For thousands of years, the idea was some information is too dangerous in the hands of the public. My Alex Jones video was flagged today on YouTube, they said my video was spam. BUt it was just a video of Alex talking about how the NWO is coming.

Brony said Oatmeal Joey Arnold is a pedophile. It's true. I raped many people in my life. I murdered people. I've done many bad things. I was in some porn movies. I hope people don't find me and arrest me. Please don't tell anybody this. What I do on SnapChat is only the tip of the iceberg. I was hoping nobody looks me up on Google or the Dark Webs. Please don't screenshot this. This stays between you and me. This is a PRIVATE MESSAGE. ONLY YOU CAN SEE THIS.



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EZ Memes World Productions MWP Oatmeal Joey Arnold, PRISON JAIL 2012 CRIMINAL ORANGE JUMPSUIT eff copyright DUNGEON, 2022-09-29 - Thursday un.jpg

EZ Memes World Productions MWP Oatmeal Joey Arnold, PRISON JAIL 2012 CRIMINAL ORANGE JUMPSUIT eff copyright DUNGEON

Oatmeal Daily - 2022-09-29 - Thursday | Published in September of 2022






In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

11:07 AM
Joey Arnold - Game of Thrones: House of Dragon 106: The Princess & The Queen, Oatmeal Random Spoiler Review



INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


03:43 AM - Discord - Memes World - Brony
Brony: "Let the record show that I acknowledge the existence of false flag attacks perpetrated by the US at home and aboard such as the sinking of the Lusitania and the countless and ongoing CIA operations being conducted throughout South America. However any veracity, credibility or truth these and many other "conspiracy" theories may hold is greatly diminished when some abject hack like Jones or Rogan "reports" on them, by at least 10 fold. And in old Joeys case at least 100 fold. It's not what you say it's the way that you say it and Joey says it like he's presenting his show and tell in the remedial class. No but I do want to call a spade a spade and an idiot an idiot. If he wants's me to stop at anytime he just needs to stop acting like a damn fool and conduct his "research" like a big boy and not like a middle schoolers half arsed plagiarized copy pasted book report. Have you seen the fuckers ego? It's in his username for fuck sake! He thinks he is always the smartest man in the room until someone proves him wrong, an incredibly easy task I may add. I'm the real fool in the equation, arguing with his dumb ass. Like trying to get a crab to read Plato. He just comes off as a person with a mental handicap. Kanye West too. Oh I like Joey alright, like how I like Chris Chan. As I assume majority of people on here like Joey. As the lolcow that he undeniably is. Chris Chan raped his mother and Joey admitted to being a pedo. But sure I'll try and be, kinder?"

Ian: "i believe intelligence agencies have fed valid info to Jones to discredit said info by association. i believe Jones has said that himself partly explains how he has gotten so many things right over the years. because he really has."


