My COOKIE SMASHER will not be able to smash my 19th cookie unless if you got a smasher too which cannot smash cookies likewise unless if I got one too which does not work unless if you have one too.

We are in a global collapse, a Super Great Depression.

Halloween 2021, they will announce they are coming for your children.

COOKIE SMASHER might be approved in 2026 but children are getting them in 2021.

Mafia didn't do so well in the south because that is where the Scots dominated.

A major heart valve of the wild west was seeded by the Scottish people.

I created a 1940s group.

My name is Oatmeal Joey Arnold.
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The 1940s was the Rise of the Palpatine


What are the different types of TRADE-FREE and is TRADE good or bad?

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-10-20 - Wednesday | Published in October of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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12:34 AM
Tamara Bennett, actually, it is AI that does it. First, when a photo is flagged, the AI will automatically detect it when the photo is uploaded or shared anywhere on Facebook automatically. So, meaning that not only are words like cookie-19 are flagged or put on these lists, but also literal picture files. Facebook is slow because they have to always scan the text and the files. There are some Facebook staff and some random leftists too flagging content on top of that, but most of the censorship on Facebook is done automatically via the AI, the programs.

02:36 AM
My COOKIE SMASHER will not be able to smash my 19th cookie unless if you got a smasher too which cannot smash cookies likewise unless if I got one too which does not work unless if you have one too.

02:42 AM
Facebook will ban Brandon.

Covid can be killed.
But Covid Vaccines are killing people | Forbidden News | Forbidden Videos | Forbidden Links

01:24 AM
Facebook may be changing its name next week, as in the last week or so of October of 2021.

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11:59 AM
@Roy Merrick, you love big government and you lie about me.... i say you lie.... and so then you respond with more lies.... you try to say I want to defund police.... but saying that is code for trying to turn me into a leftist.... you cannot help me because i do what i do, whatever that is both good and bad.... i am not changing... i will continue to do what i do.... you are talking to a brick wall and you said you would stop but you came back to comment on never ending thread.... and i do not know why you talk to me..... and i only talk to you so i can copy and paste what i write onto my daily blog.

Learning English With Oatmeal.
This community or club is all about learning and teaching the English language. It includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, etymology, debate, etc.

2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Here is a photo of me with at an English club in Vietnam in 2013.

02:30 PM
In a private message, a person asked me what was happening. Why was Facebook trending on Twitter yesterday? It has to do with the Facebook virtual reality goggles, the augmented reality thing. So, Facebook may be rebranding themselves. They may be changing their company's name to better describe everything they do because the company does more than just the Facebook website.

Exploring Health with Oatmeal.
This club is all about pursuing wholistic medicine, natural remedies, cures, prevention, correction, studies, research, ideas, etc.

Why don't we have riots like we did in 2020?

02:39 PM - Facebook

JD Holmes in 2021, they get good police, good people in government, good doctors, nurses, good people in the fake news, good people in big tech, etc, etc, to quit. Then they replace the good people with FEMA people, Chinese controlled people, globalist controlled people, etc, etc.

02:44 PM
COOKIE SMASHER is really a FACE SMASHER. It was confirmed. Read it at Cookie Wars.

What is Trade-Free?

03:08 PM - Ecency

Trade means exchange. And you are exchanging words with me. That means you are trading ideas between me and you. That is the definition of a conversation. Therefore, not trade free. I know you mean certain types of trade-free. It is trade-free in some ways. But my point however is that it is not trade-free in other ways.

The first book on Trom talked about that board game called Monopoly. It pointed out problems within not only centralized monopolies, federal government, globalism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, tyranny, communism, socialism, fascism, etc, but specifically within the realm of crony capitalism or cartels.

I am not totally sure if Trom is against free markets completely or if it is against cronyism and other things which are not to be confused with free markets and private property rights and everything. I believe in trade. I got something, you got something, we trade. You do not have to only trade with centralized fiat currencies like the dollar. I give you my apple and you give me your orange. Better yet, I give you an hour of time and you pay me with a smile or with an apple pie. Like, there are many ways to trade.

The dollar is used as a ruler of value. But money is not the only thing that has value. Time has value. Information has value. Relationships have value. Land has value. Products and services have value. Gold has value. When you say trade-free, if you mean fiat-free, then I like fiat-free things. I want to get away from monopolies, cartels, fiat, etc. I promote Bitcoin, gold, free trade, free markets, private property, land rights, individualism over collectivism, how-to videos, self-help books, natural remedies, etc.

