If you want to learn how to use Discord, let me know.

YOUTUBE REMOVED THREE VIDEOS OF MINE, TWO FOR "HARASSMENT AND CYBERBULLYING" STUMBLE CHAT AND THE THIRD VIDEO FOR "REGULATED GOODS" and I have no idea what "REGULATED GOODS" mean because that sounds like YouTube is trying to regulate the free market which is illegal under international trading laws which people have been following for thousands of years all around the world. That is insane. Rumble does not even tell you when they remove your videos, no email, no notification, nothing, in some ways worse than youtube.



Stumble Chat Creator is Attacking Me
Moose Seeing Hands
Cosmos Banned Memes
Banned For Defending Memes

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Mango Haze Attacked Memes World Productions

Oatmeal Daily - 2022-06-08 - Wednesday | Published in June of 2022





In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.



INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


10:29 AM - Discord
@Roy Merrick#5961 sent me a video about "REGULATED GOODS" in order to teach me how I did a bad thing on YouTube. Roy is trying to educate me.



2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


10:35 AM - Discord
People who do weed are told they cannot have guns, that is the tyranny of the federal government in America.





2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg


10"39 PM - Discord
Too many laws, red tape. Young people are encouraged to get their weed cards, to get medical pot, Mary Jane, and they are therefore disqualifying themselves from buying guns in America. That violates the 2nd amendment. Weed should not be criminalized. I want to buy whatever I want to buy.

Prohibition leads to black markets. How do you ban a black market? What is a Black Market?

Black markets are already illegal. That is the definition of a black market. When America banned alcohol around the 1920s and 1930s, do you know what happened? The winners would say historically that "BLACK MARKETS" do not exist. What does this restaurant have to do with black markets?

Anything you try to sell under the table might be the black market whether that be guns, drugs, food, etc. How many countries tried banning Bitcoin? Watch Out is Yo Momma, a Pokemon Master. I don't know what I would eat. I eat everything.

Prohibition always fails historically. You can know history, people need to wake up.

YouTube took down three of my videos and Roy responded with, "Joey you did bad."

I don't go to restaurants because I have no money. I don't do anything ever. Drunk 24/7 worse than Drunk Yoda.

I am so drunk I look not drunk. YouTube says you cannot advertise some things. However, to be technical, YouTube is shooting themselves in the foot on a legal level when they say stuff like this. YouTube may say you cannot sell drugs or certain things. However, they will endorse promote drugs and things which are possibly more so illegal than most people realize.

If YouTube were to say you can't sell guns, that violates commerce laws and the second amendment. If YouTube is an American company, then they are clearly violating so many laws. Those who study law understand how YouTube is doing bad. If YouTube came up telling people they can do anything, if YouTube turned around to say just kidding, that is a form of fraud. Same thing with Facebook, Twitter, and others. What makes me angry is how little people understand the law. We could spend so many hours talking about each law and how they violate each law. Am I supposed to let YouTube violate laws?

Roy is either retarded or a very bad person. This is why I don't trust Roy. @WatchOut!#0508, I would rather die. Take the 4th amendment for example. YouTube sell data which violates the 4th amendment.

YouTube hides behind globalism and federalism which clearly violates the 9th and 10th amendments which was eventually weaponized. I never had a GF. Roy is always lying. Kathy was not a real GF. YouTube is violating commerce laws. And I hated it, early in 2013. She wanted all of my money. When I said no, she dropped me off at a hostel. The entire time, she wanted me to take her to America. She wanted me to fake marry her and take her to America where we would divorce. You call that a relationship? When a man has sex with a prostitute, is that woman his GF? I was not living there. Roy, you are retarded. Roy is like purposely trying to twist my life. I wrote several long articles talking about all of this. I don't know if Roy knows or not. I don't know if Roy is pulling my leg or not. If @MemesWorld#7258 said any of this stuff that @Roy Merrick#5961 is saying right now, I would not mind it because I know Blazer more than I know Roy even tho I've known Roy since like 2018. I cannot tell if Roy is purposely trying to twist the story of my life. I can spend over ten hours describing my life in 2013 in Vietnam. I wrote many articles. I probably had some videos too. But I probably should write more articles on Kathy. Part of me feels like it is meaningless if people like Roy are just going to take me out of context. I don't know if Roy is joking or what. If I knew Roy was joking right now, then I would not care. If I assumed people read what I write, then I would not be writing right now. Roy, are you making up stuff? I did not publish my articles on Couch Surfing. Roy is probably an old guy who has nothing better to do than to torment Oatmeal. Roy is trying to read between the lines to fabricate a story.

