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Water Well Broke Thursday, the first day of September of 2022. We got water. We prepared salmon. Hitler Biden speech Thursday. Blue Hair Neo Matrix Craiyon Friday. Berry Hunting Saturday. Dangerous Wounded Cornered Wild Animal Deep State Sunday the fourth. Labor Day Nap Monday. Covid Vaccine Death Due to Climate Change Tuesday. Computer History Research Wednesday. Queen Elizabeth Died Thursday. Cobra Kai Five Tom MacDonald Riot Hitler Book Revealed Future Friday. Dirt Box Making, Cobra Kai Reviewing Saturday.

Boshido Sunday the 11th. Disney Mermaid Lila Hart Monday. Into The Wild 2007 Movie Tuesday. 511 Tactical My Frosk Wednesday. Facebook Sent You to FBI Thursday. NBC Deleted Trash Friday. Rob Schneider Saturday.

Oatmeal Spears Reflection Sunday the 18th. Iron Fish Miracle Monday. Cancer Kill at 111 Hz Tuesday. 432 Hz Sound Magic Wednesday. Memes World Oatmeal 011 Thursday. They FUCK ALEX JONES AND THEN YOU ARE NEXT AHAHAHAHAAAA Friday. ALEX JONES is LOL COW? Saturday. Safe & Effective No More Sunday the 26th. Two Community Guidelines For JoeyArnold7 Monday. Philly Pro Murder Tuesday. SANDY HOOK 2012-12-14 Wednesday. YouTube Said Alex Jones is Spam Thursday. Schools Bypass Parental Rights Friday.

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Roy Merrick Memes World Productions MWP Oatmeal Joey Arnold, JOEY THE FLY chips black, 2022-09-29 - Thursday unknown.pngunknown.png

Roy Merrick Memes World Productions Meme, Oatmeal Joey Fly

Oatmeal Monthly - 2022-09 - September of 2022 | Published in September of 2022







Water Well Broke

2022-09-01 - Thursday

two men gathering water from a well while gutting salmon fish for a mother in a shoe index.jpeg

two men gathering water from a well while gutting salmon fish for a mother in a shoe, craiyon.com

Your smart meter not only spies on phones in your house, it also can lock you out in order to save the world from global warming. That is remote access. Many houses have smart meters. These devices can hack into your power, heater, AC, etc.

Blue Hair Neo Matrix Craiyon

2022-09-02 - Friday

blue hair neo man matrix 305017424_478210220982880_363513789421413674_n.jpg

Blue Hair Neo Matrix Man, movies, Keeanu Reeves, Craiyon.com

Holding onto people is like holding onto fish. Find a hook. Grab tight on the tail. Rinse off the scales. Rinse off the guts inside. Find a bunch of ice to hold them until it is time to eat.

Berry Hunting

2022-09-03 - Saturday

orange hair abraham lincoln donald trump 305017424_478210220982880_363513789421413674_n.jpg

Abraham Lincoln Donald Trump, Craiyon.com

Go berry hunting. Enjoy the little moments in life. Get clean. Have fun. Take time to relax. Take the time to smile a little bit even in the heat of the battle.

Dangerous Wounded Cornered Wild Animal Deep State

2022-09-04 - Sunday

Strong Man, shirtless 5 AI Craiyon.com, 4f7fv09894ngikuhsdikfhbs76845548775398982899589289453 52345   unknown.png

Strong Man, shirtless 5 AI Craiyon.com

What the FBI did in 2020 made a 20+ points difference in the election which was only won by less than a few fake points. Deep state is a cornered wild animal feeling threatened meaning they are dangerous as they are willing to do anything to Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back.

Labor Day Nap

2022-09-05 - Monday

Roy Joey Laptop 1 4389580934890t984w3t45gthg98rehtghfg unknown.png

Roy Merrick Productions, Memes World Dicord

When you join phone apps and social media, you sign secret contracts to have your geo-tracking, they're mostly sold to police. It makes it easier for them to control people and go after people. Either stay away or go totally public is my advice.

