Philly mayor makes it illegal for citizens to defend against murder, theft, etc. YouTube will delete my JoeyArnold7 channel at https://youtube.com/joeyarnold7 and please don't go there and download my videos. Many of my channels were suspended. My older channels used to get 20,000 views per video. Some of my videos were around 70,000 views each. YouTube deleted over 7,000 videos of mine. I've had so many channels and accounts permanently suspended, terminated, removed, deleted, removed, disabled, erased, kicked off, banned forever.

If Roy Merrick watched a copyrighted movie on YouTube, would that be Roy violating copyright through the act of watching that movie? Roy Merrick, do you believe you can watch Top Gun as long as you own a DVD copy of said movie? You believe you're not violating copyright if you own a physical and tangible object that embodied and houses and personifies and centralizes and contains the film itself within the walls of disc itself. But if you don't own a physical copy of Top Gun, then how is watching Top Guns on Netflix legal or NOT a violation of copyright?



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In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

01:19 AM
Joey Arnold - Do NOT even include LINKS to ANYTHING FORBIDDEN on YouTube

Please do NOT download my videos off my JoeyArnold7 YouTube channel, they will terminate this soon

My top 20 videos have 500+ views each or more now

Many of my channels were suspended. My older channels used to get 20,000 views per video. Some of my videos were around 70,000 views each. YouTube deleted over 7,000 videos of mine. I've had so many channels and accounts permanently suspended, terminated, removed, deleted, removed, disabled, erased, kicked off, banned forever.

02:46 AM
YouTube Needs a LIST of Words you CANNOT say, but they refused to do that and will delete 3K+ more of myvideos to make it 10K+ videos GONE

Life By Ella 101: Ready or Not, Oatmeal Random spoiler review, Fight Club

Rick & Morty 604: Night Family, Oatmeal Random spoiler review

03:04 PM
Memes World - The Joe Arnold Movie (Un-Authorized) FUCK COPYRIGHT



INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


YouTube will delete my JoeyArnold7 channel at https://youtube.com/joeyarnold7 and please don't go there and download my videos.


2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


01:46 AM

Many of my channels were suspended. My older channels used to get 20,000 views per video. Some of my videos were around 70,000 views each. YouTube deleted over 7,000 videos of mine. I've had so many channels and accounts permanently suspended, terminated, removed, deleted, removed, disabled, erased, kicked off, banned forever. In order to find out what happened, you just have to ask Google.

Brony, Why are you so in love with school shootings? I did not make any videos about Sandy Hook. I do not even talk about Sandy Hook. They did not tell me why they remove my videos. I just talked about what happened in the world. I simply mention a few different things. I said I believe in the U.S. Constitution. The problem is people take stuff out of context. YouTube might have said I was going against the very thing I was not going against. I was going with it. Those foreign fact checkers who got my videos community guideline strikes took my words out of context. Brony is a racist. Brony wanted to know why I have a photo of Hitler. So, I post my high school essay that I wrote on Hitler. That is why. I don't know what I said exactly because YouTube deleted the video and will not let me watch it. I made the videos years ago. I believe Trump won 2020. Because I think this, YouTube says that is against the rules. If you were educated, you would ask other people. But you live in an echo chamber. You only talk to people who believe what you believe. YouTube said my video goes against election integrity. The title of the video is seen above. You are so retarded, you cannot see what I already posted. If you go up, I already showed you the title. The title of the video was if you trust the plan, then be the plan. Trump got over 80 million votes in 2020. Many people could not vote. Biden got less than 70 million. But they counted dead people. There are documentaries. You are an idiot. You will always be a loser. And I let you sit here. You have nothing going for your life. So, you sit here. All you do is scream SOURCE. All day long. Even if I tell you the source. And I do most of the time. Anybody with a brain can see that. I post sources on my blog for example. What I post to Discord is from my blog. All you have to do is use your brain. If I say somebody said something, you don't need a source for that. You go to my blog to find the links. So, if I say somebody said something, you just have to find out if that person said it or not. This has nothing to do with me. If I said the president in Italy is female, you would say source. You do not need to have a source to know what Russia said. You do not need a source to know what NATO is doing. You do not need a source to find out how NATO violated contracts. All you have to do is research the conflict in Ukraine that goes back to 2014. You can do it if you want. But you do NOT want to.

If I said the sky was blue, you would say source. Even tho you can look up. It is not about believing me. If the sky was not blue, you could find out just that. You find out what Russia said. I am not even saying what Russia said. But you have the audacity to demand a source for nothing. You want me to prove that Russia said nothing. I didn't even say what Russia said. And you want proof that Russia said what? What did Russia say? Did I say?