My life from February to April of 2013 would take many many hours to explain. We are talking about just those three months from early in 2013 when I was in Saigon, Vietnam. I went to Vietnam for the first time in November of 2012. I arrived in Saigon in February of 2013. Kathy found me probably first on Couch Surfing and then later in real life. So, for those who care, you start off with the beginning of the story. Stories take a very long time to tell. You need to think about the choices I made and why I made them in 2013. When I write articles, I try not to say I was always right in all of the choices I made. It takes a while to explain. Roy is missing the point. I did not want the sex.

Roy is most likely an old man. I like that Roy knows Joey Lore. But I am sad that Roy is like Fake News. All Roy can see is what he wants to see. Roy is unable to consider my side of the story. I will never ever drop it. I might be more mad at Roy than I am at cartel monster YouTube. In February of 2013, I was new to a big city, what was I supposed to do? Mango is just a dumb guy. What makes me so angry about Roy is that I thought he would know better. I thought Roy was better than this. I arrived in Saigon and I didn't know what to do. What was I supposed to do? If I went back in time, of course I would have made different choices. I would not be surprised because I would go back and forth with Kathy in the same exact way I am going back and forth with Roy. Kathy would say to me, "Why are you not getting hard even after an hour?" Kathy was always debating me on Facebook and in emails. I would get hard but no milk. I might be misquoting. She wanted me to get her pregnant so she could have an anchor baby in America. I paid Kathy in with sex. Kathy begged me for sex. Kathy took me to work in exchange for sex. The first day I met Kathy in person, she took me to her house and said, "I have a sex problem." She met me on the 17th of February of 203, she drove me around in Saigon. Kathy was loose. Come to think of it, Kathy was probably a whore. Kathy told me she would meet foreigners have sex with them. Kathy said she could not help it and that she would do it all the time. I am not sure if Kathy was on ASOV or not. Kathy was on Couch Surfing sometimes. Kathy had sex with me the first time that third night. I was staying a friends house and on that third night, Kathy brought me back and told that other girl. The other girl got so mad and was yelling at Kathy on that Tuesday night. So, Wednesday morning, that girl said I had to leave. So within three days I was homeless again. Because Kathy got me kicked out. Because Kathy told her what happened and bragged about it. Yes, that day, I moved in with Kathy. It was Tracy or Honey. Those were here two English names, Tracy or Honey. They were hotter of course. But Joy was busy. No, Anna Barbie's sister begged me to give her a massage. All of this drama is written down. Roy, what are you trying to say? Kathy pulled me in. Kathy told me we would keep the sex thing a secret but then she told Honey. Kathy didn't say we would have sex. Kathy said to me, "Want to relax?" I don't know what relax means. That Tuesday night, Kathy took me to a hotel. Kathy paid for the hotel and we sat on the bed to watch TV. I though we were just going to watch TV. Kathy paid for an hour. But then she started kissing me and then hopped on me and it hurt. Yeah, you can pay for just an hour at these hotels. Or three hours or overnight. I wanted to watch TV. But part of it was my fault as I was partly egging Kathy on a little those first three days. We flipped through the stations. This was my first and only time anybody tried to rape me. Kathy would drive me around on a motorcycle and I would hold onto her waist. She thought that meant I liked her. But I just wanted to see if I could get away with it. So, for the first three days, I was just acting like a player. But I was just seeing what I could do. But I didn't really like her. And I was expecting her to say no. Like how many liked me? I have no idea. That is another reason I write a very long autobiography in order to find out how many girls were possibly into me. But my Trump Ego gets in the way of any objective foresight. I am so extremely bias regarding everything. You think Tiffany liked Joey? I would say maybe a little when she first met me in the early 1990s and maybe in 1995 and maybe that is it. I can tell you so many stories of so many women who probably liked me in my life. I don't like the blues. I teased Kathy. My bad. Kathy wanted me. I didn't stop her cuz part of me wanted it. Part of me didn't. Part of me needed a taxi. Kathy was my transportation. I wanted to save me money. So, I let Kathy ride me. I rode Kathy Bike. Mike needs to write down his passwords. I keep my passwords saved in my web browser, I never log out. I have my passwords written down in different places. And I only have one password for all my websites. Roy, I lost a master password thingy on Steemit or Hive Blog. But I did not lose access to Bitcoin. But I only have one password and I have that memorized and I wrote it down. My password is super easy. Roy knows my password. Good job guessing it. I like to add nuance when telling stories. The point is Kathy stole my bike. That is why I say it again and again. Without the nuance, all you will hear is Kathy stole my bike. Roy, who cares what you know. I've had so many girls like me, that is why Kathy surprised me. Roy, you can tell your side of the story. Roy can buy a mic for one dollar. Roy is fabricating. But Roy can get a microphone. Roy can beg us to send him a microphone. Roy, I was talking about 2013 and not 2022. Roy, you are purposely conflating. Roy, you have no excuses why you can't have a microphone. Roy could have a mic. Roy is pretending as if he can't have a mic. Anybody can have a mic. Roy is retarded. Roy is so demented. Roy must be 80 years old. Roy, did you enjoy fighting in World War I? Roy, did you lose your left leg in the war? Roy does not want to talk to us. I may choose to ignore Roy in the future. Sometimes I do ignore Roy. We never had a friendship. All I know is Roy tried to get me tickets to see some Mormon play thing. I got scared because I thought Roy was going to rape me like Kathy did. I didn't even tell Roy my address and Roy sent me a book I didn't even need. Roy is like a gay old man. Roy wants to rape me. Roy knows the names of my parents. Roy knows what time I wake up in the morning. Roy reads my blog like he is a night stalker. How is Roy not in the Joey Documentary? Roy, can I dox you? Roy, is that not your address? Roy, did you give me a fake address on that envelope? Are you in my house? Roy, did you take it? Roy, I can't even find it in my email. Roy, did you hack my email? Roy, did I write about getting that book from you in my blog? But did I write it? Roy, I only dox bad people. Roy, but if I think you are bad or whatever, then I might dox you period. Roy, I plan to find your envelope and then Google you. Is there anything I should know before I Google you? Roy, you told me your life is secret. You said you keep your personal life off the Internet. I said some of it might be online. I said I could try to find your identity. Roy, are you giving me hints? But when you sent me that envelope, you gave me a window into your ID. I was thinking about trying to find you but you sending me that envelope made it too easy. Roy, I promise to be your friend if you talk to me in the voice channel right now. I cannot trust Roy. Roy lies again and again. Roy can get a microphone to talk to me but chooses not to. I think Roy lives in North Carolina. I might be wrong. I have not seen that envelop in a long time. I think Roy is an old man. Roy lives on the East coast and/or that is where the book was mailed from. All I know is what I got in the mail in 2022. But what is the point if you are going to send me your home address? Which you did. I figured there is no point because you sent me a book. The book came from the East Coast. It might be TN. I might dox you. TN is East Coast. East Coast is code for states closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