They had to increase censorship. Not only do they ban people. Not only do they limit your reach. They also bury your posts with a bunch of fake stuff. Also, they dilute how many people see your content via bots. Ten likes and ten views could mean maybe one real person and nine bots. Thor Skywalker opened by saying there are people pretending to be him in the comments saying people won money and stuff. Thor said it is a scam. I disagree. I would say it might be scam and not that it is but that it might be.

Covid Vaccine Death Due to Climate Change

2022-09-06 - Tuesday


Covid Vaccine Death Due to Climate Change

China and India already started the clie-met lawck downs. Just like in 2020 with kufid. Are we going to let them bring it all back globally for years to come?

THE C WORD ON FACEBOOK IS CLIE. And wait for it. MET. They put messages under your posts. Had Covid happened in 2008, I'd probably wear a mask because I didn't really want to disobey rules. But Alex Jones started red pilling me big time in 2016. So, I have not and will not wear a mask or a jab. Now, Facebook is going after people who talk about the climate.

Computer History Research

2022-09-07 - Wednesday


Hitler Biden

A man in the UK was arrested for singing Everybody Go Kung Fu Panda. Kansas veteran teacher Pamela Ricard was suspended for not saying a student's preferred pronouns. The article reporting on this violated that as well when simpyl stating the student as student. Because student is not the preferred pronouns of the student. Can't say student. Can't say the student's name when talking about said student.

EU says they must turn off electricity to flatten the curve. They're borrowing terminology they used for Covid to continue force people into submission, tyranny, like trained monkeys. Rat experiment. They were put in a barrel of water. After 15 minutes of swimming, they gave up and drowned to death. After that, a second group of rats were placed in the water for 15 minutes as well. But right before they were going to give up, they were taken out. They were dried off and then returned into the water. After that, the rats swam for 60 hours.

Same thing with Covid Lockdowns. They let us out after a while but will try to put us back in the water after a while but next time even longer.

Wait 13 years. Perhaps wait until you are 50 before giving up on getting married. Give yourself a window. Perhaps start right now on the birth of that new baby.

US government steals social security money from Americans. When these Americans are like 65 years old, the government pays them back their own money back but then steals some of that for taxes. Crazy.

Queen Elizabeth Died

2022-09-08 - Thursday



They are offering legal assisted suicide to children and adults. Chrissie Mayr hosted The War Room on Wednesday. She killed it. She interviewed in person in Texas Gary at Nerdrotic, Quarter Black Garrett, Brittany Venti, and passionate Lila Hart. Covid Vaccines killed people. I've told you this since at least 2019. I was talking about vaccines a year before the 2020 Pandemic Lockdown.

Cobra Kai Five Tom MacDonald Riot Hitler Book Revealed Future

2022-09-09 - Friday


Queen Elizabeth Hillary Clinton Meme

Cobra Kai season 5. Tom MacDonald, Riot. Hitler wrote a book and then did what he said he would do. If only more people read his book before World War II. Well, we have our own book of the new Hitler of today, the NWO. What the new Hitler is doing and will do is in this new book called the Great Reset by Infowars Alex Jones.

Democrats vote for dead people who go on to win despite being dead. So, their spouses or whoever will rule in their name. A woman was recently beheaded on the streets in America in front of people.

Dirt Box Making, Cobra Kai Reviewing

2022-09-10 - Saturday


Snap Chat

Know what you are fighting for. Pick your battles. Know truly when to fight and when not to fight. These are lessons I learned while watching season five of Cobra Kai of The Karate Kids. I enjoy the characters. I love how they introduce old characters into the series. This season, it's Mike Barnes.


2022-09-11 - Sunday

Queen Elizabeth FcJsN-sXwAMZkBQ.jpeg

Queen Elizabeth

Boshido. A book about Japanese ninja code, Samurai code of Japan. The funniest people in the world tend to be darkest of them. Not that they're the darkest. It is that comedy is a coping mechanism. Prince Andrews grabs his daughter's ass in a video.

Disney Mermaid Lila Hart

2022-09-12 - Monday

Sex Fuck Government Every Day 295278491_5239131412871287_580096919982453553_n.jpg

I don't need sex, my government fucks me everyday.