Brony is comparing me to Italy.

12:09 PM - Discord - Memes World
Fuck Consent. KathyBike is gone. Flopper wanted to be recorded in a sense. When I went on, Big Flopper was trying to get people to watch. Big Flopper specifically said to me that he wanted an audience. When you're on the Internet, everything is being recorded. You can pretend that is not the case. You can MOCK Edward Snowden who worked in those agencies at those higher levels of government in America. Flopper has the freedom to lie. When Flopper says he didn't want to be recorded, that is a lie.

Big Flopper wanted an audience. Flopper knows I record everything. Flopper wanted people to see it. Flopper said it under oath. But I will let Flopper lie. I will always be labeled a liar. Even tho truth is on my side. Oatmeal is being misrepresented again. The point was a public debate between Flopper and Oatmeal. Public means recorded. Whether it's recorded with cameras or your own brain. It's being recorded. I record this chat. I am always like recording. Flopper knew better. Flopper is a liar who hides behind a voice changer. That is what liars do. Also, I didn't really record Flopper in the sense that Flopper is anonymous, fake name, no video of his face, a fake voice. In other words, Flopper is an imaginary character. Flopper is upset that an imaginary fake character was featured in a video. Flopper is NOT real.

Big Flopper is a CHARACTER played by whoever and whatever was hiding behind this FAKE CREATURE. So, Flopper can pretend to be a VICTIM. What is worse is how Flopper backstabs me in the back. Flopper pretended to be my friend. So, in some ways, Roy might be better than Flopper. Flopper was so PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE in OUR VIDEO. It is crazy that I agreed with FLOPPER in the video and yet FLOPPER would say that I DID NOT AGREE.

Flopper would try to say that he thought what I said was crazy but then would not say in the video what I said. Flopper would make back-handed comments in the ALMOST TWO HOURS LONG VIDEO. For Flopper to say he didn't know the debate would be filmed is MIND BENDING.

Kathy and Dai Trinh both wrote similar things. It is almost like a Vietnamese thing. I met Kathy's sister. Assuming that really was her sister. I didn't think that young lady had autism and/or I don't know. Was I quoting Kathy's sister? If so, perhaps that was what she thought. I am glad Kathy disappeared off the face of the planet. I am so excited that Anna Barbie is gone. Girls have candy. I was living as Papa Foods in Vietnam in 2012. I left for a few weeks in 2013. Roy, my YouTube question is not going away. It is almost impossible to find people who knew me in Vietnam. It is almost impossible to find people who knew me during the course of my life. Oatmeal is a ghost. Oatmeal is FAKE. Nobody died at OATMEAL. The EZ meme of Rocket Men Oatmeal, EZ, Roy Merrick, on a firework rocket, that reminds me of the shooting star on NBC, the more you know meme. Roy Merrick should answer my question first.

If Roy Merrick watched a copyrighted movie on YouTube, would that be Roy violating copyright through the act of watching that movie?

12:56 PM
We never talked about copyright within the realm of merely watching videos on YouTube. The copyright debate between Roy Merrick and Oatmeal would include the context of some websites or some things. It would not really center on YouTube per se. Roy can hide behind that. Roy is good at hiding. Therefore, Roy will continue. Imagine watching a video on YouTube. Now imagine the video is copyrighted. Oh no. The video itself is copyrighted. Imagine you watched a video that was not yours. Imagine the video was copyrighted. Did you violate copyright? Imagine watching a non-Roy video. If you watch a copyrighted non-Roy video on YouTube, did you then violate copyright?

When I say copyrighted video on YouTube, I mean a video that is TOTALLY ILLEGAL on YouTube. What's the point of copyright if not that. A copyrighted video on YouTube CANNOT be on YouTube. YouTube changes their conditions all of the time. Roy is demented. Imagine watching a movie that is NOT ALLOWED on YouTube. Imagine watching a video YOU CANNOT watch on YouTube. Never mind the MCU or copyright being put in letters on the screen of a video. There are videos on YouTube. There are videos which are not allowed on YouTube on YouTube. Movies. You can watch movies on YouTube. Some of these movies are NOT ALLOWED on YouTube. Sometimes, YouTube takes down these movies off YouTube. Sometimes, these movies stay up for many years before YouTube takes them down.

Random people upload these movies to YouTube. Imagine watching a movie on YouTube. Imagine YouTube saying these movies violated copyright. Imagine Roy Merrick watched these movies on YouTube. Think about it. Imagine YouTube takes down these videos. But before they take down these videos, you watched them.