East Coast does NOT mean East Coast any more than a couple means two. I can tell you which states I didn't get that book from. Couple means two to seven, approximately. The logic follows that if certain words are not specific, then couple shouldn't be defined too specifically. I remember seeing a East side state on the envelope. I don't think it was NY, FL, or anything too west. My top suspects might be states like NC, GA, MA, etc. I imagine not NJ. How many hours should I spend looking for that envelope? Roy Envelope probably at the bottom of a random box. I'm not ready to investigate Watchout YoMamma. I am not saying I would be able to get to the bottom of WatchOut. My general statement is I can find info on many people because many people leave behind bread crumbs online. It also depends on the websites and resources you use to research. It can start off as very hard to find a person which usually means you have to resort to searching random words into search engines and what have you. For the most part, generally speaking, you have to find connections and links to the person at question. If you have street addresses, you can punch those into certain websites. Roy might be bad. Watchout doesn't study my daily blogs like Roy does. Roy is probably a Mormon. WatchOut is not my Internet Stalker like Roy is. Roy found my YouTube channel years ago and would argue with me back and forth in the comment section for years now. I didn't tell Roy to comment 100 times on a single video of mine on YouTube. Roy doesn't even watch my videos, Roy just comments on the comments of my comments of his comments. The difference is I would comment as I was watching the Dead Wing Dork video but Roy just comments on the comments of the comments for a few months without looking for the newer videos. @fotweeny#3307, Roy is a guy I met online in 2018 or 2019. Roy watches some of my videos sometimes but usually is stuck in threads.

02:00 PM

YouTube removed three videos put out by Memes World Productions yesterday and Roy has the audacity to say it is our fault for Regulated Goods which should not even be an alleged rule. Roy is trying to say YouTube is perfect and that we are bad. The videos that has the most views on YT for me does not have Roy comments on them. Socrates has no idea what it is. Deadwing Valentines 2022. Roy, are you gay? Roy, are you trying to live your life again through me? Roy has to be an old man who wanted to mentor a younger man. I always write for over twenty years that I'm a paradox. If you actually study my articles and videos, you would know that I often talk about paradoxes. Roy thinks I have free time. Some people think I have free time. I've decided it's easier to say I have free time than to tell the truth. Will Smith Roy slaps Chris Rock Joey in the face, wow. You are right. I am more drunk than Yoda. I love drinking vodka. I drink several bottles a day, just like Fear The Walking Dead god Victor of the big tower. @MemesWorld#7258 made the biggest mistake of his life in looking at a drunk Joey. Joey does nothing all day every day. Roy loves reading about Drunk Joey. Roy loves reading about Jobless Joey. Roy sits around all day thinking, "What is Drunk Joey doing now?" Roy says, "I wish my legs still worked." Roy played soccer last weekend. Roy is too busy sunbathing. Roy The Mexican. I thought Roy was black. I guess not. Rude Joey. But black people don't play soccer. Roy must be cold in the winter. Ten degrees below zero is pretty cold. I opened up my mouth and the cold air came down. Rob Roy the Maverick. Rob Roy the man using a dead man as his avatar.