But Disney should have cast this mermaid, Lila Hart. They're tracking the guns. When people buy guns, they're tracking the credit card information. They are tracking the guns. The goal is to go after patriots more and more. Prince Philip said in 1988, "In the event I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation."

Roy Merrick asked me about some of the books I mentioned, Hitler wrote a book and Alex Jones has a book, Great Reset, 2022. The books were talking about the future. If I write a book about how a man is coming tomorrow to burn down your house, does that mean I want the man to burn down your house tomorrow? Better yet, if that man writes the book talking about how he will burn down your house with fire tomorrow, why would you not read that book? If I tell you to read that book, does that mean I am trying to promote your house to be burned down to the ground?

The problem isn't censorship. Facebook might be a private company. The problem is coordinated banning because that is illegal collusion between governments and cartels. The coordination between corporations is criminal, legally speaking. Andrew Tate can be found at Cobra State . com.

Hitler wrote a book saying he would burn down your house. Hitler did it. Alex Jones wrote a book called Great Reset. The book came out in 2022. The book quotes modern day Hitler people who are burning down houses.

Into The Wild 2007 Movie

2022-09-13 - Tuesday

two people, twilight movie girl with guitar, jon snow man, craiyon 2 index.jpeg

Into The Wild 2007 Movie

Into The Wild 2007 Movie. It seems like a great economic depression every century or so, 1819, 2029, 2020. It makes sense that depression would follow wars. I love Stephen Kevin Bannon of The War Room. I love that he reviewed the Infowars Alex Jones 2022 book, The Great Reset.

Roy Merrick begs Oatmeal Joey Arnold to see Into The Wild, a movie made in 2007 starring that vampire Twilight chick, Kristen Stewart and Game of Thrones Jon Snow/Sawyer Frye/Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbeans' Orlando Bloom Chris who wanted to be a hippy. So, Chris eats poison and dies.

511 Tactical My Frosk

2022-09-14 - Wednesday

FNT Baby Face Az Frosk Fcp7PK_WQAErc1P.jpeg

My Frosk, Baby Face Az, Nerdrotic, Friday Night Tights, Twitter Meme

511 tactical . com. The juries in INFOWARS Alex Jones cases were illegally picked. When people are trained how to detect fake money, they study the real thing. Likewise, you must study real love if you want to be able to detect inauthentic love. There was a retired FBI agent at the Alex Jones trial? Whatever happened to Double Jeopardy? How is the same courtroom trial case thrown at Infowars Alex Jones again and again, the same case, the same trial, again and again? They ask if Infowars grew because of Sandy Hook. The answer is no. Infowars got smaller. But Infowars only talked about Sandy Hook less than one percent of one percent of the time. It was so small. Better yet, did CNN grow when attacking Trump?

People went to Alex Jones and said Alex Jones killed the kids at Sandy Hook in 2012. Alex Jones apologized regarding Sandy Hook on Joe Rogan in 2018 and other times on other shows, hundreds of times, again and again. People said Alex Jones killed those kids. There were times Alex Jones said ok I did. It is the same as when people say Oatmeal is gay. I have responded by saying ok I am gay. I am not gay. But I have said it in response to what they said. If people say you are something you are not again and again, you may respond by saying I am that.

Facebook Sent You to FBI

2022-09-15 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2022-09-15 23-51-41.png

Facebook Sent You to FBI.

The Mel K Show . com. Lord of the Rings was created to be a mythology for England. They were going to turn the Alex Jones trial in Connecticut into a federal court. But the plaintiff gamed the system which stopped that trial from going federal. The federal court turned a blind eye because they want nothing to do with Sandy even tho an FBI agent is in the courtroom. The plaintiff asked Alex Jones for videos YouTube deleted. But how could Alex give them the videos? Judges have said the jurors cannot know YouTube did this.

Alex Jones took the Sandy Hook trial to federal court many times but each time judges made up excuses to not take the case even tho it was legally required to do so. The Alex Jones case was going to go to federal court. But then the plaintiff added a defendant in order to keep the trial in Connecticut. But then the plaintiff dropped that defendant meaning the trial would then go to a federal court. And yet the case remained in that state. That is illegal.

