I was part of the famous JSA Trinity group, 2004-2005. This group consisted of three girls. Try to guess their names. The hint is their names started with those letters, JSA. Ashley Martin was so short but a big smile. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Full House. JSA Trinity, Jeannette Curry, Sarah Cole, Alison the Greek goddess. I met them at college in New York, would sit with them during lunch. In high school and in college, I was probably flirting with so many girls. But I sometimes did it even when I didn't like the girls. One guy must have noticed that I would do that and was talking to me about it one day saying I better be careful not to break their hearts in doing so. Who knows, maybe I was flirting with the girls and the boys. Sometimes or most of the time, in my mind at least I was mostly having fun and being friendly because I was a social butterfly and would talk and hang out with everyone. So, in some ways, I was pretty crazy running around everywhere.



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Tanya Fear was on Hotep Jesus on YouTube

Oatmeal Daily - 2022-06-30 - Thursday | Published in June of 2022





In a world of lies, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.



INFOWARS BANNER - dUIaa.caa.1-Infowars-qoc09f.jpeg


12:13 PM
@eddyblaze#7258 so Fandom is a popular website. Oddly, when I typed in Wikia.com, it redirected me to Fandom. Perhaps that is prove that WIKIA became what we now call as FANDOM.COM. I wonder if we could find a better home than that of FANDOM. Meanwhile, Roy is trying to interact with me.

@Roy Merrick#5961, you have no idea how many problems I have. I could list for you a long list of items.

I can prove you are not me. I can ask a single baby question and you will fail. Who did I like in 2006? That's a softball question. Anybody and their mom could answer that question. I grew up loving the Blazers. My dad was a fan of the Lakers. I hated Kobe & Shaq. Which girl did I have a crush on in 2006? Imagine if I asked you a real question. I'll give you a hint, her first name was Jen. @eddyblaze#7258, and please don't help him as his last name was the same as that guy with the dog. @eddyblaze#7258, oddly enough, that man in Canada makes it the third person with that last surname I've known. Roy could easily Google my hints to get the name and pretend like he knew it the entire time.

Imagine if I asked a hard question. This might be the easiest question ever. I grew up loving Michael Jordan over Kobe. Imagine which girl I fell in love with in June of 2010. Roy is not me because Roy doesn't know who I liked in 2006. Roy could easily pretend to know. Because all my info is online. There is so much Joey info online, I don't even remember all of it. Meaning you could easily fool me. Oddly, you haven't fooled me yet. Roy, do you want a hardcore question? Roy, I am dying to ask you a hardcore question.

Roy, my brain is oozing to ask you a real question for a change. @Roy Merrick#5961, I wish I could ask you a real question. Roy, I just told @eddyblaze#7258 the answer to my baby question right in front of your face. I literally winked at Ez. I used morse code to communicate to Ez the answer. Roy does not know where that photo came from. Me and Ez have our own secret language. Roy wishes he could get inside. @Roy Merrick#5961, I was going to ask you a hard question but I realized you haven't graduated up to that level yet.

Roy, I am very disappointed in you. @Roy Merrick#5961, I thought you were a Joey Expert. Roy is too busy making Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan memes.



2014-05-25 Me 01 FAV AVATAR.jpg


12:32 PM - Discord
Roy, I asked you probably the easiest question in the world. Roy is either lost on Google or on an editor. Roy, are you lost inside a dark-worm web search saga? I was looking at the camera trying to figure out what it is, age three I think. Roy doesn't know which girl I liked in 2006. Everybody knows who I liked moooooore than anybody else in 2006. I already told Ez. I already gave you her first name. You've failed the test, Roy. Roy, you could have cheated and won my test. Roy, I don't care if you cheat or not cheat, I just want to know who I liked in 2006. If you don't know, then you suck. I wanted to ask you a real question. Who I liked in 2006 is not a real question because it is so easy to find the answer. Remember when I went to ABC at the end of August or early in September of 2006. Remember when I was working in the kitchen at ABC. @eddyblaze#7258, we were going to make a movie in 2006-2007 in West Virginia. I was going to play as Red Dog.





