RE: 2021-10-17

Trade means exchange. And you are exchanging words with me. That means you are trading ideas between me and you. That is the definition of a conversation. Therefore, not trade free. I know you mean certain types of trade-free. It is trade-free in some ways. But my point however is that it is not trade-free in other ways.

The first book on Trom talked about that board game called Monopoly. It pointed out problems within not only centralized monopolies, federal government, globalism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, tyranny, communism, socialism, fascism, etc, but specifically within the realm of crony capitalism or cartels.

I am not totally sure if Trom is against free markets completely or if it is against cronyism and other things which are not to be confused with free markets and private property rights and everything. I believe in trade. I got something, you got something, we trade. You do not have to only trade with centralized fiat currencies like the dollar. I give you my apple and you give me your orange. Better yet, I give you an hour of time and you pay me with a smile or with an apple pie. Like, there are many ways to trade.

The dollar is used as a ruler of value. But money is not the only thing that has value. Time has value. Information has value. Relationships have value. Land has value. Products and services have value. Gold has value. When you say trade-free, if you mean fiat-free, then I like fiat-free things. I want to get away from monopolies, cartels, fiat, etc. I promote Bitcoin, gold, free trade, free markets, private property, land rights, individualism over collectivism, how-to videos, self-help books, natural remedies, etc.

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