A lot more people started getting involved in the stock market as the Internet was rising in the 1990s.

Bill Gate's Internet Explorer premiered originally with Microsoft's Windows 1995, it is said he stole the web browser after studying Netscape.

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Oatmeal Daily - 2021-10-22 - Friday | Published in October of 2021

Published by Oatmeal Joey Arnold
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Truth Social

2021-10-21 - Thursday - 12:35 PM

Trump announced last night that his social media network called Truth Social is coming in November of 2021.

Covid can be killed.
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The story of my life is like the story of a little boy named Billy Breaker stuck inside an Arnold Attic. The origin of my life can be traced back to my birth in 1985 in Oregon. I grew up in a ghetto. I was homeschooled. I lived in Hawaii. I taught English in Vietnam.

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2013-11-17 - Sunday - HOLA FAV - Got Talent 2 - 1456791_536788599749435_806329642_n.jpg

Here is a photo of me with at an English club in Vietnam in 2013.

Learning English is kind of like eating oatmeal because it takes a bite at a time.

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Being healthy is like living life with common sense because if you got none, then you'll probably fall off a cliff. If you got none, you'll lose your mind and your oatmeal.

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Relic Hunter 101

2021-10-22 - Friday - 02:04 AM - 02:58 AM - Relic Hunter 101

This show premiered in 1999 and it had 3 seasons, 22 episodes per season, 66 episodes total, the show ended in the spring or summer of 2002 I think. I don't think I saw at the time. I might have heard of it a few times over the years but haven't watched a single episode until now. It stars Tia Carrere who reminds me of an Asian Angelina Jolie who was starring as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider in the late 1990s and early 2000s in 2 or 3 movies. So, this show is kind of like their version of Tomb Raider. It has a female lead similar to Star Trek Voyager, Xena The Warrior Princess, etc. A female lead can work if done right. The opening theme song, the soundtrack, the music video intro, is interesting. SHe is like a female Indiana Jones. Professor Sydney Fox is head of the archeology department at a Chicago University. She can inspire her students very well, but is often absent on short notice, unable to resist the call of the field, which is however tolerated because it can pay off big for the university's museum as she's a world-class relic hunter. Her scholarly brilliant English academic assistant, Nigel Bailey, has his reservations about being dragged along all over the world on most of her treasure hunts, but puts up with the risks and inconveniences of the guests out of a sense of duty and because of the appeal the athletic lady adventurer seems to have on most men in the series. The third permanent cast member is their office secretary, during most seasons vain airhead Claudia whose rich father is frightfully well-connected, notably with the chancellor, later the far more competent Karen Petrusky; both usually stay in college, minding things there and doing some research, booking etcetera, but on occasion also get to play a more active part, and in both cases tend to make use of their female charms too. While each episode is a treasure hunt on its own, some other characters recur twice or more, mainly rival relic hunters and/or personal acquaintances, such as Sydney's many former lovers, a secret agent and Nigel's brother. Starring Tia Carrere, Lindy Booth, Christien Anholt, Tanja Reichert.

523 BC, Nepal. Man handing out coins. Near Mount Everest I assume. Someone says he is a fake. They fight. He or someone stops the fight. The bowl goes down a stream. Present time, a blond. Tia does a dance as she a teacher. These people want Tia to find the Buddhist Bowl. They go to find it. They go to a fountain. They go to a cave like statue thing. Like Indiana Jones when they go to find the cup of Jesus. Cell phones were new then. They cup gives you what you need. Gave man missing watch. Train. One step ahead to sabotage. Sweet ass or whatever his nickname he had for her. Because bugs or wasps came to stung her in her bum. She knew him from previous adventures. He was friends with an Asian man who was trying to help his father's business. Blond fell into online shopping. Coins had a lot of value.

Dark Side of the 90s - 101

2021-10-22 - Friday - 03:00 AM - 03:11 AM - Dark Side of the 90s - 101 - Trash TV

Jerry Springer. Oprah. Geraldo Rivera. Empty vault. Adults dressing up as babies. Fights. You are not the father. Oprah was the mom. 1994-06-17 - OJ Simpson in a car chase. 250 million people were watching live during the trial. Celebrities. Tabloids. Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinski. Jenny Jones.