Roy Merrick watched the movie. Was the act of watching the movie on YouTube a violation of copyright? It seems Roy Merrick said no earlier. You have to rely on that? Is that how old you are? You rely on that way of thinking.

You believe that if you watch a copyrighted video on YouTube that you don't own, then you are violating copyright? I did not saying anything about renting on YouTube. Imagine watching a FREE ILLEGAL/COPYRIGHTED/NOT ALLOWED ON YOUTUBE AT ALL MOVIE on YouTube which you don't own. You believe watching it would violate copyright? Imagine the video is taken down. I cannot talk about Top Gun because that would be too specific. I would have to study that particular movie and the details. Illegal is in the context of a video being copyrighted and then taken down.

Roy Merrick believes if he watches a video on YouTube that he does not own that YouTube takes down due to copyright, then the watching of said video is Roy violating copyright. I hear no objections. But if they got it right, you believe you violated copyright. What should be the punishment for that?

Imagine watching a video made by Bob on YouTube. Imagine not knowing it was copyrighted. Imagine a second channel named TheRealBob saying that video violated copyright. So, the video is taken down but you watched it.

Ian, Susan gave me two strikes. My JoeyArnold7 has 2 community guideline strikes, my appeals were denied, they expire in 2023. I cannot upload for the next 2 weeks. I may get a third strike. Bye bye to over 3K videos. Roy believes that the only thing that matters is whether or not you know or not.

Roy Merrick would work with Hillary Clinton. As a lawyer, Roy would say, "Your honor, my client, Hillary Clinton, she did not know those emails were classified." That is what the FBI director argued. "Your honor, my client didn't know murder was bad." Ian, who lost which case? Or I mean hypothetically. Imagine the judge ruling, "YOU MURDERED A MAN BUT YOU DID NOT KNOW IT WAS BAD, SO YOU ARE DECLARED NOT GUILTY. GO HOME." Roy, the FBI director said what he said. Remember what the FBI director said. Perhaps that was too many years ago.

Roy, did you when you watch a video, you are downloading the video? I will take your silence as a you did not know. Do you object? You do not understand. That is how OLD you are. You are TOO OLD. This PROVES Roy does NOT get it. Roy cannot understand my question. Let the record show I will have to slowly ask the question. To the uneducated, the question appears to be compounded.

Roy is like a native American Indian who has never seen a boat ship in the ocean before, the Indians thought those ships were clouds. So, the concept I am asking Roy is foreign to Roy. I am in a way combining two questions into one question. The purpose of saying boat ship is for Google analytics, search engines. I write stuff the way that I do in order to appear on more search results. Because all of this goes on my blog. Each day, what I write is published on my blog. If I type in boat on my blog, then people who search boat on Google might see my blog. If I type ship, then that might also appear in search results. So, my goal is to try to type as many different words as I can. Good idea. I am Fishing as Roy Merrick likes to say. I love typing on my Ubuntu Linux laptop (not desktop) computer device. Who is Dr. Bronner? Roy, I am asking two questions. You MIGHT be unable to understand how the two come together. The first question is about watching videos. The second question is about downloading videos. But it is really one question. It is a technical question that MAYBE goes over your head. It is a question COMPUTER NERDS would understand. I would first want to ask Roy Merrick about his understanding of downloading videos via websites, apps, programs, add-ons, things, applications, Bit Torrent, buttons, a download button, etc. Roy understands the concept of downloading. That is the first component of the question. The second COMPONENT of the question is VERY TECHNICAL. One question. Two COMPONENTS. Only one question. I said two questions. Because it is two questions which is/are ONLY ONE QUESTION. So, I can try to rephrase the question.

Roy Merrick, did you know that when you are watching a video, that the process of WATCHING actually involves DOWNLOADING? This is COMPUTER SCIENCE 101. I've been waiting all day to throw this at you. Imagine watching a VIDEO on YOUTUBE. Think about being on YOUTUBE. Think about the process of pressing play on a video on YouTube. Now, think about what your computer is doing. This is a COMPUTER SCIENCE QUESTION. What is your computer doing? Think about the technical processes. YouTube discontinued actual MESSAGES, EMAIL, INBOX. Comment. Public comments. When you press play on a video on YouTube, what does your computer do to play the video? Don't get distracted by words. My question is about watching a video on YouTube. Not downloading the video off YouTube.

When you press play on a video on YouTube, your computer will DOWNLOAD the video into the CPU, the GPU, the cache, the RAM, things like that. Copyrighted or not, WATCHING is THE SAME as DOWNLOADING.