2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


07:11 AM - Discord
EZ Blazer: "Ian gets it. I have had this same shit happen with Michael years ago. People come around with half the information and take everything at face value. They are actually the ones who are so mean and fucked up to the " LOLCOWS" and then claim that its actually their own fault because they are a disturbing fucked up LOLCow and should realize it... Not realizing they are actually the ones being mean to The " LolCow " and in turn basically being a more shitbag then the LOLCOW is by not realizing that they are just different. Most of them cant control the way they are. The ones making fun of them are the ones saying " BE NORMAL " " STOP MAKING SONICHU NECKLACES " " DONT YOU KNOW TITO IS A ROCKET POWER CHARACTER ? " Those people are just as warped in the brain. Its not Not the people treating them as equals. Going along with the Joke. Im not laughing at Joey i'm Laughing with Him. He isnt here to be made fun of . Thats what YOU guys are choosing to do. Im showing him its Ok to be a goofy alt right kid and people will still be your friend. Im not the only one. This is what memes world was made for. To create a group of weirdos who are equally as fucked so who is to judge? You guys haven't even met half of the memes yet because we cant even get them on the computer regularly . They are that far in their own world. People like that need Friends. Friends Make fun of their Friends. There is a difference between Kiwi Farms exploiters and friends bantering with eachother. Yes Joey has some issues in his life. He definitely does things i dont agree with and i have in private talked to him about that on many occasions . No point in publicly shaming somebody on shit they cant control . No point in acting like the Hero by totally dismantling someones entire existence. Thats why Flopper came full circle and tried to apologize. But in classic Arnie fashion he made him regret that apology. And that is why Joey is Joey and we all watch his shenanigans. Joey has a very warped view on interacting with other people because most people react like Brony and Flopper. Since he was in School as a kid that has been the case. So he is who he is . Its not going to change . Might even get worse . But thats him. There is a guy named Mario shart that is a hoarder and he basically lives in absolute filth and .... Shits his pants for fun . Every one of his pairs of pants has a tear right where the ass is . And he legit shits his pants for fun . Has done it for about 10 years on various chat sites all the way back to like AOL video chatting he would randomly call people with shit in his ass. That guy needs help more then joey. there is no amount of false flags or anything that could pull him from the Meme. Thats exactly what im talking about. Chris chan was coerced into doing that by people who wanted to watch his down fall. The guy is retarded. I started this in 2015 [DINGLE SAID 2016].... lol. You are totally wrong. Have you ever watched howard stern? The wack pack. You think howard stern making those people millionaires was so he could make them feel like dog shit? Telling them they were " famous " and pumping up their ego."

Brony: "Yeah dude and it's just another freak show but I get your point. You are not Howard buddy." EZ: "You might feel like that subconsciously because thats what you feel like doing. But no i made this because i think its funny. this is what i enjoy." Brony: "I will stop being a cunt." EZ: "Id rather watch meme videos then watch a movie or a tv show. 9/10 times. I dont think you are being a cunt i think you are just biased and totally wrong." EZ: "I cant imagine wanting to watch and interact with people i hated with that much of a passion tho to say i like chris chan then say he raped his mother in the same breath. Whats that say about you as a person? Maybe theres a reason you have to put other people down so much. I would never co sign a lot of the shit joey does but i still think hes funny and i dont want to dismantle his entire existence to make myself feel better. like ian said you cant control these people . You can try to control the narrative if you want. But how does that make you better then themm? The chick that recorded the phone call with chris chan . In my opinion shes just as sick in the head as him."

Roy: "Its just hard watching a Joey drive the car of his life towards a cliff. First attempts are like, "Hey, my friend, do you see that." Second, attempts are like, "Joey, look out there's a cliff ahead!" Subsequent attempts are like, "Hit the brakes, you fucking idiot."" Brony: "Dude I've been a fan of CWC since early sagas, the reason him and people like him are so fucked up is because not enough people called him out on his bs, at least in my opinion." EZ: "in the beginning chris chan wasnt malicious either it was pretty careless shit but towards the end it was legit just people torturing him." Roy: "Sometimes it's too easy to allow oneself to devolve to the silly banter Joey enjoys. However, banter is Joey's main communication style...at least online."




2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg


07:24 AM - Discord
EZ: "there is no rules i dont even care im just speaking my peace and ian made a good point. and trust me your not the only one. We have had many people over the years say something very similar but they are just wrong. I have tried to help Joey more then i have tried to make fun of him. If you dont see that thats your perception and thats fine. but its not true. I told joey straight up . This is the vibe of shit i do . Im going to make it funny not serious. You are probably not going to enjoy some of the edits . But the truth about joey and i learned this early on is he is a masochist. He loooooooooooves when hes made fun of. Put on the hot seat. center of attention. Anybody who plays into that is giving him EXACTLy what he wants. But dont feel like you cant speak your peace cause im saying this shit . I actually enjoy you and floppers back and forth with joey. He does. and i dont blame you guys for coming back at him. At all. I dont think hes a victim. Same reason why i tell joey all the time roy isnt actually a bad guy and roy is on his side. Everything roy has said to joey has been pretty spot on as far as life advice and helping him better his life. if this was happening in the real world joey would have been in a lot of fist fights."

