People should fight for a minimum of three things. In third place would be to fight for one's country or nation. Number two, for one's city. Number one, for one's own private property.

If your cat begins to bark, will you say, "My cat is a dog?"

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What do you think about that?

Oatmeal Daily - 2021-10-19 - Tuesday | Published in October of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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Three Things

2021-10-19 - Monday - 01:20 AM - Freedom Log | Gab

People should fight for a minimum of three things. In third place would be to fight for one's country or nation. Number two, for one's city. Number one, for one's own private property.

Covid can be killed.
But Covid Vaccines are killing people | Forbidden News | Forbidden Videos | Forbidden Links

02:35 PM
Admins don't have to do anything. You can add additional admins. Just don't remove the Brandon Menu link in the description and in the pinned post.

02:41 PM
Instead of trying to wake people up, focus on forming offline groups. Take the time to write down contacts on paper.

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List of my Favorite Websites

05:16 PM
Let's Go Brandon Raccoon.

05:35 PM
Vickie Albertson, you could be an admin in this group, you don't have to do anything as an admin. The idea is called a backup plan in case other admins are suspended off Facebook.

05:38 PM
I encourage you to make your own groups on Facebook, Gab, Hive, Telegram, Discord, email, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, your own websites, and share the links here.

Learning English With Oatmeal.
This community or club is all about learning and teaching the English language. It includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, etymology, debate, etc.

2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Here is a photo of me with at an English club in Vietnam in 2013.

What is the first amendment?

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 05:55 PM - Legal Log | Gab

The first amendment is not government giving people free speech because humans are born with that right.

Instead, the first amendment is a contract Americans MANDATED AND ORDERED government into towards not getting in the way of a right which already existed PRE-1776.

The first amendment mostly correlates with the 9th and 10th amendments regarding RESTRICTING the state from becoming a PUBLISHER LIKE FACEBOOK IS AND IS NOT.

Exploring Health with Oatmeal.
This club is all about pursuing wholistic medicine, natural remedies, cures, prevention, correction, studies, research, ideas, etc.

07:28 PM
@Roy Merrick, wow, you are full of oatmeal, full of lies, you are a leftist... i am very busy... but you say i am not.... that is insane... it sounds like you are saying Where The Wild Things Are is some kind of Star Trek Next Generation meets The Boys philosophy drama. How much time do you spend reading my blog?

2022 Goals
2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 08:47 PM - 2022 Goals created.


Write out things you want to do in 2022, goals, plans, desires, ideas, resolutions, revolutions, etc.

2022 Outline

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 08:47 PM - 2022 Goals

Publish a 2022 outline at URL @joeyarnoldvn/2022 and have links to each month such as January being URL web hyperlink @joeyarnoldvn/2022-01 and so on and so forth for each of the twelve months.

The secondary monthly Internet link of @joeyarnoldvn/2022-january instead of 2022-01 for example for each month might be better if included in monthly and daily posts. It might be better to only include one link per month in the annual outline posts for each year.

This can be challenging because I've used a few different link pattern the past few years. For example, an older model for January would be 2022-january-month-in-review as the URL link, the ending part of the link I mean. I may have had other variations for templates and everything. I like to be consistent and keep patterns, templates, schemes, etc, alive. Meaning part of me wants to publish a post for every variation that was or might be. I want my number one URL template for each yearly post to be just the name of the year, that should be my main focus. Meaning 2022 instead of 2022-year-in-review for example for the URL. But a secondary scheme for a secondary yearly post should be that.

Let me explain the difference between the two yearly posts.


The 2022 yearly post should be smaller, shorter, focused more on links to monthly posts and the most important things relating to world history and other big topics, subjects, categories, etc, which the world could benefit the most from.


But the current model can be more personal in emphasis, longer, things more relating to my personal life and such.


Same thing with monthly posts. But I generally don't publish 2 posts per monthly post. But I may want to do that.

Before Each Month

Before the start of November of 2021 for example, I want to publish a 2021-11 post where I link to each daily post for November, for example, 2021-11-01, and outline news, events, plans, etc, relating to this coming 11th month of this current year coming next month. As I publish each daily post, then I can have a link to this monthly post. I usually simply link to the future monthly post going back to 2018 or 2019 or not sure when I started but been doing it for months now or longer. But that means broken links. I want to minimize broken links. So, it might be better to have monthly posts published before the start of each month. At the end of November, I could publish the 2011-november post. Monthly posts could link either both monthly posts versions. I should probably only focus on 2 versions per monthly post as opposed to additional versions as that can become too much work and confusing and such.


I publish one Oatmeal Daily post per day. I publish them at the end of each day. After 11:59 PM today, I will publish my 2021-10-19 post. I do this every day. I have one version for the daily posts. I do not wish to have multiple daily post versions. Having multiple post versions for monthly, annual, decade-long, century-long, millennium long, etc, posts may be the way to go. But then again, maybe not. Well, posts relating to recent history of things in 2010 and after. Well, that is still a random year number in some ways.