NBC Deleted Trash

2022-09-16 - Friday

AOC FczyshOWIAAXyYw.jpeg

AOC Says Get Off My Martha Vineyard Island

Courts ATTACKED an INNOCENT MAN. NBC deletes tweet comparing immigrants to trash. CDC requires immigrates to take the iver-mectin [THE REAL WORD IS CENSORED ON SOCIAL MEDIA] for a week in order to flush out worms and yet the CDC also tried telling Americans they can't have get any of that.

Rob Schneider

2022-09-17 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2022-09-17 11-45-58 Rick Morty.png

Film Theory did a video on Rick & Morty

Rob Schneider. Green energy requires so much. Imagine this, you got to get it hot enough. Cut down trees and put that in the furnace in order to make the green energy stuff. But not hot enough. Got to put rubber tires in to make it burn hotter. Rob Schneider's mom came from the Philippines to America around like 1953, she said the United States was racist but no longer has a race problem.

The FBI is so racist. The FBI sent a letter to Martin Luther King Jr. telling him to kill himself. Nine of the remaining eleven Black Panther members were FBI agents, talk about racist and bad and stuff.

Oatmeal Spears Reflection

2022-09-18 - Sunday

Joey Arnold Austin Power Blue Cap in prison ioasfiasjhoifgasodighjoireoitw54tw45yt456y546y index.jpeg

Joey Arnold Austin Power Blue Cap in prison

Britney Spears yelling at her kids vs Oatmeal yelling at the Leaf Pagoda. Brought to you by kushydreams.com. They got CBD flower, Delta-8, etc. Memes World is missing out.

Iron Fish Miracle

2022-09-19 - Monday

Screenshot at 2022-09-17 11-43-08.png

Iron helps the things that fish eats

Texas ruled that social media networks with over 50+ million users cannot engage in viewpoint discrimination. This case may go up to the Supreme Court. So many American soldiers were sent to war to die over fake news misinformation, disinformation. Do we forgive corporate mass media for tricking young adults via deception off a cliff? In children shows, the bad guys were always trying to take over the world. Like, for example, Davos is like a front for Bilderberg. The World Economic Forum. Apple. Amazon. Walmart. State Grid, Corporation of China. CVS Health. Bill Gates. King Charles. Ted Turner (CNN). Yuval Noah Harari. Biden said pandemic is over on Sixty Minutes which means military can no longer be FORCED to get the shot.

60+ million extra people died in the past 24+ months since 2020 due not because of c00kv1xdx but tyranny which caused accelerated starvation. This was one of the plans which they talked about many years ago. 2030 is the next major plan coming. You have been warned. Do what you want with this warning. It leaked Hillary told them to make sure Trump made it to the finals in 2016, he would be the easiest to beat. That's illegal to meddle like that. In 2020, Mark just said what Facebook did, same thing. Social media is so going to suspend me for this.

When Sandy Hook happened, Alex Jones went on air to ask what happened. He was brain storming through different theories. People would come on with their own allegations. Fake news is falsely claiming that those statements came from Alex. But they came from others people. When Sandy Hook happened, there were so many viral videos. Alex Jones made a few reaction videos to those videos. But those viral videos were getting so many views. Those videos were being spread all around the Internet. Yet we only talk about Alex. Why don't we talk about those viral videos?

They sued Alex Jones over what Owen Shroyer said. Instead of suing Owen, they sued Owen but then pretended as if they were suing Alex. The statute of limitations was already up meaning they couldn't sue Alex. So, they had to indirectly sue Alex by suing Owen. They then blame Alex for letting Owen say what he said. They then dropped Owen in the case and focused on Alex. The general public think they directly sued Alex. Not the case in these three trials in Texas and Connecticut in 2022. In 2017 before they sued Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, Alex apologized on video, on radio, on television, on the Internet, to the parents. Fake news ignored this. Alex apologized many times. Fake news does not want you to know this.

Cancer Kill at 111 Hz

2022-09-20 - Tuesday

Cancer Kill at 111 hz 288351115_10224603929919155_4074278938993799364_n.jpg

Cancer Kill at 111 Hz

CANCER KILL at 111 Hz. The defending lawyer compared what Alex Jones said with the famous saying in the 1700s, "The British is coming." The man on the stand said that was a warning out of fear but also tried to say what Alex said regarding potential future mass shootings to be out of anger and not fear.