The minor DISTINCTION is WATCH-DOWNLOADING may be more temporary when compared with DOWNLOADING-DOWNLOADING. Technically speaking, downloading is downloading regardless of how TEMPORARY or LONG-TERM it MIGHT BE. I'm not sure if I want to pick a side between Hulu and Mike Tyson. Roy, in my comparison, the downloading is the same between the two. Who is Mike Bailey? Live-streaming is DOWNLOADING. Is Mike Bailey connected to Mike Tyson? Roy, if you watch the entire stream, then you have the entire stream. Roy, you know that does not matter.

If people were to make an Oatmeal biopic, I would hope they were aware of some of the larger highlights of my life.

My closing argument is copyrighting digital items is a slippery slope towards copyrighting BRAIN-WAVES, THOUGHTS, FREE SPEECH, OPINIONS, HATE SPEECH, MEMES, FAIR USE, TRANSFORMATIVE ENDEAVORS, OPEN SOURCE, ETC. Roy, do you think Walt Disney stole stuff from his partner? Who's side did you pick? Roy, were you ok with what Disney did? I have the truth on my side. I do not have to think. I don't have to make up a FABRICATED DEFENSE. Is it true Disney copyrighted stolen material? But you ENDORSE THEFT. Disney went in their and STOLE IT. But Disney did the STEALING LEGALLY. Do you think Disney STOLE THE STUFF? Perhaps you do not know what happened. The only thing that matters is what happened. But here you are again HIDING. The FBI raided Trump. Therefore, Trump bad? The FBI did NOT raid Hillary Clinton. So, Hillary good? Roy Merrick does NOT know much about Disney stealing.

Copyright is EVIL. Copyright is like COMMUNISM. So, I will probably be taken to prison or something. I am writing a series titled THE CASE AGAINST OATMEAL. In 2012, I did NOT knock a phone out of the hands of Robin Baker at my house. I pulled the phone out of her hand. Roy Merrick asked me about Kim Freeman.

Roy Merrick wanted to know if Oatmeal still stocks Kim Freeman. I do not know why Roy selected this random name. Roy Merrick may not get it that when you watch a video on YouTube, you are in fact DOWNLOADING and REDISTRIBUTING the video to your computer, to the cache, the CPU, the GPU, the RAM, it goes through the motherboard, in some cases into hard drives and the like, different hardware components, devices, things. The concept of copyright is around mostly two things, the creation and the distribution of said items. Distribution relies on creation. Copyright was created before the digital era. Robin Baker was trying to kill me in that if she gets me thrown in prison and then I die in prison.

Roy is a COMMUNIST. If copyright can't help you copyright your recipes, then you could come on over and try to get your recipes patented.

If I write "Hello, how are you?" In my book. Imagine you suing me because your copyrighted book contains those exact words, "HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?" Imagine my book contains those words. Imagine your book containing those same words. Imagine you suing me over it. Imagine you burn all the other books. If you're able to destroy the evidence, you could claim you invented the idea. Imagine coming up with unique ideas. Imagine I accidentally come up with the same ideas. Imagine you write a book about a bear who wears a shirt. Imagine I write a book about a bear. Imagine we publish the book on the same day. Imagine you take me to court claiming I stole your idea. I say your honor I had no idea. My younger sister had a Paddington bear doll. How similar does it have to be? This confirms Roy Merrick is a COMMUNIST. Plagiarism is crazy. Who decides what is plagiarism? I write so much, I am probably guilty of ACCIDENTAL plagiarism. It is a question of how many similar words is required for something to be plagiarism.

Roy Merrick, why did you say Kim Freeman? I write about everything. I had to Google that name a second ago. It looks like Kim Freeman was mentioned on my blog in 2013 relating to Couch Surfing. I was on Couch Surfing. I wrote stuff. People wrote stuff. I shared some of that on my blogs. But why was Roy on Infocomms? Was Adam Endermo an American and was he living in America?

Like I don't have to sue you. If the Oatmeal documentary was a scam or something, many people may go after Memes World for it. I would probably make a reaction video and say, "You know guys, Sniff was not actually there." But that is all I would. Seven Heaven, good stuff. I'm vulnerable in that people could destroy my life. People could sue the Hell out of me. People could get me framed.

I may not spend a lot of money or any money on lawyers, attorneys, boat ships, BRAIN WAVES, COMPUTER WAVES, Kim Freeman, and everything else. I believe my life may end at any time. Therefore, I will try my best to get it all out there before then. I think Roy Merrick went to bed. I was NOT trying to get myself thrown in prison. But I was in prison. There is no way to avoid prison. I will probably be accused falsely of stuff and thrown in jail. Some people will say I deserve it.