Watch Commentary
Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

The Walking Dead: World Beyond 204 - Family is a Four Letter Word

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 01:30 AM - 02:22 AM - The Walking Dead: World Beyond 204 - Family is a Four Letter Word

She goes to see her sister. She wants her to go back to see dad but she says no. She also kisses the guy. So, her sister goes back. Also, her older sister is not trusting mom. Or maybe not realyl mom. She wants to trust her mom. her real mom that is. Fat kid was going to leave. He like stays. They got him to stay. Romeo was going to shot Husk but black Will Smith got in the way. Surprise, he is alive.

Big Sky 116

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 02:34 AM - 03:20 AM - Big Sky 116

Mom kills dad. Now, it is just her and her daughter on the ranch. The 2 chicks and the mustache Zorro caught Ronald who then had a backup plan for escaping prison. Well, not prison but before prison. Reminds me of Breaking Bad because he had people who made him and his GF new passports, IDs. But she wants to go back and get her daughter. Scary Black Spice Girl is going after them after Scarlett Johansson Viking chick was shot in the gut or heart.

Big Sky 201

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 03:20 AM - 04:08 AM - Big Sky 201

He tells her she has good instincts, not just because she is a blond from Vikings. She rebounds since after her husband died. These kids saw a car crash and ran off with the bag of money from it since the one dying man told them to. Babysitter girl. This second season starts off real strong and ends with a cliff hanger as the dead cop had a twin brother who captured Ronald.

01:43 PM

Humans by Three Legged Legs

A movie was made in or around 2005 I think. Alex Jones mentioned in 2010 a film which won at the Berlin Film Festival in 2007 made by Legged Legs. It is about humans. So, the movie has a narrator talking to earth about getting sick by a disease called humans. It shows humans killing animals in animation, like a cartoon style short film or movie. It shows humans draining the resources from the inside out via drilling. The earth turns black and then humans go from planet to planet destroying everything.

02:07 PM
Do you trust the government?

02:18 PM
A girl was raped at school. This is her father who the police beat up. We should raise awareness to the crimes.

02:23 PM
If your cat begins to bark, will you say, "My cat is a dog?"

02:29 PM
When real Americans fail to vote on local levels, horses will begin to escape the barn.

Neutron bombs can kill life without blowing up buildings.

Since the 1820s, both Alex's mom's and dad's side of the family were based in Texas. Both side were part of the founding of Texas. That is what Alex Said on his show on Tuesday, the 19th of October of 2021.

Watch Log
Here is a list of what I'm watching

12:18 AM

12:39 AM

The Walking Dead: World Beyond 204 - Family is a Four Letter Word

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 01:30 AM - 02:22 AM - The Walking Dead: World Beyond 204 - Family is a Four Letter Word

Big Sky 116

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 02:34 AM - 03:20 AM - Big Sky 116

Big Sky 201

2021-10-19 - Tuesday - 03:20 AM - 04:08 AM - Big Sky 201

01:43 PM

05:49 PM
Blaze TV - Climate Activists STORM Government Building & Media Is SILENT | The Chad Prather Show

07:31 PM
Geeks + Gamers - Tuesday Night's Main Event - Netflix Walk Out | Mel Gibson Makes SJWs Cry | Nintendo Online DISASTER

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Dear diary,
Working on ears. It helps. Hydrogen peroxide, both sides, head to side to let it sink in and then to other side to let it drain. Also, breathe in and out through ears or at least try to as that puts pressure on the pipes, the canals between mouth and ears. I got up at 11:30 AM and was off to morning and afternoon chores to 01:33 PM. Vitamins. Garbage. Liner for outside dumpster. Not dumpster but wheeled can. Recycling. Compost. Dishes wash. Put away clean dishes. Cut up around 5 bananas to freeze. The remaining dozen to be made into a loaf of bread by mom. Tomato maintenance. Kitchen mop by sink. I spilled water when washing dishes. I do that sometimes due to speed and such. Was a dishwasher at restaurants and such for 6 years to 2009 and on and off a few times after that in the 2010s as well. Plus here as usual since 2018. Vacuum. Branches were taken away by a truck and trailer by random people. Perhaps they were paid by people in our neighborhood. The leaders of this neighborhood include the head of this household and the neighbor with basketball. I helped around 6 months ago cutting lower branches which reached over the back gravel road near the big garage. Others may or did the same. So, they pick it up. Mom got a book in the mail today about how to preserve food and other tricks and secrets and life hacks and such. Larry was out to a meeting by 9. Breakfast was around noon. Lunch, 01:40 PM. More chores in the afternoon and evening. Laundry. Folding towels. Dishes a few times, last time around 08:30 PM for like ten minutes or longer. Working on 2022 Goals, see my log on that. Nap, 09:30 PM to midnight.
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Breakfast: banana and coffee around noon.
Lunch: 3 breakfast burritos, 01:40 PM.
Dinner: soup stuff which I had some of yesterday, 08:00 PM.
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