUP on DISCORD, help me VERIFY who you say you are. Send me a photo with a paper with my name, joeyarnoldvn, on it. That MIGHT help in CONFIRMING your IDENTITY. No PROMISES. There are other FACTORS too. I look at what you do, etc. Ready?

Simpcast Live in Dallas

2023-08-13 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-08-14 01-04-58.png

Simpcast Live in Dallas.

1443/ I want EVERYBODY to make JOEY ARNOLD accounts on all the WEBSITES and APPS everywhere, pretend to be me on Discord, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Elon Musk Twitter X, Instagram, SnapChat, Telegram, Hive Blog, Rumble, etc. If anything happens to me, my hydra legacy lives on.

1452/ I want to PROMOTE people who do great things in the world. If you're making, clipping, or sharing CONTENT, I may PROMOTE you in my GROUP on DISCORD. If you're sharing my CONTENT, I might make you an ADMIN. No PROMISES. Only do it if you want to. I want to help COOL PEOPLE.

Two Pizzas 40 Accounts Oatmeal Discord Server Purge

2023-08-14 - Monday

1923 is a good show.

1455/ What's SCARY is some think they're catching a PEDO but I'm not a PREDATOR, some are joking, some are CRIMINAL meaning they know better. In total, there is a COMBINATION of these 3 elements, some of them are SINCERE in thinking they're going after a bad guy. I'm NOT a PEDO.

People have my SSN, address, etc. They stole 3 pizzas, meaning sent to my house unpaid for. They were taking out credit cards in my name. They're trying to frame me for crimes I didn't do by taking my messages, photos, videos, content, out of context; they're contact the FBI.

Hawaii Fire

2023-08-15 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-08-15 04-22-14.png

Only Murders

Trump 727+ years in prison.

After the fires, thousands MURDERED, Hawaii is turning into a smart city with the help of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah, and other BILLIONAIRES, Joe Biden said no comment. Trump put out a powerful video comment. Fires came possibly from weather weapons which they do have.


Google is BANNING anything in the SEARCH RESULTS, whatever the UNITED NATIONS says, this is CRIMINAL, this is EVIL, this is from HELL ITSELF. It's also highly ILLEGAL. What should we do?

Google plans to ban INDEPENDENT MEDIA from appearing in SEARCH RESULTS, over 94% of SEARCHES are done via GOOGLE meaning they have a GLOBAL MONOPOLY meaning NOT a FREE MARKET and they are HIDING info meaning ILLEGAL FALSE ADVERTISEMENT by GOOGLE to MANIPULATE the WORLD.

GOOGLE partnered with the UNITED NATIONS, the WHO, and other GLOBALISTS to attack MISINFORMATION meaning anything they don't like. GOOGLE is EVIL.

Hawaii Electric Cars Time Bomb China

2023-08-16 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-08-17 12-14-02.png

Tulsi in Hawaii

ELECTRIC CARS in HAWAII blew up. China dumped 5 million electric cars into America. Many or all of these cars may be Elon Musk TESLA cars. They are ticking time bombs. Andrew Tate The Dark Knight would run away from these cars. Alex Jones reporting.

1466/ These people who send me unpaid pizza are sending other people pizza, most likely. Criminals want to be caught. They can't help it but do it many times to many people. We can catch them. They may have hundreds of alts. But we can still figure out how to find & stop them.

1467/ OATMEAL AWARDS will be HOSTED in my GROUP on DISCORD, it may be monthly or yearly or whatever. Top FANS will be REWARDED or PROMOTED. My GROUPS are RUN by YOU the FANS. You'll be given AWARDS every once in a while. We'll have silly awards too like funniest oatmeal lover.

Discord Criminals Unbanned, Hawaii Trees Powerlines

2023-08-17 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-08-17 23-22-51 Discord.png


In Hawaii, trees were growing around and into POWER-LINES they left on. They cut back the trees at least ten feet even in RURAL TOWNS in West Virginia. Protocol is to turn off the power when trouble comes. But HAWAII left the POWER on. The WEALTHY is STEALING this LAND. THEFT.