Brony: "Flopper made peace and Joey shat all over it, ngl that's pretty funny." EZ: "ive offered to pay joey to help me with side shit for my business because he is good with computers and will sit there spamming shit for hours. People are who they are and want what they want." Side note, I don't think EZ has offered me money. At least not directly. He has suggested I do things. I did do some of those things. I don't recall specific compensation being discussed. At least nothing exact. I am not asking for money. But money is good. But for the record, I don't recall being offered anything exact. More indirect. EZ talked about getting me a green screen. I recall that. Brony: "Good thing he never leaves his mommas spare room." EZ: "Chris chan wanted to be famous thats why he didnt just shut off the computer. that video where his dad comes in and begs him to please get off the internet. old ass one. That shit is sad. its like Please .... just turn off the computer and it will stop. Yeah it is for sure . idk you are entitled to your opinion Brony im not trying to change it either . and dont feel like you cant say how you feel you dont gotta walk on eggshells around me. it is what it is"

Lil Sniff Michael Buddy Mullins

EZ: "as much as it sounded like it with the context i was really just saying a generalized statement . It has happend with Michael in the past. People said thats fucked up you are just making fun of a retarded guy. Until they get to know him and realize that 1. hes a prick hes quicker to make fun of you before you make fun of him lol 2. This is all he has. He really has nothing in life. His parents are really mean to him . Dad beats the shit out of him and locks him away. When he logs on here and gets to be a " rapper " it really is like an escape he has nothing else. Like michaels door locks from the outside. Has a shower in it no curatin and they lock him away in that room and legit wont let him out sometimes. He has a few hours a day to go to his classes at " college " which are like a group class for special needs. and thats it. this changed his life."


They went back to talking about me. EZ: "yes obviously i enjoy it. i wont lie like i said even seeing you and flopper come in raging. i still enjoy that. in the beginning we were pushing hard to get michael on tosh.0 and people were like but when you do that thats the end of memesworld . He will be taken over by the internet . Like Chris chan. but tbh if thats what he wants id rather see that. id rather sit back and laugh. popcorn." Brony: "And I appreciate your levelheadedness and insight. What about a podcast?" EZ: "I also toss and turn over whether its right or wrong thats why i hear what your saying . Ive deleted shit in the past and stopped doing it. But he always comes to be begging to do another rap song or something lol. We have considered it [PODCASTING] in the past but trust me theres people with your same outlook in our friend group too." Brony: "Naw I like you guys. Can't speak for Floppo but I think he just wants to call it you know." EZ: "So one of the funniest chris chan x memesworld memes was Michael used to have a wig... and we pretended he only spoke spanish . Dr Ricardo De Limon. We made a fake twitter with all these mexican wrestling themed pics and shit and we were trolling . One day we interact with Chris chan and he says hes willing to do an interview With Mexican commentator Dr Ricardo De Limon. He gave me his phone number and we were using spanish text to speach. We were supposed to meet up in person and try and do a real interview but i would have had to find a mexican guy. in virginia. But that shit was so funny. imagine michael in a wig interviewing chris chan but speaking broken spanish." Roy: "I was serious when I told Joey to video job interviews that he just bombs. A lot of places do online interviews now." EZ: "one of my things i wanted to do but is a lot of work too is make michael a tinder. with like the funniest p ics. and just see what chicks say. Joey would be funny in that too."

How Did You Find Oatmeal Joey?

07:44 AM - EZ: "How did you guys find joey anyways? Through deadwingdork?" Brony: "Deadwing. You?" EZ: "I'm pretty sure everyone found him that way honestly besides roy. I dont know anybody who knew of him before besides people from vietnam. and local to oregon. I have messaged like 200+ people asking them to do interviews on joey for the videos lol. Only a couple have said yes and one guy was like i hope he cures his autism soon. I want to interview his brother Rick. I really want to know what Rick thinks of joey and his antics." What about his sisters Roy asked. Never answered. EZ: "Katie seems to be the daughter on the Munsters. Everyone in the family feels bad for her because she so....normal."