2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg


12:41 PM
@Roy Merrick#5961, I asked you two easy questions regarding 2006 and 2010. @Roy Merrick#5961, I wanted to ask you a question about 2022. @Roy Merrick#5961, a real question would be for me to ask you something only I would know the answer to. @Roy Merrick#5961, I had the coolest question in the world for you. @sky2518#6526, there was a girl in West Virginia in 2006 from Hawaii. She had blond hair. @Roy Merrick#5961, I wanted to be your friend. @Roy Merrick#5961, I am that close to going back to fixing my computer thing. I literally only stopped by Discord to check in on Roy. Roy, remember Amanda Kontz? Remember when I called her My Lipstick Barbie? Remember Amanda Conklin? Remember what I said about Kari Herinckx's hair? Remember who I was not dating the summer of 2005 or 2006? Roy, everything is a joke to you. Roy, hope you have fun with your new best friend the paint brush. Everything to Roy is a joke and Roy cannot answer the easiest most softball questions I can think of. Roy, a real question would be relating to stuff I've never talked about publicly. Roy, you suck. Roy doesn't know Jen 2006. Roy, you failed my tests. The is Roy Future Joey Test. The answer is no. Roy doesn't know Hanna 2010. Roy doesn't know Salena Willner. Roy does not know Marci Renes. Roy does not know Amanda Pittman. I am literally schooling Roy. Roy is asking because Roy knows nothing about me. Roy knows like five things about me and that is it. Roy can only reference things that I throw at him. I literally have to SPOON-FEED Roy intel. Roy only talks about what is right in front of his face because that is how old he is. Roy is almost as old as Tom Wade. Roy is almost as old as Waldo Libby who moved to like Maine, hint hint to @eddyblaze#7258. Roy is an outsider. Ez knows ten times more about Oatmeal than Roy does.

@eddyblaze#7258, it is official that you know more about me than Roy does. Roy, I was that close to giving the Joey Title. Roy, you must know what Outsider means. See, Outsider means the amount of information you have regarding Joey Arnold is only skin deep. Like surface level. Roy, you literally only know what I've recently published online. And only a small percentage of that even. Roy is playing inside my sandbox. Roy, a real question would have been who does Joey Arnold like in 2022 in real life and not on the Internet. Now, you might be able to answer this question. I kind of don't want to talk about it. But here is your opportunity to embarrass me. If you knew the answer to this, I would do anything you tell me to do I promise.

01:32 PM - Discord
Roy, I'm literally trying to be as nice to you as possible by giving you the easiest questions known to man. @Roy Merrick#5961, give me a topic or something about me and I will give you a question relating to that, I promise to make it as easy as possible. @eddyblaze#7258 anything cool in the voice channel? If Roy can't suggest a topic, he will lose by default. Roy might be a Meme Master but he aint no Joey Master. Roy has failed to answer every question. Roy has managed the memorize the names of my siblings and parents. Surface level stuff. Roy only needs to suggest a year, a topic, a theme, something relating to Joey that Roy might know. Roy doesn't even know who Jeff Walters is. Roy doesn't know Sawyer Frye. Roy doesn't know Moore. Roy only knows because I brought up GYJO so many times. Roy, you're the only self-proclaimed Joey expert in the world. Roy doesn't know who I fell in love with around October of 2006. She was a pretty short girl. She was from Kentucky. She was a big ball of energy. Roy is a scam. Roy is a Con Artist. Roy is Spam. Roy is not a Joey Expert. Roy simply fishes for information and then calls the other person a fisher. Roy loves to collect information just to throw it back at you. Roy pretends as if he knew it the whole time. For example, I will suddenly reveal secrets about myself. Later on, Roy will come out, "THIS JUST IN, SOURCES SAY WE GOT JOEY SECRETS." Roy literally did it today when I mentioned Salena Willner. Roy, how do I know Salena? Roy responded: "Guessing you went to high school. Since you were homeschool until the age of 10." Roy does a lot of guessing. I wonder if a real fan would spend all day guessing and speculating. I was not homeschooled until the age of ten. You think I started attending high school at the age of ten?