Free Markets Versus Free Trade

05:26 PM - Ecency

Thanks for the links, I joined. Now, within the realm of unconditional love, you can choose to give me an apple with no strings attached. You can choose not to ask for anything in return, for the favor not to be returned, for no compensation, retribution, trade, exchange, balance.

Giving your children apples can be very good for example. So, within a closed-system like a family, unconditional love is contagious. For example, I bought a $800 plane ticket for a girl I never met back around 2008 or 2009 so she can participate in Revolution Hawaii which is a year-long Salvation Army missions trip where young people get involved in helping people, children, the homeless, etc.

So, therefore, I say that to say I believe in unconditional love with no strings attached. So, like you said, I may give you an apple and expect nothing in return. I believe in helping people. In some ways, me typing this to you is like an apple because you don't have to reply to this comment. We are not in a forced contract. So, if this is an example of trade-free, then I agree. If trade-free means the exchange is not forced or required, I like that. Within Trom, I see around four different networks, one is a social media network, another one reminds me of Bit Torrent, IPFS, etc, a third site is a video platform, and then that first one you shared with me has eBooks, PDF files, things like that. I do like what I see on Trom. So, I joined. I posted a hello post. I will try to upload videos. I may try to share files and books in the future.

I like free markets but I also like to freely give away apples too.

Some people are motivated to give away free apples.

I believe in the value of teaching and encouraging people towards giving away free apples.

Some people can benefit from the free apples and then they may choose to give away free apples too.

But some people will choose not to Pay It Forward which is a name of that one movie.

I do believe in some of the good aspects within anarchism, no governments, smaller governments, propertarianism, etc, and also in socialism, communism, that is within the aspects of sharing is caring which we learn from Winnie The Pooh.

But like I said, some people end of taking advantage of potentially excessive welfare which begun accelerating in the United States of America especially in the 1930s for example.

Free markets within a larger scale, like on national and international levels for example, has motivated people, meaning innovation within the realm of supply and demand, some of it could encourage quality over quantity.

However at the same time, within the realm of local communities, families, friends, things on a smaller scale or level, free markets can be counterproductive or the act of giving away things to people based on what they need over what they want, that can be more sustainable. Well, it can be better to focus on what people need over what they want.

Free trade can cultivate local communities and it has. From the Bible itself, spoken by Jesus Himself, the golden rule is treat others as you would want to be treated, to love your neighbors as you would love yourself, to love your enemies, etc.

I believe in a balance between free markets and free trade.

I see people taking advantage of free stuff. The bad aspects of communism has encourage people towards waiting for free handouts. Free markets can motivate people towards hard work. But some people need help. And some people need to be motivated towards helping themselves.

There were times in the past when churches, organizations, groups, clubs, people, etc, would reach out to help people in America for example. But like I said, a major thing that damaged the USA was the rise of fascism, etc, via the rise of elevated welfare which was supposed to be temporary but went on and on for decades and decades towards inflating and even hyperinflating the dollar. They were even making gold and alcohol illegal. That is prohibition. And when government comes in to help, that got in the way of the individual charities which would come in to help people.

I believe in rewarding people who do good. If you do very good, you should get more than me. I believe in equality of opportunities but not necessarily in equality of the end-result. I like free trade but my emphasis is in free markets. I might side with free markets up to like 80% and free trade can be at 20%.

The debate can be how many people will choose to free trade and how many people might choose to be guided excessively by greed, pride, lust, hate, anger, emotions, beliefs, feelings, thinking, etc, towards more power, wealth, money, possessions, land, control, influence, etc, in an excessive way as to abruptly and excessively and aggressively violate private property rights of individuals and such.

Some people or perhaps too many people choose either towards selfishness, towards the lust for power, etc, or at the very least towards not getting involved when tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Obama, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, globalism, China, communism, Fauci, United Nations, etc, rise up. We should rise up when tyrants rise up. Stand up for what is right. Fight for what is right. Some people choose to be ignorant, arrogant, etc. So, they choose not to say anything when they see bad people do bad things. They choose not to stand up. I believe in not wearing a mask, getting Covid Vaccines which are killing people, etc.

Free trade may be one step removed from unknowingly letting a murderer into your house for dinner. I'm against Open Borders. I do not believe in freely giving away too much excessively and too often to the worse types of people on the planet. And people can become too lazy. That is why I prefer free markets over free trade as free markets can weed out the lazy people.

I say, be smart, be wise, towards who you choose to give free apples to as opposed to giving free apples to everyone.

When will they murder Oatmeal Joey Arnold?