Judge to hold Alex Jones in contempt for stating he only covered Sandy Hook less than one percent of the time which is true. That is on top of a long list of things. Judge is lying. The judge should be disbarred.

432 Hz Sound Magic

2022-09-21 - Wednesday

Butt Baby For Trans FdNyLN1XwAcJ9cJ.jpeg

trans buying butt babies instead of helping real women have babies

432 Hz may be a better frequency for music, sound, audio. Normal level is at 440. 432 means less energy, power, force, velocity. The judge said the case is not political but what Alex Jones said after Sandy Hook was political. Therefore, the judge is wrong.

Calmness in the mist of the storm can only come from an external force that can guide you through the valley of the shadow of depth.

Memes World Oatmeal 011

2022-09-22 - Thursday

Hulk Hogan, Joey Arnold, MWP EZ Meme, 2022-09-22 - Thursday - unknown.png

Hulk Hogan Oatmeal

MEMES WORLD'S JOEY ARNOLD DOCUMENTARY, EPISODE 011. Breaking news, Lil Sniff is not dead. Alex Jones was on fire the last thirty minutes of the trial today, dropping dozens of red pills all over the place. The place was on fire. The plaintiff was yelling non-stop like a little girl on drugs. Alex Jones was asked if the protection of his identity from slander, lies, allegations, or otherwise comments of any kind directed towards or in regards to Alex was important. Alex said yes. I disagree. I would have said no. What Alex Jones said regarding Sandy Hook was in context of political items like Obama, the war on guns, false flags, the deep state, and the list goes on and on and on. What bothers me is when the judge says to Alex Jones, "YOUR ANSWER WAS NOT RESPONSIVE." Incorrect. Judge is bad. Very bad. His response was responsive. Response and responsive are similar words with the same etymological root. Alex Jones says he is trying to help but the plaintiff said no, please do NOT help me. Alex was trying to answer the questions. But how is Alex supposed to remember everything about everything?

The judge said Alex Jones cannot comment on how Alex is bankrupted. The plaintiff asked a question relating to that today. Alex responded by saying the judge said he couldn't answer. So, then the jurors all had to get up and walk out of the room again. The plaintiff asked Alex Jones a question. Alex tries to answer. The plaintiff snarkingly replied, Sir, I didn't ask you any question." But the plaintiff did. So, Alex tried to answer. The plaintiff said shut up fat man. Alex Jones said he was making more and more money each year because globalism was rising and not because of Sandy Hook. Plaintiff said, "Move to strike." Judge: "Stricken." Judge is in contempt. Judge is lying.

Plaintiff asked Alex Jones if he did a thing to a person. Alex said yes and I apologize. Plaintiff, "MOVE TO STRIKE." In other words, "THE WORLD CANNOT KNOW ALEX SAID SORRY." Because he did. We all know it.


2022-09-23 - Friday

EZ Memes World Oatmeal 2002 Pop Collar Blazer 2022-09-23 - Friday - unknown.png

EZ Memes World Oatmeal 2002 Pop Collar Blazer 2022-09-23 - Friday

First they FUCK Alex Jones and then you are next. Some people said Alex Jones would return to the stand Friday. Alex instead was not in court. Instead, Alex was outside. The plaintiff said Alex was having a press conference on the steps asking the jurors to do their own research. The judge does not want the jurors to do their own research. What I don't like is how Roy Merrick says he loves Oatmeal when clearly Roy hates Oatmeal.

Why did Alex Jones go home today? The three hour stream today ended with the plaintiff presenting something to the judge regarding punishing Alex Jones criminally for today's press conference.