Roy Fan Fiction

01:53 PM - Discord

Roy is creating a fictional Joey character. I didn't ask you to write Joey Arnold Fan Fiction. Roy, I think I can comfortably conclude that you are just a random guy on the Internet. If Roy was Rick Golden, he would be able to leak some information regarding my life in West Virginia. Roy is saying no indirectly to donuts. I thought Roy knew Joey. Roy has no deep lore on Joey. I was a few hours south of Blair Mountain. Maybe less than a few hours, less than five hours probably. Maybe closer to an hour. I didn't go too many places in West Virginia. But I enjoyed the places I did go to on the East Coast. I was also in Hawaii. Joeypardy. Roy and Sky are getting married to each other. I've been trying to ask Roy the simplest questions about Joey. In 2007, Joey Arnold wrote a love letter many pages long about this girl. Roy is telling Sky his adventures hiking in Hawaii. When Roy retired, he ran off to Hawaii one summer. Roy has many boats. Roy enjoys New York. Roy enjoys running off to random vacation sites to mail off books and soap. Let the record show I tried so hard to give Roy the Joey Expert Title. I was trying to toss up to Roy freebees. No effort was made. I can prove no effort was made. You want to know how I can prove it? I will blow your mind with the answer. I can tell you how I know that no effort was made at all. Are you ready? I can tell you how I know Roy is full of beans. Roy is full of crap. I can literally say one word to explain how I know Roy made no effort to answer my questions and failed every time. Wow. Roy read that one article. Roy sort of remembers the articles he stumbles across. I think Roy enjoyed that one article he is referencing. But no effort was made still. I know Roy made no effort to answer my questions because a SIMPLE GOOGLE SEARCH would have answered all of the baby questions I threw at Roy today. Roy relies on whatever that is in front of his face and nothing more and nothing less. For example, if I feed Roy a name like Salena Willner, then Roy will act as if Roy knew Salena the entire time. Effort requires Google. I was not in high school at the age of TEN. I'm not Doogie Houser. In 2006, I was working with this girl. I started liking her. Roy lost. I don't know if I should continue asking Roy questions. I SUGGESTED to Roy that he could bring up a topic relating to me. Roy was GIVEN TONS OF OPPORTUNITIES but failed. I don't know how much easier my questions could get. I learned to ride a bike when I was six years old. Hey Roy, how old was I when I learned to ride a bike? That is an example of a super baby question. Like, Roy remembers the last ten things I've said in the last hour. In 2008, I like this chick with glasses. In 2008 in the summer, a girl with glasses. Her name rhymes with wood. Well, not rhymes. But her name is a type of wood. But I gave you too many hints. Roy must suggest a different topic. Roy, either I help you pretend to answer questions or I will proclaim you as a Joey Troll. Roy is not a Joey Fan but a Joey Troll.

02:40 PM

Roy is jealous that Ez learned more about Joey in 1 month than Roy learned about Joey in FOUR FUCKING YEARS. @Ian and His Quaker Oat Box Drum#0566 probably knows more about me than Roy does. Roy runs around saying Roy is the Joey Expert. Imagine if Roy had dirt on me. I'm pretty sure Roy proclaimed to be a Joey Expert. If I gave any real effort, I could probably find Roy quotes. Roy claimed to be Future Joey. Future Joey by definition is a Joey Expert. Roy doesn't know anything about Joey outside of a few blog posts and a few videos. Joey is an expert on Joey. Therefore, Future Joey is a Super Expert on Joey. Roy should talk to me and Ez in private. What kind of drugs did Joey take? Roy is a Meme Master.