06:10 PM - YouTube

@Roy Merrick, oh, are you quoting me now? But there is always nuance in my quotes plus content and context that goes with all of that. One of the reasons I talk to you is I am curious as to who you might be. For the record, if I am ever dead or missing or whatever, I was probably murdered. Well, I was murdered period. I will never commit suicide. So, I may be thrown in prison, etc, or murdered. You will be a suspect to that. That doesn't mean you did it for sure. But that depends on who you might be. Which I have no idea. I need to start making videos and publishing posts with public wills and warnings and disclaimers and things talking about how I may be murdered, imprisoned, etc. But not just me. But I need it in for the record. This comment here will be published in today's Daily Oatmeal for the record. I need people to know that I know. Like, I know I may be killed. I say this as a way to get ahead of the murder, etc. I hope to prevent it. But it may happen. And I warn people. Globalists, etc, are going after everyone. First, they kill me and then they kill you. Get prepared. Be prepared. Someday, I may be dead. And you will be next. Get ready now.

06:56 PM
Did you Bitcoin is at 81K CAD right now? Did that just happen in the last day or so? Impressive. Wait, what is CAD? Does that mean the Canada Dollar?

09:41 PM
I use Ubuntu Mate and I do not use antivirus programs. This video is a good summary. It is said there may be less viruses made for Linux, etc. Plus, there may be other factors regarding what makes Linux based operating systems better and the problems there are with Windows, Apple, Android, etc.

09:49 PM
@blort@tube.tchncs.de, I use Ubuntu Mate and I can tell you it appears that some of the computer viruses which I may run into may be the types that are simply renting out my CPU, GPU, RAM, my resources, etc. Some may be trying to scan for passwords. But I cannot say I actually ran into viruses. But there has been times I felt like I have. I don't use antivirus programs. Well, some of the problems I may have run into may have been bugs which are technically or generally NOT the same thing as a virus or a Trojan Horse or whatever. So, then I will manually go into my Terminal (which is like the MS-DOS command prompt) to update. Windows can be set to update automatically. So, when you fail to update Linux, Ubuntu, etc, then you may run into security issues, AKA bugs or whatever. So, in conclusion, I think I have run into bugs, security issues. I don't think I have ran into viruses. But I am considering having antivirus programs in the future just to be on the safe side. But it is not as big of a problem it seems at least for now. I've been using Ubuntu since 2007 and I prefer it over Windows and Apple.

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Big Sky 202

2021-10-20 - Wednesday - 04:05 AM - 04:49 AM - Big Sky 202

Boy goes to report a crime, the car crash, but then sees the cop there who did the crime. So, he walked away before Scarlett Johansson could come on over. Girl has to hide the money and drugs from her dad or whoever he is. But she gave money to her mom for new teeth crowns, $2K. He catches her with drugs. Meanwhile, a new couple flies in, Bonnie and Clyde. They are there for the money and drugs. Some creep saw the kids during the accident. Ronald is being trained like a dog while his girl is in the garden.

11:53 AM
Sports Wars - Magic Johnson BLASTS Kyrie Irving For Not Getting Jab | Says He Would "Never Do That To Teammates"

Why hasn't Michael Jordan said anything? Jabs are killing people. Magic is a monster for promoting murder.

12:07 PM

12:13 PM
We are in a global collapse, a Super Great Depression.

02:55 PM

03:14 PM
Churches will tell people to get the COOKIE SMASHER which will smash in their faces.

Cookie smasher means Covid Vaccines, etc.

COOKIE SMASHER might be approved in 2026 but children are getting them in 2021.

Mafia didn't do so well in the south because that is where the Scots dominated.

04:12 PM
A major heart valve of the wild west was seeded by the Scottish people.

04:15 PM
Viva Frei - Sidebar with Scott Adams! Viva & Barnes LIVE

Scott Adams grew up in a small city in I think it was New York. His graduating class might have been 40 students or so.

Scott says he is pro-religion but doesn't do it himself.

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12:11 AM
Press For Truth - 21 year old mother charged with manslaughter after miscarriage. Think you have heard it all Nope!

01:00 AM

01:01 AM

03:05 AM
Nick's Side Hustle

Big Sky 202

2021-10-20 - Wednesday - 04:05 AM - 04:49 AM - Big Sky 202

11:53 AM
Sports Wars - Magic Johnson BLASTS Kyrie Irving For Not Getting Jab | Says He Would "Never Do That To Teammates"

12:07 PM

02:55 PM

04:15 PM
Viva Frei - Sidebar with Scott Adams! Viva & Barnes LIVE

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