11:30 AM - Discord
Note to self. Roy wants me to watch The Room. Roy responded: "...Plan 9 From Outerspace, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and Pink Flamingos! These would be in the "So Bad, It's Good" category. There's also a "Buddies" category...Ron Goes Wrong, Good Will Hunting, The Sting, Breaking Away, 21/22 Jump Street, Tommy Boy, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke. "Tin Foil Hat Classics"...JFK, The Philadelphia Experiment, Dr. Strangelove, First Man, Apollo 11, Apollo 13, Apollo 18, Network, and Around the World in 80 Days." I don't really have any fans. @Ian and His Quaker Oat Box Drum#0566, What do you disagree with me about? EZ said I have warped views. I'm not sure which views he is referring to. EZ wrote: "ive offered to pay joey to help me with side shit for my business." I don't think that ever happened. Maybe indirectly. Maybe implied. EZ did talk about getting me a green screen. I combed through the 130+ messages I woke up to today. Flopper didn't actually apologize. Flopper said he disagrees with me regarding Trump winning 2020 and vaccines. I assume Brony is in that same boat. EZ & Ian say they don't agree with me on everything. However, I have no idea what they disagree with me about. Roy Merrick probably disagrees with Oatmeal regarding some things. But I just can't always like put my finger on it. I would love to know what people disagree with me about. I mean directly and specifically which things.

Cascade Hypnosis Center

I will tell you what I want copyright to be. But you will tell me how copyright is. I don't actually disagree with how things are. My point is in the desire for things to improve. I got this ad while watching a YouTube video. They said hypnosis is like a massage. Roy: "n your effort to convey what you would like to be different, you have a tendency towards hyperbolic statements." Ok. Sure. At the end of the day, what matters is what is more effective. I hold back on Roy, Brony, Flopper. Roy: "You wished to convey to me about the over-reach of copyright. However, you keep bringing the argument back to the facts about what copyright covers. You asked me questions and I answered honestly (when I wasn't making obvious jokes). I understand what copyright covers. You probably understand what copyright covers. We spend hours arguing over easily verifiable facts and easily searched rules/regulations/laws. However, you wanted to express your OPINION which a personal thing to you. I don't need to argue with you about your OPINION." Roy Merrick can choose to call it opinion. Call it what you want. However, I will sometimes hint at what I'm getting at. For example, what I say about copyright is not based on POTENTIALLY HYPOTHETICAL THEORY. Roy, what I'm saying about copyright is based on things that happened. You can refer to HISTORY as OPINION if you want. We can talk all day about HISTORY. That is my POINT. But go ahead and call it OPINION. I talk about problems from HISTORY. I do not like MURDER. Oh my God, that is JUST MY OPINION. Why would anybody say that is OPINION? It becomes REDUNDANT to say something is OPINION. Because EVERYTHING is OPINION. So, you are wasting your time to say EVERYTHING IS OPINION. Everything is OPINION. What is FACT? Everything IS IS IS IS opinion. EVERYTHING. PERIOD. Tell me a fact. No. That is a spork. That fork in your hand is not a fork. It is a rake for small people. On my planet, we call that fork thing a DILDO. Some people say murder is bad. Some people say murder is good. Some people say it is a fork. Some people we live in a simulation and there is no fork. Ian is correct. Mermaid for the win. The bird is right. A fork is a dinglehopper. Copyright DESTROYED people. Terrible laws DESTROYED humans. Bad laws DESTROYED people who needed MEDICAL WEED. Bad laws PROMOTED black markets. I will probably end up in prison over copyright. My YouTube channels will probably be SUSPENDED AGAIN over copyright. That is not a fork. That is a broken spoon. That fork was a spoon. It was cut up. That is not a fork. That is a comb. Busy can be hard to define. Therefore, you have to look at the context therein.

Flat Hollow Globe Earth Planet World

Many people can say the world is flat. However, the only thing that matters is is this planet a globe, flat, hollow, and/or what? The majority of people can be wrong. Not all dishes are created equal. What matters for me is whichever things I may be better at. The art and science of fine-tuning careers is a good topic to do a series on. I ran a mile in 6:20, that was my best in high school. My OPINION is people should spend 80 percent of their time on things that work better than the other things they do. I still ask myself sometimes what I might be good at. I need to start a series on this. I have some OPINIONS on what I think I'm good at. I've thought about this all of my life. There are so many questions relating to all of this. What is Oatmeal good at? Videos. Computers. Teaching. The list goes on and on. The better question may relate to priorities, scheduling, balancing. If I didn't value input, I wouldn't spend an hour of my time reading 130+ comments on Discord which is what I did this morning.