Please contact the FBI, please try to find the IP addresses of people prank calling you, probably a federal concern as the prank orders come from different states or I'm not sure which states but not Washington State I don't think. I don't know which people from which states are harassing me as they seem to be anonymous people on Discord, possibly Texas, Colorado, Nevada, etc. At least 4 unpaid pizzas made it to my house. I told pizzas places to put me on the blacklist, to stop coming to my house. I get emails of the prank orders. It may be over 20 prank orders by now. These people online continue to harass and threaten me each day. It seems like they think they will not be caught. Maybe they do this kind of thing to other people too.

She sent TRUMP DOCUMENTS, she said it was a MISTAKE. But she was not supposed to have those DOCUMENTS in the first place in GEORGIA. She magically already had the INDICTMENTS. They lied and said it was FAKE. And then they said it was a MISTAKE. They always follow this PATTERN.

Laura Loomer Trump Baby

2023-08-18 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-08-19 18-30-11 Laura Loomer.png

Laura Loomer is amazing.

THEY ARE TRYING TO BRING BACK MASKS IN SEPTEMBER OF 2023. In Hawaii, trees were growing around and into POWER-LINES they left on. They cut back the trees at least ten feet even in RURAL TOWNS in West Virginia. Protocol is to turn off the power when trouble comes. But HAWAII left the POWER on. The WEALTHY is STEALING this LAND. THEFT.

Chrissie Mayr, host of the Simpcast on YouTube, is on the brand new oatmeal socks designed by Roy Merrick. She was in the Roy videos too.

Trump is Michael Jordan. Vivek is still a baby Kobe Bryant.

Laura Loomer

2023-08-19 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-08-19 21-11-11 Laura Loomer.png

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer was good on Tim Cast.

1485/ I'm nuking my DISCORD SERVER around MIDNIGHT on a SPECIAL DAY, I won't tell you which day or which time zone, I need to focus on my autobiography with whatever time I have left before they FRAME me for CRIMES I didn't do, I'm trying to DEBUNK the LIES, see last TikTok vid.


2023-08-20 - Sunday

Squirrels birds animals 367406425_1456990838458424_3709026540721465727_n.jpg


Simpcast was good. Was this one guy sniffing her butt at the bookstore? Was she being unfair?

Vaccines Meat Allergies

2023-08-21 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-08-21 19-29-20.png

Girl on Timcast.

Vaccines are giving people meat allergies.

Funny they know my voice is out of context but won't blink twice to think my words might be too. UCE said, "You know, In some states sharing nudes without permission is a felony." Brilliant defense for the alleged fake 2022 Oatmeal Snapchat Nudes Scandal.


2023-08-22 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-08-22 14-44-48 Stella Alex Jones.png


Stella on Alex Jones. Check out her website.

Warren Buffett said PLANDEMICS worse than COVID LOCKDOWNS are coming, different types of disasters are coming including cyber chaos. Warren said it will happen. Warren was that close to admitting he is part of the ENGINEERING of the GREAT RESET of 2030. Put on MASK, you slaves. Natalie Winters is back on Timcast, MASKS are back as the only way they can beat Trump with. Put on your MASKS if you want to help Trump lose 2024.

Vote Forest Mommy. They're trying to bring back the lockdown right now and as we approach September of 2023.

People should only want to make money on Twitter as a side gig so that they are NOT dependent and therefore required to stay in line or else. Twitter might currently be better than YouTube but not by much.

Alex Jones is looking for this female athlete who was banned from a private library meeting because she spoke up against men who compete against women in sports. Men are winning as they can be taller, bigger, stronger. I said can be on average.

Stella helped Rob Dew's brother, Alex Jones reporting. Everywhere they are announcing you must put MASKS back on your face. They're thinking since many SUBMITTED like stupid goldfish SLAVES (Kanye West reference) then let's play the same SCAM we played last time back in 2020 ha.

Michelle Obama to replace Joe Biden said Stew Peters on Alex Jones, whether globalists run off into hiding or totally take over is up to all of us, stand up, tell your friends. Remember that peaceful non-violent non-compliance to the MASKS and the TYRANNY in general is KEY.