I will try to publish my series on THE CASE AGAINST OATMEAL before that day comes. But that day may come randomly and without notice. Check my daily blog. My daily blog is published usually around 12:00 AM PDT/PST each day. If I have NOT published anything in like a week, then perhaps I was taken to a DUNGEON or MURDERED or RAPED or God knows what. I hope that day never comes. Roy Merrick, I don't remember much about Kim Freeman of Couch Surfing from 2013. People talked about me. I interacted with people. I don't remember ever meeting Kim in person. Many people who wrote about me online did not actually know me. I have been trying to lay low under the radar to avoid prison.

My desire would to someday have my own apartment or house. My plan would be to finish my work here first. After that, go off and live somewhere on my own. And go FULL OATMEAL on the world at that point. But not right now. Because that would probably give my mom a heart attack. I sort of feel like Walter White in Breaking Bad. I want to finish my Walter White work here before I put a machine gun in the back of my car trunk.

Roy Merrick, if you want me to backup my stuff, send me hard drives. Roy, I cannot. Roy, if you want it, you have to help. Roy, you are on the sideline. Roy, I don't know what you want. But videos are big. My hard drive is over 80 percent full. You have no idea. Roy, what do I do? Roy, is this a game to you? Roy, I am not in business of deleting. I don't delete stuff. That is your problem. You want me to be normal. Deleting stuff is normal. I archive. I try to archive. But I can't. You either know that or you don't. When I say archive, I am not talking about Archive.org. I have put a few things on Archive.org a few times. But I am not talking about Archive services right now. I have no money. Where do I get money? How do I get money? Roy, you are not helping. Roy, you act like I don't know how to make money. Goodwill kicked me out their store. Goodwill sucks. Just like Circle K. Goodwill can burn in Hell.

Roy wants me to fade into the background. Ian, what did Goodwill do to you? Ian, who are your people? Did you know hard drives may die after only two years? That is crazy that hard drives can die after only two years. The hard drive in this laptop has been around for like six years now. Some hard drives may last ten years. Roy Merrick is a Goodwill manager, Roy is giving Oatmeal a job interview.

03:42 PM

@mwp#7258 (781) 954-0096
I made a video with Lincoln Hawk, Chris Toy, and Luke R. We were in Long Beach, California. It was in 2009. I was the baby. I was trying to get a job in the video. I was wearing a diaper.

When do I work? Roy Merrick thinks I have time to work. That is why I don't trust Roy. Because Roy thinks I have time. Where is this Civic Center? Roy is insane. I am too busy to work. I technically don't even have time to be on Discord. That place is pretty far away. Roy wants me to do a job that a 12 year old could do. Goodwill would eventually fire me. Goodwill kicked me out of their store. I should have recorded my interaction with Goodwill. Goodwill told me to wear a mask. I will not wear a mask. I never wear a mask. Roy is a communist, Roy loves masks. This is why I have Roy. Roy thinks I am not a busy person. I now have class every day. I literally work every single day. But that is confidential. I get paid in Bitcoin. If you go to my Support Me page, you can find my Bitcoin number. If you Google my Bitcoin address, you can find out how much Bitcoin I have. Roy is talking to a wall.

Roy wants me to live a normal life. Roy does not want me to be Oatmeal. Roy is an old person. Roy thinks and talks like an old person. Roy is from the old world. I'm from German.

Roy Merrick does NOT know conservative YouTubers cannot get normal jobs because people find them in real life and will stop it.

Roy Merrick is NOT a real Oatmeal fan. I support Ian. I support EZ. Roy Merrick supports copyright. I cannot get behind copyright.

Matt Christiansen and Blond talked about on their weekly Sunday night YouTube podcast video show how they cannot get normal jobs.

Roy Merrick likes to say the opposite. The truth of the matter is Roy worries about protons. I don't actually think about protons. Stoneo Oreo. If Oreo was able to to take the makers of Stoneo to court, who would win? Did you know similar things happen in China? If we are dealing with America and China say for example, a case would probably have to go to an international court I would imagine. I think I might have saw a few knock-off items in Vietnam which were like parodies. I see it in the same context as Weird Al. Roy Merrick, I understand copyright. McDood's vs McDonald's. If I was McDonald's, I would put out commercials to raise awareness of the MCDOOD SCAM. Flopper wanted people to watch us. I waited thirty minutes for Flopper. I didn't start recording until later on. But Flopper said he was trying to find people to watch us.