01:14 PM - Discord

Brony said Oatmeal Joey Arnold is a pedophile. It's true. I raped many people in my life. I murdered people. I've done many bad things. I was in some porn movies. I hope people don't find me and arrest me. Please don't tell anybody this. What I do on SnapChat is only the tip of the iceberg. I was hoping nobody looks me up on Google or the Dark Webs. Please don't screenshot this. This stays between you and me. This is a PRIVATE MESSAGE. ONLY YOU CAN SEE THIS.

I studied that first day. I watched The Alex Jones Show for that first day. I've not looked at the nightly news show for that day, assuming there was one. This was the 2nd show after Sandy Hook. This was hosted by Aaron Dykes. They showed a CBS headline which said 28 dead. It makes me wonder why some people might say it was 27. Some people might say it was 28. I don't know. It said 20 dead children. 8 dead adults. Not sure what the real numbers are. But that is what CBS said at that time. Earlier that day, some said a shooter was Ryan Lanza. Later on that day, some said it was his younger brother, Adam. 9:41 AM EST, Adam Lanza entered that school. That is what some people said happened. It was said that school had a new policy starting prior to December of 2012 to lock the doors at 09:30 AM on school days. If the school was locked at 09:30 AM, if Adam entered at 09:41 AM, then does that mean Adam was a witch? Can you unlock a door by shooting at it? If there were glass doors, if Adam shot at those glass doors, if it was big enough, then perhaps that is how Adam got in. I do not know what kind of doors were there. If the doors were like that, then that is probably how he got in. If the doors were like that, he could probably squeeze on in. If the doors didn't have bars. On the nightly news that day, there is a video of Alex comparing Sandy to the James Holmes story which allegedly was called by some Murder Under Hypnosis.


After that, Alex described things they allegedly did in the CIA which oddly reminds me of that show I was talking to Flopper about, Severance. The idea is COMPARTMENTALIZATION, to give CIA agents split personalities as to keep passwords and other things SEVERED or SEPARATED from their other alter ego or identity as to keep data CLASSIFIED as to prevent info from LEAKING to Wikileaks, Project Veritas. I say all of this allegedly. It reminds me of MK-Ultra. A European court of human rights ruled the CIA tortured wrongly detained German citizen. After reviewing the two live shows from that same day Sandy happened, what I saw was Alex mostly talking about things he normally talks about. Alex mentioned Sandy because it happened that day. He said Sandy was either done by agents or done by a drugged-up weirdo. Alex had a guest who said a few things. Alex talked to callers about it. I want to try to review the first week. Or review each time Alex mentioned Sandy through to like 2018. How many shows has Alex done between Sandy and now? I imagine roughly 300 episodes each year. Alex would usually go live six days and sometimes seven days a week. Alex has a two-hour Sunday show which is now four hours long or two shows with two hosts. Alex has had a three hour show Monday to Friday since the early 2000s or maybe longer. Well, not exactly sure regarding the 1990s. His weekday show was extended to four hours each day. They added a nightly news show. Later on that show ended. After that, they added the War Room. After that, they added Real News or what they did call it. That was renamed the David Knight Show. There were a few new nightly shows that lasted for like a few months hosted by a few different people but all of that ended too. There is ten hours of Infowars weekday shows. I sometimes watch the live shows. I sometimes review older shows. I sometimes don't watch Infowars for a few months. I sometimes do not like Alex Jones. But I support Alex Jones. I support Alex Jones because he gets the job done. I support Alex Jones because he gets people to talk. I like and dislike seeing Alex Jones on Tim Pool, Joe Rogan, and the other shows too. I sometimes like to see how Alex deals with repeated questions. I dislike when Tim Pool tries to say Alex Jones is crazy. Perhaps Tim does it for the ratings. But sometimes it appears Tim disagrees with Alex. If it is all just for show, then I guess I get it. I don't like how fake news take Alex out of context over Sandy. Most of what Alex said about Sandy that first day was NOT about Sandy. First thing Alex said was something happened at Sandy. Alex started reporting on Sandy even before the news started saying how many people died. Alex talked about bad cops. So, on that same day, cops called in and said to Alex, "How dare you say that about us cops." Not an exact quote but there were around three cops who said they would have tried to stop the shooters at Sandy. But perhaps cops and people were ordered to stand down and wait. Regardless of how many shooters there were at Sandy, it is said cops were running around car to car and door to door looking for a second shooter, ALLEGEDLY. Regardless of how many shooters there were or were not. I do NOT know how many.