Shelby Thomson

2023-08-23 - Wednesday


Kyle over Anakin

Check out Shelby Thomson. She is covering the FIRE MURDER in HAWAII done by AMERICAN GOVERNMENT.

General Michael Flynn on Alex Jones. Ann Vandersteel and Michael Yon on Alex Jones interviewing Steve Bannon. Millions of people are flooding the borders into America, either we talk about it or we will not have a country any longer.

Anybody who know Marines got to ask them what is going on, some of the Marines may not realize government murdered people in Hawaii.

Trump Mug Shot

2023-08-24 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-08-24 22-21-36 TRUMP MUG SHOT CROPPED SMALL.png

Trump Mug Shot

They MURDERED MLK & JFK. They WILL try to TRY to MURDER TRUMP. The Trump Mug Shot. When do we get Obama? My President Trump, who will be the next president in 2025, tweeted for the first time in 2 years. If they can get TRUMP, then they can get YOU. Nobody is SAFE. CRIMINALS are trying to take over the world.

Alex Jones is going to Hawaii to expose the hundreds of people government MURDERED via the fires, this is the Brady Bunch reboot movie all over again where they try to do anything to buy up the land.

The CRIMINALS are bringing back the MASKS, they think you will do it because you're too LAZY to fight back, all you have to do is say no. VIRUSES are EASY to KILL because VIRUSES have no CELL WALLS, mouth wash that kills 99% of germs also kill 100% of the viruses too. Don't wear MASKS or be afraid of the COVID SCAM. But you should be afraid of COVID VACCINES.

They're locking up the best president, Trump. At the same time, they're telling all of us we must our masks back on. Children wore masks while playing sports and music. This is psychological warfare.


Trump is Gangsta

2023-08-25 - Friday

Trump hot mug crowd 370403121_697030902440721_2791738061041198435_n.jpg

Trump Mug is Hot

Trump is gangsta. His mug shot is everything for the haters and the lovers. This is all you need. They spent millions of dollars to keep you from seeing the mug shot of the century or possibly of all-time second only to Jesus Himself.

I have over 25,000 followers on Facebook but I rarely get even 2 likes. Why is that?

Joe Rogan Hulk Hogan

2023-08-26 - Saturday

1966 Johnny Cash F4XydGcXsAAVenv.jpeg

Trump vs 1966 Johnny Cash, Prison Mug Shots

I don't have a single friend on Twitter, nobody wants to go to my group on Discord to find the criminals who sent police to my house. People are lying about me in my group on Discord, please help me debunk the lies, some of these people are anonymous criminals.


Joe Rogan Experience 2024 - Hollywood Hulk Hogan. My dad drinks beer and chews tobacco.

A question I'm glad I will never have to answer... "Grandpa, why did you support criminals who stole the 2020 election and tried imprisoning Trump in order to steal 2024 as well?"

Elon Musk's smart TESLA car looks cool. I just don't want to be forced to have one. There should be an off switch. Not a button but an actual switch to prevent remote hacking and bugs. Cars should not depend on tech. Smart cars in Hawaii exploded.

The fake Hulk Hogan character made Terry Bollea the man a better person as the fans were drawn to the messaging from Hogan, that energized his faith, it began changing him internally, gradually.

Trump 2.0

2023-08-27 - Sunday

Trump 2.0 Army F4l4EIkXIAAaEIR.jpeg

Trump 2.0

Elon Musk, can we get off switches instead of buttons and replaceable batteries which can pop out if need be, can we get manual override and Internet off switches?

Trump MLK

2023-08-28 - Monday

Trump Face MLK Mug F4nuUQ5WMAAsCRJ.jpeg

Trump MLK

I don't know who had police swat us but Hawaii fire was MURDER. In 1972, the Club of Rome published The Limit to Growth. A co-author said in 2018 we must have less than a billion globally meaning we must kill off over 7 billion people.

SnapChat Tucker Hungary

2023-08-29 - Tuesday

SnapChat Article. Tucker Hungary. Eric West on Alex Jones on the Hawaii Fire. Hawaii Fire is crazy. It was not a natural fire. How did the car melt in the Hawaii fire? There are no trees around this car. Nothing. It's like a field of nothing. Cops told people not to film anything. But that's illegal to say that. You should film everything. Hawaii fire, but the blue car did not burn up.