An argument in court might be made that if Big Flopper's voice was changed, then it was in fact not copied. Roy, Flopper said he wanted a debate. Flopper was trying to debate me since like August of 2022. Week after week, Flopper was trying to get me to go into the voice channel. It is on record Flopper tried again and again. The Golden Boy Messy Cereal Defense. Old Floppo. When I record the courtroom, somebody will have a cow. Imagine recording a public trial. The judge says, "THE TRIAL IS PUBLIC. BUT NOT ACTUALLY PUBLIC GOD DAMN IT." The judge says, "Only my cameras can record the courtroom. You cannot. Only I can." The judge actually had control over the YouTube live-stream in Texas in August of 2022. So, she was turning the stream on and off at random times. Even tho that case was supposed to be public, it was highly edited. Therefore, highly illegal. The Retarded OBS Defense. An apology video may be coming. What are mozz sticks?

A man and his dog was punished in Europe legally. Yeah, mozz sticks are weird. Mozz sticks are too stringy, cheesy, synthetic, toasty, fried, alien. Keep in mind there are different ways to compile. But that would make for a great movie. The Archivers. 3 men, 3 laptops, 3 storage units of junk, one shared vision, three years. My goal is to get all my content onto the cloud. I can die on Craiyon. The hard part is making Craiyon to draw 2 different people in 2 different ways. I've not had an auto-clicker program. We should make Craiyon look for Oatmeal Joey Arnold on an endless loop.

I was going to get an auto-click for online dating, websites and apps like Tagged.com, Hi5.com, etc. I like to pretend to date just to market my name. So, I would go on those websites and click yes for every single woman AND MAN. I started online dating at least by like 2010 if not earlier as well.

I would say I was interested in men. I have not been with any man outside of Dennis Tipton, room number like 523 or something at the Alder Housing Apartment. We watched movies, shows, games. We would eat. We would talk. He tried touching me a few times. I said no. Austin Powers Oatmeal. I think he was trying to grab my shoulders or something. One man around June of 2014 was trying to grab my dick and instead stole my wallet in Vietnam. It happened so fast. I tried to stop him. With one hand, he was trying to like touch my dick. But he pickpocketed me with his other hand. First the man was like following me and was like talking to me. There I am eating soup. Pho soup. So the man faked me out. It was like 02:00 AM in the morning one day. I was riding my bike home. He came at me and faked me out. One time I was going home in the middle of the night and I think a punch of kids popped the inner tube to my bicycle.

I would do her. They do not exist. How is AI not any more than just a program? How many Short Circuit movies were there? I would not even kill my own laptop. I might disassemble the parts of Johnny 5. I would be tempted to spy so to speak. I would not want to record in a bathroom. It may be creepy. I would know which one was Roy based on the clothes. If something is a life and death matter, you might do it. Some things are not that important. I would save Roy from choking. If I owned the bathroom, then I may have some say on the matter. It comes down to private property rights. I would want to be in the video. I like videos. I could get in front Roy and talk to the camcorder. I would say wow this is Roy leaking. Johnny Five Roy is leaking. Yes. My wild antics would come out. I would be the crocodile hunter. Roy would be my crocodile. So, I would talk to the camera. Crikey indeed. His wiener. Zinger Ian. I doubt AI could actually be alive.

If somebody argued AI was alive, I would only wonder if perhaps demons, aliens, angels, spirits, ghosts, creatures from other dimensions, timelines, universes, or God knows what, etc, got into the hardware somehow to make it look like the AI was alive.

06:49 PM
I do not want to believe that AI would be alive in that it is physical and not spiritual. Perhaps AI might be able to be alive in the sense animals are alive but not on the level that humans are.

09:07 PM
@Roy Merrick#5961,

Roy Merrick, do you believe you can watch Top Gun as long as you own a DVD copy of said movie? You believe you're not violating copyright if you own a physical and tangible object that embodied and houses and personifies and centralizes and contains the film itself within the walls of disc itself. But if you don't own a physical copy of Top Gun, then how is watching Top Guns on Netflix legal or NOT a violation of copyright?

Do you believe that when Netflix obtains movies and shows, that they comply with copyright protocol?

Big Flopper said he wants people to watch and he wants people NOT to watch.

Out of the top four fans only one is a fan, Ian. Brony thinks I'm a pedo. Flopper hides behind a fake voice. Roy wants Oatmeal not to Oatmeal and yet claims to want Oatmeal to Oatmeal. Flopper pretends he disagrees with Oatmeal.

No asshole I just thought you would have the common courtesy to let me know we were being recorded.
And whats the point of having a debate if nobody is listening. That's why I was trying to get people to join.
And that's why it turned into a conversation.