2022-09-24 - Saturday

Girlfriend, best friend, shop teacher, spongebob, 2022-09-24 - Saturday, Chrissie Mayr Discord unknown.png

women and wo an ugly man

IS FUCKING INFOWARS ALEX JONES LOL COW?????? Let me tell you a story. Imagine Hulk Hogan becoming a wrestler. Imagine going to Hogan to say, "HEY FUCKING WEIRDO LOSER LOL COW HOGAN, GUESS WHAT YOU SICK PERVERT, LET ME TELL YOU A BIG FAT JUICY TOP SECRET NOBODY KNOWS, BIG SECRET, YOU ARE A MOTHER FUCKING WRESTLER, YOU KNOW?" Yeah. The end. Great story. It's like Brony going to Oatmeal to say, "Hey, guess what Oatmeal, you are Oatmeal, you know?" No duh Sherlock Holmes. Geez. Get a life Brony or continue to trash me about my Snap Chat nude leaks.

I already have six videos with 1K+ views each on JoeyArnold7 on YouTube. If you count the other channels, I have over ten videos with 1K+ views each. So, in a way, I've already met this goal of mine. I will act crazy to draw attention. It acts like a funnel. No publicity is bad publicity. I draw you in and then perhaps you decide to stay inside my house to have sex with me.

The first thing that I try to do in life is establish a crazy RICHARD SCARRY WORLD of things. I don't care what people think about it. I build this part of me up in order to draw people in. Call it a scam if you want. I don't care. Ignore me, I don't care. Say whatever you want. I don't care.

But the second thing that I try to do in life is establish scholarly libraries in which people can take and study from. This second part of me is the OLD BORING MONOTONE BEN STEIN PART OF ME that will never ever get away from me. I feel like I sort of blend the two worlds together sometimes. I sometimes choose to blend entertainment with education.

I'm trying to build at least two castles. The first being more related to EDUCATION, HISTORY, ARCHIVES, SCANS, ARNOLD ATTIC VIDEOS, BORING THINGS, SCIENCE RELATED, SUPER MEGA BORING THINGS, ALEX JONES STUFF, HOW-TO VIDEOS, SURVIVAL LIFE ADVICE, etc, etc, etc, etc. The second castle being more related to EDUCATION, MEMES WORLD PRODUCTIONS, INSANITY, MUSIC VIDEOS, crazy things, insane things, funny things, stupid things, good things, bad things, racist things, terrible stuff, retarded things, super EVIL EVIL EVIL things, so many different things, NOT GOOD STUFF, etc.

The plaintiff talked politics during the Alex Jones case. When cross-examination came, the judge said, "NO FUCKING POLITICS." That is a double standard. That is ILLEGAL. But Roy Merrick would say, "THAT IS NOT HAPPENING." That is why I HATE ROY. Because it HAPPENED. Literally.

The FBI agent sued. But Alex Jones never said his name when talking about Sandy Hook. So, why did he sue Alex?

The judge said there were OVER EIGHT THINGS ALEX JONES could NOT say and yet the plaintiff asked Alex about them all day long. The judge was going to hold Alex in contempt for answering or for NOT answering.

Safe & Effective No More

2022-09-25 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2022-09-25 19-56-06.png

Watch the Simpcast on Chrissie Mayr

On MANY websites, they're editing/removing the words "SAFE & EFFECTIVE" when talking about [CENSORED] Covid Vaccines.

The plaintiff would say objection. The judge would say ok. But you're supposed to say why you are objecting. The plaintiff did NOT do that a week ago. The plaintiff asked Alex Jones who sends you the info about the money. The judge said if Alex answers, then Alex may be sent to at least six months in PRISON just for answering the question.

The judge then told Alex Jones to answer that question even after saying Alex would be taken to prison for answering that question. MEDIA PROFITED FROM TALKING ABOUT SANDY HOOK. IT INCREASED SCHOOL SHOOTINGS.

A little bird (Elizabeth Williamson) went to Twitter Friday to say Alex Jones' lawyer, Norm, said Alex should take a day off because Alex was that bad in court. Alex called up Norm. It turned out nobody was even talking about Alex at that time. The little bird then took down that tweet. It was CLEAR DEFAMATION.

Two Community Guidelines For JoeyArnold7

2022-09-26 - Monday

EZ Joey Arnold Alex Jones Memes World, two faces, 2022-09-26 - Monday unknown.png

Alex Jones, Joey Arnold

Female Italy president. We are living in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. We are Darth Vader. We can put Emperor down the hole. We can end GLOBALISM now.