America took out radar in Vietnam in 1972 using microwave weapons, not lasers. Imagine what happened with the Hawaii fire. They want to blame it on climate change or on aliens. They want us to remain in fear so they can better control us. This black girl loves how Trump put money into trying to help sex trafficking victims.

Fox News Rubert Murdoch is a Globalist

2023-08-30 - Wednesday


They'll make you wear masks until you say no.

America could end the war in Ukraine. Trump could do it said the leader of Hungary. We just need peace with Russia. We also need to stop NATO, EU, UN, WEF, UK, the Vatican, China, etc.

Hawaii fires was caused by energy weapons. Not a natural fire. Blue cars did not burn up. Other color cars did burn up. There were no trees in some of the places where the fire was. How can fire hop from one place to another place? It was city that got on fire, not a forest. Not a bunch of trees. Government partnered with other parties were involved in covering up the details. It's similar to the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, the California fires, and 9/11.

Rubert Murdoch is the reason FOX NEWS is so against Trump and why they refuse to talk about geoengineering, how blue cars were not caught on fire in Hawaii, the killer Covid Vaccines. Laura Loomer is on fire with everything she is doing.

WE WILL NOT COMPLY!!! Trump is putting everybody on notice, federal funding, support, will be cut from schools and businesses who have mask, lockdown, or vaccine mandates. There are different batches. Some may be less deadly. Some may be closer to like a placebo effect kind of thing. Covid vaccines caused blood clots, heart attacks, brain seizures, autoimmune diseases, etc. These vaccines are potentially killing billions before 2030 slowly.

1495/ I assumed people were on my page, that people defined words like I would, that they saw the world like I did, I made assumptions, some home school students might at least get where I'm coming from, I was gullible, blind, ignorant, arrogant, tunnel-vision, busy, OPINIONATED.

Trump Against Lockdowns

2023-08-31 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-08-31 18-01-06 Tim Pool.png

Timcast was on fire today. Alex Jones was also amazing.

Truth about fraternities at colleges, Santiago says it's just about parties and sex. That's it. But they try to scam by saying it's more than that and in some cases it might be. House insurance removed in California and then you get a notification about anticipating disasters, looks like the Hawaii fires all over again designed to steal up more land from we the people.

Rich people in Hawaii don't have to commit arson directly because they can pay other people to do. It was not normal arson because the fire got too hot. Normal arson cannot be so hot that it melts steal. That's more like 9/11 crazy. Just look at the crazy stuff that happened in Hawaii. Rich people like Oprah, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft Bill Gates, etc.

This ghetto girl would rather have have an alpha male Trump than a little Biden Bitch. Send Oatmeal Joey Arnold to prison. I wrote about January 6 before Jan6. I told people to come in my blogs, articles, videos. I would have been there. I don't know if the U.S. Capitol was closed. Often times during the day, capitol buildings are usually open. LOCK ME UP.

"Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"


TikTok Roy Legless Chase Birthday Bacon

I Installed Mint Mate Wednesday

Liz Wheeler

Al Gore Won 2000

Makima Discord Bot George Washington

United Nations Europe Collapse Scott Bennett

Washington DC Jurisdiction is Illegal

Alex Jones Steven Crowder Partnership

Blackberry Picking, Discord Link Died

Exotic Culture Oatmeal Fake News, Discord 200

Emu Oatmeal Discord Manager

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Simpcast Live in Dallas

Three Pizzas 40 Accounts Oatmeal Discord Server Purge

Hawaii Fire

Hawaii Electric Cars Time Bomb China

Discord Criminals Unbanned, Hawaii Trees Powerlines

Laura Loomer Trump Baby

Laura Loomer

Squirrels Sunday

Vaccines Meat Allergies


Shelby Thomson

Trump Mug Shot

Trump is Gangsta

Joe Rogan Hulk Hogan

Trump 2.0

Trump MLK

SnapChat Tucker Hungary

Fox News Rubert Murdoch is a Globalist

Trump Against Lockdowns




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