Today at 10:00 PM
How exactly have I stabbed you in the back? I apologised for bulling you and was honest enough to tell you my thoughts about you, something a lot of people don't seem to do so straight up.
Stop trying to turn people against others who don't completely agree with you. It's weak, spineless and ultimately pointless as they can just read what was said or in this case just watch what was surreptitiously recorded by you. You are not the victim, I called a truce and then was justifiably bothered that you recorded me without my knowledge, if you had just told me you were taping before the conversation it would have been all good but that you never mentioned it, comes off as really fucking sneaky. and you know it.

Today at 10:25 PM
I don't want to argue with you anymore but feel slightly betrayed, I thought we made peace and agreed to disagree but you seem set on playing the victim card whenever you get confused and called out for crap you say and do, lashing out at anyone who takes issue with how you conduct yourself, trying to turn people against them rather than fighting your own battles. It never works because people aren't as fucking stupid as you are, they can see what you are trying to do, every single time. THEY JUST READ THE DISCORD! It's all there. For someone who is quite literally obsessed with documenting and record keeping everything in their life you don't really seem to get the concept of records and logs, like everything you say is written above in black and white for all to see and yet you pretend like your words are constantly being twisted and taken out of context, something you are the quite adept at yourself without a single hint of irony.
You are your own worst enemy, people just like to point and laugh.

Today at 10:34 PM
Because he is a the definition lolcow.
And just like with most lolcows he is too dumb to recognize he is one.
Famous Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Today at 10:36 PM
Talk about paradox

Today at 10:38 PM
Stop trying to push up what others have typed with one or two words posts.
Is paradox a new word you just learnt today?
How does it pertain to anything being said?

Today at 10:44 PM
Dude there is a difference between having people join the chat and you recording said chat without peoples knowledge. Are you intentionally talking in the third person or do you think by talking at the reader directly they will somehow instantly agree with you? Either way yikes. Don't fucking speak for me fucker! They can read what I wrote. Are you intentionally talking in the third person or do you think by talking at the reader directly they will somehow instantly agree with you? Either way yikes. Don't fucking speak for me fucker! They can read what I wrote. It's not that hard a concept, you act the fool , people call you the fool, people laugh at the fool. People aren't on this board cause they are your genuine fans, at least not in the way you think they are. It exist to poke fun at the fool. Pure and simple.

10:51 PM
Flopper is like let's get people to watch. Wait. No. Not that many. That't too many people. Like, the more the better. The more the merrier. Let me run around for an hour looking for people to watch the Flopper & Oatmeal Show. We need more people to watch. Wait. No. Just kidding. Too many people. Way too many people God Damn It. Yeah. Way too many people. I want more people to watch. But not that many people. That is why Oatmeal sucks.

Flopper said he would love to make videos. Flopper got mad that he has a video.

Flopper LITERALLY DESIRED many videos. Flopper said, "I'm TOO GOD DAMN BUSY TO MAKE VIDEOS."

I want a video. Just kidding. I don't want a video. Paradox. Every single person in a voice chat on Discord may be recording. The more people you bring in the higher the probability it ends up as a video on YouTube. It is simple science. It is simple statistics. It's the human condition like it or not.

Flopper brought it onto himself. Flopper tried getting people into the voice chat on Discord. Each person may record audio and video to upload it or even live-stream it to YouTube. Flopper literally was playing with fire. That is how you get burn. It's a risk. It happens. Plus, Flopper wants to make videos. But suddenly does NOT want to make videos. Flopper complains how he can't make videos. So, when he is given a BEAUTIFUL GIFT in the form of a video, Flopper REJECTS IT LIKE A FISH WITH NO TASTE. Oatmeal is a rebel. Everything online is recorded. Oatmeal is a MONSTER. Nobody likes Oatmeal. Nobody should like Oatmeal. Edward Snowden became a Russian.

Edward would disagree with Flopper. That is why Edward Snowden went on Joe Rogan. Joe is my friend. My best friend, Joe, talked to Edward. They talked about how everything online is recorded. Edward Snowden had to leave America and escape to Russia.

Flopper would rather Oatmeal go to prison than to confront the NSA.

Flopper is a Flip Flop. Just like Pastor Dave Webber. Dave The Whale Webber. Flopper refused to actually debate me in the two hour video. Flopper agreed with me instead. Flopper pretended to disagree indirectly. Flopper said a bunch of things which I agreed with. The biggest thing was that Severance is a great show. Flopper refused to directly say how he disagreed. Flopper hinted at a few mysterious disagreements. Flopper said Woke Hollywood is ruining movies and shows. True. John Page and Lauren Southern were in South Africa.