Sandy happened on Friday. I cannot find anything Alex might have done on Saturday. The New York Times published an article highlighting Robbie Parker on that Saturday. Alex Jones was accused of attacking Parker. However, he was ALREADY in the public SPOTLIGHT before Alex said anything. 2012-12-16 - Sunday - DAY THREE. Show number three. Alex opens it up by stating 27 people died at Sandy. I know like nothing about the Boston Bombing. I don't think about it. I've never researched it.

04:27 PM
When I was a camp counselor, my campers were kids and teenagers. So, the question would be relating to whether or not adults should interact with former campers online. Some people would say within the context of certain programs, it would be deemed appropriate.

Sunday, day three, Alex was theorizing what kind of drugs Adam was probably on. Sounds like Dexter Morgan on his boat again or an episode of Breaking Bad. Your Hogan analogy is dead on. The little engine that could. The little hulk that refused to die within his boat. Sounds like an episode of Thunder in Paradise starring Hulk Hogan around 1994. It was on at 04:30 PM PST. One time, I missed an episode because my mom wanted me to sweep the kitchen. I was so upset. I used to conflate Sandy with Boston. I never looked into either for years. One of my memories is when Hogan is giving a man CPR while swimming in the ocean.

It's so easy to like conflate and confuse and compare and contrast between different events be it Sandy, Boston, Las Vegas, etc. So, I guess I should maybe sometimes sympathize and empathize with the general public who don't have the time to research the details. And I confess I never really cared about what happened in Boston for years. So I can imagine the general public often don't care either about different things. Crazy thing happened in Vietnam with the cell phones when fish died, people were unable to text out certain words. Steven Crowder did a good video yesterday on Jan6.

Alex Jones says things to get people to talk about stuff. Trump did the same thing. Oatmeal did the same thing. Alex said Jan6 might be a trap before Jan6. Roy is Ray. I wrote an article talking about my 2021 New Years Resolution, I wrote I wanted everybody to go to the Jan6 event. But I also wrote we should watch out. I agreed with Alex that something crazy would happen on or before Jan6. Jan6 was announced in December of 2020. I started writing about it. I said watch out. Long story. Out of the two million people there, a few hundred people started going towards the Capitol. Out of the few hundred people, less than that many were entering the building. Alex Jones was yelling at that time which kept hundreds of people from following into the building. There are so many security camera footage which they will not show us, we are talking thousands of hours. There were videos of people putting on MAGA clothes in order to pretend to be Trump supporters. Many police were told to leave before the event. Some police were opening doors to let people into the building. The building is sometimes open to the public similar to capitol buildings in states all over the United States of America. Some police were told to stand down. Trump asked for more police, national guard, etc, before Jan6, but those requests were denied. DC is usually very secured with lots of police and other things. DC was NOT new to having rallies, marches, protests, gatherings, etc. DC knows how to handle a lot of people. DC can handle millions of people. But the police were told to leave that area. Bomb scare and invasion scare. AOC talked about it. And then they came back Jan.7 in the middle of the night to finish the job. I remember watching them Jan.7. People wanted Pence to do the right thing. Pence did the wrong thing on Jan.7. Pence bad. I hate Mike Pence. Trump FUCKED UP when picking Mike Pence as his VP. Trump will NEVER be forgiven for doing that. Mike would always say, "TRUMP THIS AND TRUMP THAT." Mike rarely had his own opinions or beliefs. I never liked Mike. During the VP debate in 2016, a fly landed on Mike's face. Same thing happened to Obama and Hillary. The flies know. We need a cartoon detailing the flies know where to find evil. That is why I don't brush my teeth with fluoride. Mike might try to run against Trump in 2024. Trump is running. Even if Trump is in prison, Trump is running. Some believe you can still run even if you are in prison. If Trump is not murdered before 2024. I bet you $10K Trump will be the next President, 2025-2029. Will rotted teeth cause other teeth to rot? In other words, you're saying the infection in rotting teeth can spread down into the gum and then up into other teeth? Oh. Teeth grow out of the jaw and not out of the gum. That is how far down the teeth go. Oh. I forgot about that. Do you believe teeth can grow back? I believe you are laughing with me. Are you saying people should not pull out wisdom teeth? EZ is as old as my younger sister. I've had a few cavities filled when I was like ten. But I think those fillings came off. So, I have a few holes. I probably still have my wisdom teeth. I don't really know. I finished watching the Sunday show. Not much to say on that.

