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This man gave a public speech in 1995 describing the future plans for coof and the poke which we started seeing in 2020. They always tell us what they will do. They are also telling us about 2030. Are we waking up yet?

There are good and bad types of fluoride. Which of the two is in your water?

Do you believe in time-travel?

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This man gave a public speech in 1995 describing the future plans for coof and the poke which we started seeing in 2020. They always tell us what they will do. They are also telling us about 2030. Are we waking up yet?

Oatmeal Daily - 2021-10-01 - Friday | Published in October of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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2021-10-01 - Friday - 09:40 PM - Covid Log | Gab

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The story of my life is like the story of a little boy named Billy Breaker stuck inside an Arnold Attic. The origin of my life can be traced back to my birth in 1985 in Oregon. I grew up in a ghetto. I was homeschooled. I lived in Hawaii. I taught English in Vietnam.

11:21 AM - YouTube
@Roy Merrick, I saw the Butterfly Effect starring Ashton Kutcher. I think I saw the sequel to that movie. Yesterday, was watching a German TV show, it in English, I think it was German, it was called Butterfly Effect, 3 seasons starting in around 2017. No new seasons after 2019. It went through what if certain big things in world history did not happen.

11:38 AM
Facebook Patriot Hub group chat:
@Bella Loona, thanks for sharing that video. I have Internet going from the modem router into a device and then into the telephone line in the wall of the house. It comes out of the wall on the other side of the house, it goes through a second device and then to my laptop. I have several different devices, some which send Ethernet through telephone, coaxial cable, and a third kind that goes through the power-grid in the wall. That's not to mention adapters.
Jorge, we all should moon walk like Michael Jackson. I can sort of moon walk at a slower speed.
The trick to moon walking is to rest the weight of your body on one leg while the other leg slides.
Rest body weight on one leg, have your foot up like you are wearing high heel shoes while sliding the other foot.
Back around 2003 in high school, other classmates were teaching me.
I would go to school dances.
One guy would dance like Michael Jackson during lip syncs, the general assembles we would have in the gym, special events, or random times.
I started going to school dances and would dance like a wild man.
@Jill Barnhart, awesome video or movie you posted. Best part is the music at the very end.

11:49 AM
Facebook told me GMO does not exist. Wow. Facebook is insane.

Learning English With Oatmeal.
This community or club is all about learning and teaching the English language. It includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, etymology, debate, etc.

2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Here is a photo of me with at an English club in Vietnam in 2013.

Time-Travel Log

2021-10-01 - Friday - 02:32 PM - Time-Travel Log.

02:32 PM - YouTube
@Roy Merrick, I would tell myself to buy as much Bitcoin as possible right when it came out. I would say don't sell Bitcoin until at least 2030. That would be the biggest thing I could tell myself. 2nd would be to backup data on computers, hard drives, thumb drives, DVDs, Internet, etc. I could talk all day about things I would say to myself. But I don't believe in all the aspects of the butterfly effect in the negative perspective. I don't believe that a single change has to change the course of world history. I believe changing key events can alter things, that is true. But reaction to that would likely come potentially and eventually. That is in regards to good and bad changes both. But I am against fatalism, nihilism, pacifism, etc. Meaning I don't believe in fate in the sense of being unable to change history. But I say that more in regards to the future and less so in regards to the past. Compensation happens. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, if good things or bad things did not happen in history. Then the opposite would likely not happen either. If you stop a bad thing from happening, then you might stop that thrist to counter that bad thing. It is like a mom who stops her son from ever getting hurt. That boy becomes a soy boy. Where is Norm Pattis? Intriguing.

@Roy Merrick, I would tell myself to download Alex Jones videos. I was working on Mea Omnia, a website around 2011. So, I would tell myself how to make sure that website would work. I would probably steal a bunch of ideas of what people are doing now regarding everything and tell myself what those ideas are and were.

But how would you react to seeing what looks like your older self telling you what to do? If I was able to tell myself stuff, I would have to try to educate and teach myself. I would have to pretend I was just a friend similar to how Doctor Brown in Back To The Future talked to himself. So, you become friends with yourself and gradually ask questions and tell them things indirectly. Perhaps I would have to point out how bad and centralized money was. And then introduce Bitcoin as an alternative. I would have to say to myself how I am buying Bitcoin and will be holding onto it for many years as the dollar dies in the next ten to twenty years. I would have to avoid saying I was from the future. I would have to hint at things. But changing the future might change me. Where do I go if the past changes, do I stop existing or what? Are there different timelines? But that means more than one me. But how can there be more than one me?