Roy is a member of Memes World Productions. Roy, come into TinyChat. I think I know Roy pretty well now. Roy is just a guy who likes to make up crazy fictional stories about people online. Roy is a Meme Master. Roy likes puns. Roy likes playing with words. When Roy edited my cartoon to make it look like Oatmeal was choking the Hell out of Mango Haze, I think that revealed everything we needed to know about Roy. Roy won't always say whether or not what he is saying is FICTIONAL or FACTUAL which tells me Roy is mostly on here for laughs and giggles which I guess is fine. I spent a lot of time trying to interrogate Roy like Darth Vader was to Princess Leia. I don't know if Roy is laughing with or at me.

After carefully studying the situation, I can conclude Roy is a wannabe comedian of sorts. That could be Roy. Roy likes mixing truth with fiction. I think we should just call him John from now on. John likes pretending like he knows stuff when really he is just a parrot. Oh Johnny Boy. I wanted so badly to give John the title of Joey Expert. I told John to suggest a topic and he would not do it. If you Google Joeyarnoldvn Jen 2006, you would probably discover her last name in one minute. That is all John had to do to become the Joey Expert.

All you have to do is bust out Google to become the Joey Expert. Around 2005, I was friends with Andy Pandy. His last name was Moore. This was in New York. 2006 in West Virginia, I stumbled upon Jennifer Moore. Again, the same exact last name. Moore. There is always more to stumble upon and chat about. Imagine all of that being together. There was a guy in New York named Tyler. My cousin had a son with that same name. Tyler is such a popular name. Blake Webb Wrestling Ghost. The new Heavy Weight Joey Expert Belt is hereby awarded to Ez. Mister John Roy Rick Gator lost the match and will be put on the great wall of shame.

07:41 PM
Mortal Kombat 3: Wrath of Brittany.

I was part of the famous JSA Trinity group, 2004-2005. This group consisted of three girls. Try to guess their names. The hint is their names started with those letters, JSA. Ashley Martin was so short but a big smile. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Full House. JSA Trinity, Jeannette Curry, Sarah Cole, Alison the Greek goddess. I met them at college in New York, would sit with them during lunch. In high school and in college, I was probably flirting with so many girls. But I sometimes did it even when I didn't like the girls. One guy must have noticed that I would do that and was talking to me about it one day saying I better be careful not to break their hearts in doing so. Who knows, maybe I was flirting with the girls and the boys. Sometimes or most of the time, in my mind at least I was mostly having fun and being friendly because I was a social butterfly and would talk and hang out with everyone. So, in some ways, I was pretty crazy running around everywhere.

10:03 PM
Bill Walton was cool. I grew up in Forest Grove. Was a fan of Drexler. Later on, Rasheed Wallace was the main star.

10:20 PM
I support Jordan Peterson. I made some YouTube videos reacting to season three of the Umbrella Academy. She reminds me of Justin Bieber.




Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

What Are You Doing Ruff Ruff 2015.jpg

Westworld 401: The Auguries

2022-06-30 - Thursday - 01:39 AM - 03:40 AM - Westworld 401: The Auguries

They go to the dam place of computers, servers of the data, Internet. Clint Eastwood wants to buy it from the dad from Big Sky. Jesse of Breaking Bad still alive as an electrician on a building. Uniting to take down William. He has a wife and kids. Been like seven years. William is after people. Lady writing stories which influences people in real life.


Here is a list of what I'm watching

Westworld 401: The Auguries

2022-06-30 - Thursday - 01:39 AM - 03:40 AM - Westworld 401: The Auguries

06:50 PM
Tim Pool - Timcast IRL - Jordan Peterson SUSPENDED Over Trans Tweet, Signs To Daily Wire w/Spike Cohen

09:02 PM
Star Wars Girl - JACK Show

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