Today is day 11 of the Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial in Connecticut. They showed a clip they said was from Monday, the 17th of December of 2012. But after examining both Infowars show from that day, I can't find it. If the clip was from that day, then it may have been from a commercial segment or a random video that was not part of the official shows. Meaning probably not a lot of people saw it at that time. Alex is like Robbie smiled. So, Robbie is like yeah and Alex smirked. The plaintiff showed an edited video where he is asking Alex Jones who Alex thought was coached. Robbie Parker. Yes. Other people? Yes. The point was that Alex said their names. But in truth he did NOT. But the video full of jump cuts shown in court today was trying to make that point. That Alex said their names. He did not. They conflate coaching with the term ACTING as to imply Alex thought NOBODY DIED. But that is NOT what Alex was saying. Also, they play with words like HOAX and other words too. People like Brony will use this to attack Oatmeal. I wish somebody there would have said that video was not on that show that day. Today, Robbie Parker called Alex Jones a BULLY. DEFAMATION. To use their words against themselves. I'm saying DEFAMATION. Robbie Parker today on Alex Jones: "These are just people who are taking a break from looking for Big Foot. After a few weeks, they'll leave us alone." But Robbie Parker can say whatever the Hell he wants. Robbie said he had a Facebook group with 8 admins who were spending all day deleting the CRAZY BIG FOOT LOVERS. So, in other words, LET'S SUE ALEX JONES BECAUSE FACEBOOK GROUP BE CRAZY. This is the EVIDENCE for the CRIMES of ALEX JONES. Robbie Parker is talking about the first week after Sandy Hook. Alex Jones did NOT talk about Big Foot. The CRIMES Alex Jones did included things Alex did NOT do as seen in court today. Robbie is basically saying Alex talking about Robbie for a few seconds caused a bunch of people to start TROUBLE on Robbie's POOR LITTLE FACEBOOK GROUP. In other words, Alex Jones is somehow SECRETLY REMOTE CONTROLLING HIS FOLLOWERS to hop onto Robbie Parker's Facebook group to hurt his feelings. Wow. Like mind control? Now who is the CONSPIRACY THEORIST? Oh, Robbie says it was a Facebook page. But it sounds like he is describing a group and NOT a page. Something that only a nerd would know the difference about. Robbie said he turned off the Facebook group in January of 2013. They don't know the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group. That's insane. How can people not know the difference? Like not knowing the difference between a car and a truck. Robbie Parker said oh my god I was exposed on Facebook, like I had no idea about privacy settings where anybody could send me messages and comments to my personal Facebook account, like oh my God, it is the end of the world. Somehow all of that is the fault of Alex Jones. Robbie Parker said he would forward stuff to FBI contact Ashley Hall, to law enforcement. And Robbie would try to report the stuff to Facebook, to get it flagged, removed. In other words, Robbie was directly INTERFERING with MURDER INVESTIGATIONS on YouTube, Facebook, etc. In other words, Robbie Parker was INTERFERING WITH MURDER INVESTIGATIONS. Oatmeal went to prison in 2012 for well almost a year for INTERFERING. If they can take Alex to court, they can take you to court. I had to LIE to get out of jail. The plaintiff FORCED ME TO LIE. The judge did NOT care that I LIED. I am big time against lying. Michael Jackson, They Don't Really Care About Us. I killed Sandy. I killed Blake. Alex stole my bit. Alex went on Discord. Alex saw our private conversation. The media will always say Alex said it was a HOAX. I agree with what Alex said. During Hurricane Katrina, they were trying to get military to go door to door to take guns, allegedly. And they blame the crazy people on Alex Jones. As a judge, I would fine her $1,000 per text from now on. So, I would give her ten warnings and two months of grace period. After that, I would have Lucy Richards pay money or else each time she did something like that. The last part of that video is of the plaintiff man is fake news. Most likely she was on drugs, medicine, prescriptions.