03:57 PM
Algebra formula to describe time-travel. There are at least two main views on time travel, first general perspective is that time travel creates separate timelines and the alternative point of view is that it doesn't. I'm addressing the second view which would probably create an infinite time-loop which would be similar to a feedback audio loop when you put a microphone next to a speaker. When you put a microphone near a speaker, then the sound from the microphone travels out of the speaker and back into the microphone. After that, the sound goes out of the speaker a second time and then back into microphone and out of the speakers and back into the microphone and then back out of the speakers and around and around like the circle of life in an endless loop. Time-travel would have a potential of causing a time-space feedback loop or paradox at worse and at best it would cause no change at all. So, in other words, there are two extreme potential outcomes that could come out of this secondary view of remaining on the same timeline and the same dimension and universe and everything else you can think of. So, to break down this second view on time travel, at best, time travel would not change the present or future because the time-travel that you end up doing, you already did. So, if I went back in time to steal a burrito I was eating in 1997, then, according to this view, then the burrito would have been gone already before I went back in time to steal it. I wouldn't have eaten the burrito because I already went back in time to steal it from myself. The problem would be if I went back in time to kill myself, would that be possible. According to this second view, it would either be impossible to do or it would create some kind of paradox. Well, I can't say exactly, but those are the two things I can think of from the top of my head. By the way, an endless time loop is like a guinea pig going around in his wheel not going anywhere and not getting anywhere. One of the problems with time feedback is the endless loop of germs. I am not saying it has to result in an endless loop but if you go back in time, you bring back with you germs. So, the germs multiply. When your past self goes to your present time, to your present self, when you go back a second time, which is the first time, you bring back with you even more germs assuming they don't die. But some germs do die and some do live. So, there is potential of an endless time loop of germs going around and around in the time loop.
A+B=C+D. A= time as it was. B = time as it becomes. C = time as it is. D = going back in time to create B.
A+B=C+D. A=past-tense time. B=E+F. C=present-tense time. D=F-E. A(E+F)=C+(F-E). 5(3+2)=5(2-3). 25=-5. This formula I made up is probably off. I should make up a new theory. I think I failed. My result was 25 equals negative 5. These are only random numbers meant to describe time travel off the second view.

A=B. A=time as it was. B=time as it is. A=C+D. B=E-D. C+D=E-D. A(C+D)=B(E-D). This may not be the best way to express time-travel but it is a starting point.

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This club is all about pursuing wholistic medicine, natural remedies, cures, prevention, correction, studies, research, ideas, etc.

Being healthy is like living life with common sense because if you got none, then you'll probably fall off a cliff. If you got none, you'll lose your mind and your oatmeal.

09:19 PM - Gab
This man gave a public speech in 1995 describing the future plans for coof and the poke which we started seeing in 2020. They always tell us what they will do. They are also telling us about 2030. Are we waking up yet?

09:37 PM
Meanwhile in France, the 11th Saturday in a row, out in the streets marching for freedom, the French are relentless.

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Comments, reviews, of shows, movies, etc

Prisoners of the Ghostland

2021-10-01 - Friday - 02:25 AM - 04:05 AM - Prisoners of the Ghostland

Nicholas Cage. Set in the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town where a ruthless bank robber is sprung from jail by wealthy warlord The Governor, whose adopted granddaughter Bernice has gone missing. The Governor offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for retrieving the runaway. Strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct within three days, the bandit sets off on a journey to find the young woman and his own path to redemption. 2021-09-17. Find her or die in 3 to 5 days. He does. Loses left testicle and an arm from jacket. Old partner keeps them there. He talks to him. He blows himself up and his men. Bernice shoots the governor. The ghost town returns in celebration.

11:54 AM
Geeks + Gamers - Live From BOSTON - Geeks + Gamers Meet Up!

@Geeks + Gamers, when you going on alex jones?
watch out for copyright, background music can get you
DDR has double meanings, dance dance revolution and disk drive recorder
Speaking of Jon Snow, instead of Comic Con, we need Geeks + Gamers Con.
@Geeks + Gamers, turn these meetups into Fandom Menace Cons.

12:09 PM
Slightly Offensive - The Untold Story Of Alex Jones | Ep 193

Glenn Beck signed his painting of puppeteer Putin controlling fake news to Alex Jones.
Alex Jones likes the I am married to you joke. When he goes on shows, he jokes about secretly being married to men, to women. I find these types of jokes to be funny.
His paternal or maternal grandpa lived in south Austin. City creek behind his house. Trees washed up. City went to fine him. But it was actually not on his property. They were just harassing old people. That was part of the reason he started going on the air after that in the 1990s. Grandpa had a heart attack. I think they were trying to make him clean up the mess. He said he would.

Alex Jones said he grew up in Rockwall. His mom had a degree in history. His uncle was in the military. He really started getting history books especially when he was 12.