Rob Roys says his avatar was of his best friend who passed away. It is almost like Roy wants me to find him.

03:14 PM - Discord
YouTube gave me a community guideline strike on my Arnold Attic L4OJ channel today, so I cannot upload videos there for the next 2 weeks. I also cannot upload to Joeyarnold7 either. Soon, I will no longer be on YouTube. I will miss everybody. YouTube already stole over seven thousand of my videos. I can only upload to my ActionStripTV, RaRaRoberto, LoxxCatt, and RedDog MickeyMorehead channels on YouTube right now and they may get those channels disabled too. I've lost dozens of accounts. You can lose so many accounts so quickly. So, I am not going to assume that I survive. That is bad philosophy. I assume I will be murdered very soon. Bye bye. I doubt Roy is watching this video right now. @Goblin#6181 I would not call it a fight. If I found out you killed somebody, I might dox you too. Sometimes I would wonder if Roy wanted to kill me. Roy was happy that YouTube removed three videos of Memes World Productions yesterday. YouTube went on to removed a fourth video today off Arnold Attic.

Roy was happy that YouTube stole 7000+ videos of mine. What kind of name is Roymer? @Roy Merrick#5961, looks like a nice fair. Roy, do you want me to lose my YouTube channels? I have hard time knowing if Roy is a fan or not because he says stuff like that. Roy said most of my videos are not good. Well, may be true but saying it may imply something. Not sure but maybe.




Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

Ozark 204: Stag

2022-06-07 - Tuesday - 11:40 PM - 01:00 AM - Ozark 204: Stag

Bobcats run away. FBI guy jerking off to audio recordings of his failed case. She kind of knows the FBI is on to them. Jesus said to the rednecks not to do nothing till he comes back. Oh what a joke, just kidding. He thinks Marty killed his dad. We all bad. Money not good or bad. Money does not become bad because it comes from bad people. We are all bad. FBI Clay Aiken ends his undercover days and raids Marty. Will it stick? Hard to say.

Kenobi 104

2022-06-08 - Wednesday - 08:05 PM - 09:10 PM - Kenobi 104

Back and forth in the water tanks, Kenobi, Vader. Kenobi gets help to get back Leia. But there is a tracking device in Leia's flying robot. I made a video review. Silly video. Uploaded to Action Strip on YouTube.

09:10 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - Liberal Arrested For ASSASSINATION Attempt On SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh w/Tommy Altman

People came together on Wednesday, the 12th day of September of 2001. It was the day after 3 buildings fell in New York. It was good for people to come together. But at the same people were led to the wrong types of wars and things. We should go after the Federal Reserve. Many people can only see single level stuff. Surface level stuff. If you raise minimum wage, that might be like a bandage. It might give you relief for six months until inflation rises the cost of goods and services which then cancels out the raise in minimum wage. So, you have to go deeper than that.

Weak men leads to hard times.

Never mind Chicken City, give us Chair City.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

Ozark 204: Stag

2022-06-07 - Tuesday - 11:40 PM - 01:00 AM - Ozark 204: Stag

10:45 AM
Flagrant - Joe Rogan Gets HIGH & Flagrant

05:21 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - Liberal Arrested For ASSASSINATION Attempt On SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh w/Tommy Altman

Kenobi 104

2022-06-08 - Wednesday - 08:05 PM - 09:10 PM - Kenobi 104

09:10 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - Liberal Arrested For ASSASSINATION Attempt On SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh w/Tommy Altman

10:18 PM
Joe Rogan - Physicist Michio Kaku on the Shift in the UFO Phenomenon

10:34 PM
Red Letter Media - Half in the Bag: 2022 Mid-Year Catch-Up Part 2 (Movies)

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It depends on the kind of milk. Part of it is how YouTube teemed up with Tyler Moore Cosmos CosmosisT of Canada of Stumble Chat of Tiny Chat to abuse me. They are saying videos are bullying them when really he is stealing content from people. He banned me for reporting on a threat made by Mango Haze. Cosmos has been attacking too many people for too many years. What do I get for standing up for it? My YouTube channels are suspended for weeks. YouTube stole over 7,000 of my videos. It makes me sad, mad, angry, etc. You should be. Food log: Breakfast: apple, tangerine or orange, 11:00 AM. Lunch: eggs on rice, 01:00 PM. Dinner: rice meat, 06:00 PM. Footnote: You can find my blogs hosted and mirrored on different websites. 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