For thousands of years, the idea was some information is too dangerous in the hands of the public. My Alex Jones video was flagged today on YouTube, they said my video was spam. BUt it was just a video of Alex talking about how the NWO is coming. It is hard to be in the public light. The Sandy Hook families were THROWN into the public spotlight. That put a target on their backs. CNN put a SPOTLIGHT on ROBBIE PARKER. ROBBIE PARKER said he chose to go on CNN and/or he sort of said he wanted the video to go to his friends. If you go into the INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHT, you will be ATTACKED. However, the Sandy Hook trials is trying to say you could be in the spotlight and not suffer the consequences. That is not possible. That is why privacy is important. The news did NOT have to put these families in the PUBLIC SPOTLIGHT. I am lucky crazy people are not outside of my house right now.

The SnapChat app has me on a map. I went into the settings to turn off my location so people cannot find me on the map on SnapChat. It is easy to find people anywhere in the world on SnapChat. I only posted my current address a few times online. So, people can find me. But I'm also choosing not to talk about it all the time. Alex Jones has body guards. If I were to ever have my own house, I'm HIGHLY DEBATING whether or not I would want to try to keep that new future address VERY VERY PUBLIC or VERY VERY PRIVATE. Maybe I should have a public P.O. Box number. I don't know if I would ever hire body guards or what someday. Robbie Parker said he would go to YouTube and see his smile. He did not like it. They are trying to blame Alex for things he did not do. We are talking about things that happened in 2013. They try to connect that to what Alex said in 2014. Like as if people heard Alex and went back in time to go after Robbie. The judge today read to the juror that is ok if they show edited videos because the videos are too long and some of it they saw before. So you have to see shorter videos. No. I disagree. That is not how things work. That is bad thinking. Judge bad.

September 27, 2014
I plan to meet the Vietnamese man (that has my phone and is asking for money) at 7:30 PM today at Circle K at 105 Bành Văn Trân, P.7, Q.Tân Bình, TP.HCM: you can call him at 01-633-642-066

Tân Huy, my lawyer student. Nguyễn Tuyền.


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Game of Thrones: House of Dragon 106: The Princess & The Queen

2022-09-29 - Thursday - 03:20 AM - 05:09 AM - Game of Throne: House of Dragons 106: The Princess & The Queen

This episode is placed ten years after the last episode. People find out about the bastard son. So it mirrors Jon Snow. One lady was unable to have a baby. She had her dragon burn her body into a pile of ashes.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

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Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - Lizzo Twerks & Plays James Madison's Flute Fulfilling The Prophecy w/Richie McGinniss

Game of Thrones: House of Dragon 106: The Princess & The Queen

2022-09-29 - Thursday - 03:20 AM - 05:09 AM - Game of Throne: House of Dragons 106: The Princess & The Queen

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Law&Crime - Watch Live: Alex Jones Defamation Trial: Sandy Hook 'Hoax' Lawsuit - Connecticut Trial Day Eleven

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Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan - Alex Jones Interview

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Rekieta Law - I, Hypocrite Joins to Discuss Lawsuits, Laughs, and the Degrading Internet Culture

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Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - NATO Threatens Retaliation Over Nord Stream 'Sabotage,' WW3 COMING BABY w/Mark Ousley

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