I was watching Crash Course videos on history around 2013. I eventually ran into Alex Jones on YouTube at least by 2016.
It is not that Alex Jones is EVER wrong ABOUT ANYTHING because he is simply saying "THIS IS WHAT THE GLOBALISTS ARE TRYING TO DO."
When bad people are unable to do bad stuff, it is not that Alex Jones is wrong for telling us they were trying to do it. It means we stopped it or that they failed.
I am still on MySpace.
Alex Jones may be wrong about some things. But compared to what? We might as well say we are all wrong. It makes no sense.
WTC was bombed in around 1993.
Crypto IRA is dangerous. I have Bitcoin. But I prefer not keeping crypto on centralized sites.
In 2021, Alex Jones has been on the air for almost 28 years now. 2021-27=1994. Current year is 2021. He said almost 28 years. So, 2021 minus 27 is 1994. So, around 1993 at the earliest or more likely around 1994 at the earliest.

Ministry schools.
Mystery schools go back to some of the biggest empires throughout world history, Babylon, Greece, Rome. I am not sure if we have found libraries of ancient Egypt assuming that they had some. So, this is related to masons which may go back to Solomon and things of that nature or time period. Also, free masons.

CDC is coming for your guns.

01:56 PM
There are good and bad types of fluoride. Which of the two is in your water?
1999 music video joke of Alex Jones and Joe Rogan, belly of the beast. Alex wearing the Bush mask and Joe wearing the Reagan mask I think.
2015, gay frogs quote.

03:13 PM
TV Freedom - Masters of The Universe 4:20 TV edition

this might be better than when they dubbed dragon ball and pokemon
Imagine mixing Heman with Shera. They both say similar things.
I'm not currently making crazy meme videos, but I would mix Heman and She-Ra bobbing their heads, you can go back and forth between the two.
i am not on this side of the Internet a lot
this side of the Internet is like a black hole of fun, like quick sand
i never wear masks
This is Robot Chicken material.
Is this Robot Chicken or similar?
Perhaps some of it is Robot Chicken.
Yeah, I just recognized Seth Green's voice.
I probably should do videos like this.

03:19 PM
Nerdrotic - Venom BEATS Shang-Chi | RIP James Bond - Friday Night Tights with Nick Rekieta & Chrissie Mayr

I want Coke. X-Ray meme. Coke, pronounced cock. Coke. Cock.
Video of X-Ray hitting Ryan in the balls as they were running pass each other by accident 2 hours ago.
Angel Alex Jones video on Steven Crowder.
show alex as an angel video
@Nerdrotic, ask Quarter Black Garrett about the Alex Jones as an angel in prison video.
McDonald's, my hot coffee is hot. I am suing you. Ahahahahhahaaaa!!!!
Weird Al song, I am going to sue you too.
say poke
why are 100,000 health workers quitting?
@animeangel1983, bingo
@animeangel1983, bingo... @Russ Williams, some were fired but many are choosing to quit at the same time
there are doctors who can help you with that, but you have to know where to look
cooooof is aids like
hiv delivery system is c0v1d said alex jones
alex jones talked about what the poke is and is not, many interviews
Can the balls suck into your body like a turtle head?
Ryan will have no kids now.
@Nerdrotic, put Ryan's head on the body of Nicholas Cage in that new movie, Prisoners of the Ghostland, where his left testicle is blown up.
Did anybody see that new Nicholas Cage movie?
In the new movie, Nicholas Cage has his balls blow up.
Girl power
Ryan is touched by an angel.
Need metal spoon or fork. Plastic does not work.
Plastic spoons are too wobbly.
X-Ray said you cannot say SIMP on Twitch.
poke is bad
Maul Shatner
I made a Blair Witch movie.

Watch Log
Here is a list of what I'm watching

12:32 AM
Rubin Report - Ana Kasparian & Dave Rubin's Best and Worst Moments of 2014

12:37 AM
Rubin Report - Dave Rubin And Alex Jones Speak About Free Speech And Liberal Insanity

12:44 AM
PragerU - Bill Maher: Americans NEED Perspective

01:04 AM
Britney Jean Spears - Britney vs Spears - Journalist Jenny Eliscu and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr investigate Britney Spears' fight for freedom by way of exclusive interviews and confidential evidence.

02:00 AM
2025 - The World enslaved by a Virus
2021-10-01 - Friday - 02:02 AM - Lockdown 2025

Prisoners of the Ghostland

2021-10-01 - Friday - 02:25 AM - 04:05 AM - Prisoners of the Ghostland

11:24 AM
Quantum Truths JC Kay - #150 "The Lost History of Earth" (Full 5 hour Documentary by Ewaranon)

Plandemic / Scamdemic 3 - DEEP STATE GREAT RESET - PART TWO - A MrTruthBomb Film

11:54 AM
Geeks + Gamers - Live From BOSTON - Geeks + Gamers Meet Up!

12:09 PM
Slightly Offensive - The Untold Story Of Alex Jones | Ep 193

02:22 PM
Nerdrotic - Friday Night Tights Q and A

03:13 PM
TV Freedom - Masters of The Universe 4:20 TV edition

03:19 PM
Nerdrotic - Venom BEATS Shang-Chi | RIP James Bond - Friday Night Tights with Nick Rekieta & Chrissie Mayr

08:25 PM

08:27 PM

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