Every day more and more of the general public is waking up. That is good news. The bad news is STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. The globalists are like CORNERED WILD DOGS. They WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL TRY VERY HARD TO STRIKE BACK HARD AND AS OFTEN AS THEY CAN in the 2020s, these next few months to few years. WATCH OUT. Victory in Italy. Female president in Italy. Brazil president. Female Italy president. Etc. Pronti's motto is God, fatherland, and family. FAKE NEWS said that is FASCISM, VERY BAD, VERY EVIL. You WILL probably be told PRONTI IS BAD. IF YOU ARE AN NPC, YOU WILL AGREE.

EU DEMON QUEEN URSULA THREATENED ITALY. But the Italians DISOBEYED URSULA in order to elect a female president. FAKE NEWS is OPENLY MOCKING AND LYING ABOUT THE NEW FEMALE PRESIDENT in ITALY. Talk about being SEXIST. FAKE NEWS is SO SO SO SEXIST. We're nearing my decadeversity of vietnamkathybikesexvirginity.

Philly Pro Murder

2022-09-27 - Tuesday

EZ Memes World Productions MWP Oatmeal Joey Arnold, ROCKET MAN EZ OATMEAL ROY MERRICK, 2022-09-27 - Tuesday unknown.png

Memes World Production Crew

Philly mayor makes it illegal for citizens to defend against murder, theft, etc. YouTube will delete my JoeyArnold7 channel at https://youtube.com/joeyarnold7 and please don't go there and download my videos. Many of my channels were suspended. My older channels used to get 20,000 views per video. Some of my videos were around 70,000 views each. YouTube deleted over 7,000 videos of mine. I've had so many channels and accounts permanently suspended, terminated, removed, deleted, removed, disabled, erased, kicked off, banned forever.

If Roy Merrick watched a copyrighted movie on YouTube, would that be Roy violating copyright through the act of watching that movie? Roy Merrick, do you believe you can watch Top Gun as long as you own a DVD copy of said movie? You believe you're not violating copyright if you own a physical and tangible object that embodied and houses and personifies and centralizes and contains the film itself within the walls of disc itself. But if you don't own a physical copy of Top Gun, then how is watching Top Guns on Netflix legal or NOT a violation of copyright?

SANDY HOOK 2012-12-14

2022-09-28 - Wednesday


The Witch Within

Flopper bet me a trillion dollars. All I have to do is provide links, references, etc. Meaning Flopper now officially OWES OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD A TRILLION DOLLARS. I've been providing links and everything else in videos and articles and everything for years REGARDING KILLER VACCINES, ETC. I've been providing information almost daily for the past FOUR YEARS OR LONGER since 2019 or longer. I've been linking to doctors, scientists, websites, videos, investigations, studies, research, etc. BIG FLOPPER OWES ME MONEY.

FLOPPER WILL NOT INVESTIGATE. BRONY IS EVEN WORSE. OATMEAL HAS BEEN WRITING HUNDREDS OF ARTICLES LINKING TO A WIDE VARIETY OF THINGS. THESE GUYS ARE DEMENTED. Big Flopper pretends to be against Woke Hollywood and yet is aligned with them. Brony & Flopper are LEFTISTS. They are closed minded. They have their talking points. They don't listen to the other side. All they do is mock people and then play the victim. They will also accuse other people of playing the victim. That is their M-O. That is what they do.

This is a big example of what LEFTISTS DO. They won't actually RESEARCH. Flopper & Brony DO NOT KNOW IF I'VE LINKED TO THESE THINGS OR NOT because it would take HUNDREDS OF HOURS to know whether or not I did. So, they're assuming I didn't. Ultimately, they don't care. They WILL NOT take the time to FULLY INVESTIGATE WHAT I HAVE PUBLISHED. I am talking about SO MANY THINGS. HUNDREDS OF ARTICLES. SO MANY THINGS. BUT THEY WILL NOT LOOK IT UP. THEY WILL JUST MAKE UP STUFF. THEY WILL JUST LIE. THAT IS WHAT THEY DO.