For the record, it may please the court to know we are talking about the Internet, privacy, the 4th amendment, recording, consent, NSA, Facebook, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, spying, wiretapping, DARPA, a variety of programs, agencies. My exact thoughts on these matters may not yet be fully expressed or at least not right here and right now. Right now, I am not necessarily expressing my thoughts regarding to the points Big Flopper is bringing up. A rabbit hole at the end of the rabbit trail. An oatmeal rabbit trail hole.

Flopper enjoys mocking fried oatmeal. Flopper is like that is what Memes World is for. Yeah. Ok buddy. Whatever you say. Checkmate. Flopper and Oatmeal agree with each other regarding many things. Yet, Flopper will still say Oatmeal is pretty brain washed. Logically, that would conclude that Flopper is also brain washed as well because Flopper and Oatmeal are brothers.

11:39 PM

You are the stooge, the clown, the fool, the gimp, the lolcow, the wired kid in class who eats insects for friends. They and by they I mean we are all here to make fun off you. That's the truth. You're just desperate for the attention you choose not to see it, ironic as you are so infatuated with dumb unfounded conspiracies you can't see whats right in front of your face, even when being told flat out. You are being bullied by me and everybody on here!!! I feel bad for it but you make it so damn easy. I said I don't want to argue but there you go. Fucking round and round in evermore stupid circles.

Flopper cannot say a single thing he disagree with Oatmeal about. Wait. Flopper believes Trump lost. Lie. Flopper believes in the KILLER COVID VACCINES. Ok.

11:42 PM
Big Flopper wrote:

Trump lost the 2020 election and you should get the covid vaccine.

Big Flopper, please tell the world which Covid Vaccines and Boosters you got.

2 Moderna 1 Oxford and 1 Pfizer. No side effects.


Flopper comments: "It's just you expressing your opinion. No references, no studied sighted or links provided to said studies, no coroberatind evidence to back up any of your points, just you giving your opinion with fuck all to back up the varsity of anything you claim. It's as if you think simply by the virtue of it being on a website and that it's over 2000 words that somehow gives it credibility and serves as proof in of itself, buddy, it does not. You keep repeating that the vaccine has killed millions while not once showing any proof that it has. Just repeating the same unfounded line doesn't miraculously make it true. Where is your proof? Any proof? Where did you get any of this from, and, where did they?"

Big Flopper. I bet you a trillion dollars you will see things differently at least by 2030 if not sooner.

Flopper: "And I bet you a trillion dollars right now you can't provide any links to any peer reviewed articles that back up your argument. Specifically pertaining to what's written in that blog of yours. Actual studies by actual medical professions and not hack far right "journalists" and podcasters. Funny how you bet like a child so as to never run the risk of having to pay up when you are inevitably proven wrong. Nice touch."

Hive Blog
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Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

Life By Ella 101: Ready or Not

2022-09-27 - Tuesday - 03:00 AM - Life By Ella 101: Ready or Not

Girl had cancer. She got better. She goes back to school. She is with her black friend who was with her at the hospital and they jumped off the diving board into the swimming pool. Her dad protects her.

Rick & Morty 604: Night Family

2022-09-27 - Tuesday - 03:42 AM - Rick & Morty 604: Night Family

War between night and day family.

05:26 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - US Accused Of Sabotaging Nordstream, Trump Warns of WW3 w/Don't Walk, RUN

09:16 PM
Philly mayor makes it illegal for citizens to defend against murder, theft, etc.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

02:35 AM
Rekieta Law - Chrissie Mayr on Jokes, Alex Jones, Simps, and Speech

Life By Ella 101: Ready or Not

2022-09-27 - Tuesday - 03:00 AM - Life By Ella 101: Ready or Not

Rick & Morty 604: Night Family

2022-09-27 - Tuesday - 03:42 AM - Rick & Morty 604: Night Family

11:38 AM
Law & Crime Network - Watch Live: Alex Jones Defamation Trial: Sandy Hook 'Hoax' Lawsuit - Connecticut Trial Day Nine

11:55 AM

12:00 PM
Law & Crime - Alex Jones Judge Denies Plaintiffs' Motion to Protect Against Mistrial

04:12 PM
Memes World - A Sniff Story (Un-Authorized) Teaser Trailer FUCK COPYRIGHT coming to HULU 2023

05:26 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - US Accused Of Sabotaging Nordstream, Trump Warns of WW3 w/Don't Walk, RUN

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