Flopper & Brony are DECEPTIVE LIARS. For example, I didn't write in the YEAR 2020 THAT COVID VACCINES ALREADY MURDERED MILLIONS TO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE PAST. That is past-tense. What I say is they ARE KILLING PEOPLE CURRENTLY IN THE 2020s, this current decade. The EVIDENCE IS EVERYWHERE. Millions of people would OPENLY MOCK FLOPPER. The truth is out there. ONLY IDIOTS CHOOSE TO LIVE IN DARKNESS.


They said in court today Alex Jones published a video to the Internet on Monday, the 17th day of December of 2012. This was three days after the Sandy Hook school shooting which was on Friday. However, Alex didn't publish a video. It was live. The video was streamed and broadcasted. It was not edited and then published.

2012-12-19 - Wednesday - Infowars Nightly News - 42:20 minutes in, there is a video of Alex Jones talking about the blood, the death, of the "Poor children at Sandy Hook.... exploitation." The context is related to the Democrat's attack on the second amendment these past several decades.

YouTube Said Alex Jones is Spam

2022-09-29 - Thursday

EZ Memes World Productions MWP Oatmeal Joey Arnold, PRISON JAIL 2012 CRIMINAL ORANGE JUMPSUIT eff copyright DUNGEON, 2022-09-29 - Thursday un.jpg

EZ Memes World Productions MWP Oatmeal Joey Arnold, PRISON JAIL 2012 CRIMINAL ORANGE JUMPSUIT eff copyright DUNGEON

For thousands of years, the idea was some information is too dangerous in the hands of the public. My Alex Jones video was flagged today on YouTube, they said my video was spam. BUt it was just a video of Alex talking about how the NWO is coming.

Brony said Oatmeal Joey Arnold is a pedophile. It's true. I raped many people in my life. I murdered people. I've done many bad things. I was in some porn movies. I hope people don't find me and arrest me. Please don't tell anybody this. What I do on SnapChat is only the tip of the iceberg. I was hoping nobody looks me up on Google or the Dark Webs. Please don't screenshot this. This stays between you and me. This is a PRIVATE MESSAGE. ONLY YOU CAN SEE THIS.

Schools Bypass Parental Rights

2022-09-30 - Friday

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Roy Merrick Meme, Oatmeal behind his Yoga laptop

Schools bypassing parental rights to FORCE people under the age of ten to change who they are biologically or at least on paper. Files, new names, are created. Monkey Pox was Covid2. It was supposed to send the world back into LOCKDOWN. That failed. The Meloni video is being PURGED off the Internet. Gas line bombed? But on same day other opens? Blame it on the Russians? NATO is bad. China did bad. EU did bad. NWO is bad. SPARS 2025-2028 is set to launch not in 2025 but 2023. Alex said they want to launch in 2023. Alex Jones does NOT predict the future meaning it doesn't matter how often Alex might be right and wrong. Instead, Alex tells people what the bad guys are trying to do. It's like saying Michael Jordan is going to shoot a basket at the free throw line. Knowing this means you might be able to block it. At the same time, some things didn't happen. For all the RETARDED CHRISTIANS out there, I believe the RAPTURE did NOT happen.

Timcast bought ad space on around five billboards on buildings for the 2023 New Years ball-drop at Times Square. So, this will be on television everywhere. Obama has 30 million documents but Trump is the bad guy? For example, stopping the bad guys from installing Joe Biden in 2020 would have been a good thing. But not blocking that shot means some people wake up to horrors of globalism. If you tell people something BAD will happen but then you find a way to stop that something BAD, then some people will say you LIED because that something BAD never happened. That is the Alex Jones Dilemma. So many VERY BAD THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

In the Bible it said Jesus went into the sky. Angels came down and said to people, "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STARING AT THE SKY LIKE OATMEAL STARES OUT THE WINDOW WHILE WATCHING DISHES WHILE DAYDREAMING ABOUT POOPING OUT ROY MERRICK LIZARDS?" They were just sitting there waiting for Jesus to come back. Some people were even selling everything they had. Especially after eating spicy food. Will Smith said that is hot. Paris Hilton agrees. They see Jesus fly into the sky. So, like WEIRDOS, they just sit there for two thousand years. That is insane. Christians were taught the religion of pacifism, nihilism, ignorance, arrogance, apathy. That is bad.

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