Dark Side of the 90s - 110 - Internet 1.0 - Don't Believe the Hype

2021-10-22 - Friday - 03:12 AM - 03:57 AM - Dark Side of the 90s - 110 - Internet 1.0 - Don't Believe the Hype

Pets.com. Eisenhower, military highways. Bill Clinton, cybernet highways. Internet goes back to the 1960s or maybe even farther. Colleges and military were developing them. Web page started around 1990 or earlier. But web pages and linking started becoming more popular perhaps in or around 1990. Web browsers started rising. Search engines started rising. Yahoo. AOL. Email started late 1980s perhaps. Net Scape. Party. Work hard. Couches at work. Fun times. But work so hard. Manic. Amazon and Yahoo launched in 1994. Aol was rising. Disney was rising online too. It is said that Netscape was taking over like 80% of the general-population-version of the Internet for a while in the 1990s. Webvan.com. Razorfish.com. Flooz. Whopi Goldberg promoted Flooz in the 1990s, it wasn't Bitcoin but it was a digital value system. CNBC. Fox. A lot more people started getting involved in the stock market as the Internet was rising in the 1990s. Internet Explorer launched in 1995 and came with Microsoft 1995. Bill Gates came over to the Netscape web browser. After that, Microsoft 1995 came with Internet Explorer pre-installed.

Bill Gate's Internet Explorer premiered originally with Microsoft's Windows 1995, it is said he stole the web browser after studying Netscape. Autotrade.com. Super Bowl commericials, many dot com ads. The dot com bubble. Webex.com. Pets puppet sues the other puppet on Conan. The Conan pitbull puppet won.

Big Sky 204 - Getting Right To It

2021-10-22 - Friday - 03:57 AM - 04:32 AM - Big Sky 204 - Getting Right To It

Scary. They go to look. Lady is there. Kidnap lady is in closet. Ronald has a dog collar. Cop gets boy. Soy boy cop is told by Jenni he has to call her by her last name. Money. Ransom. Trade. Logged cabin. Woods. Fake girl man kisses old man. Gay. Homosexuality. Uncover. Shooting truck. 3 girls to save the day. Soy boy push over fat boy sucks. Girls are the bestest ever like Rey in Star Wars.

03:02 PM
Nerdrotic - Chapelle VICTORIOUS | Alec Baldwin | Batwoman - Friday Night Tights w/ YellowFlash and Adam Crigler

Watch Log
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01:20 AM

01:26 AM

01:30 AM
Agent Truth Teller - Donald Trump Junior announces his Father's new Social Media platform "Truth Social" SIGN UP FOLKS!

01:45 AM
Real Coffee with Scott Adams - Episode 1537 Scott Adams: Trump Gets His Own Social Network. That Means Good Content Today

Relic Hunter 101

2021-10-22 - Friday - 02:04 AM - 02:58 AM - Relic Hunter 101

Dark Side of the 90s - 101

2021-10-22 - Friday - 03:00 AM - 03:11 AM - Dark Side of the 90s - 101 - Trash TV

Dark Side of the 90s - 110 - Internet 1.0 - Don't Believe the Hype

2021-10-22 - Friday - 03:12 AM - 03:57 AM - Dark Side of the 90s - 110 - Internet 1.0 - Don't Believe the Hype

Big Sky

2021-10-22 - Friday - 03:57 AM - 04:32 AM - Big Sky 204 - Getting Right To It

11:54 AM
Real Coffee with Scott Adams - Episode 1537 Scott Adams: Trump Gets His Own Social Network. That Means Good Content Today

03:02 PM
Nerdrotic - Chapelle VICTORIOUS | Alec Baldwin | Batwoman - Friday Night Tights w/ YellowFlash and Adam Crigler

Daily Oatmeal Post. Welcome to the Oatmeal Daily with your host, Oatmeal Joey Arnold. Each day, I publish these entries, posts, articles, web pages. This is mostly a personal blog, diary, journal, or autobiography. However, some of this may be useful, applicable, inspirational, educational, entertaining. However, the template here is mostly that of a boring log. I've included my watch log near the bottom of this post listing some of the videos I've viewed. At the very bottom are some of my favorite links worth sharing.
Dear diary,
I got up at 11:45 AM. Breakfast, 11:54 AM. Cleaning out the gutters around noon to 02:50 PM plus tomatoes maintenance. First, before that, taking a hunting box or container from the front garage to the truck because he is hunting. Was told to open the front garage even tho I could have walked around with it. Would have been easier to not open the garage but was told to do that. Gutters took me 5 buckets. Was going to take up a garbage can but that would have rolled off or something. Would have been too heavy or too dangerous. Threw some of it off by the compost pile by mom's room and behind the book shed by the evergreen trees. Not entirely but a little bit those 2 places meaning it would have been 6 buckets or more. There is more debris on the roof but most of the gutters are cleaned out, 7 separate lines of gutters. 120 feet is my guess for the house, that is 60 feet times 2 for both sides. 60 feet for the big garage. Around 30 feet for the book shed. The last line is probably around 7 feet over the firewood, an extension of the patio. Bottle of beans. No, glass. Wait, no, a jar. That's the word. Lunch, 03:00 PM. Dishes around 4 to 5:30 PM or on and off. Mail. Trash. Kitchen sweep. Nap around 9 to 10:30 PM or something like that.
Food log
Breakfast: apple, coffee, 11:54 AM.
Lunch: soup, 3 tomatoes, on 2 potatoes, 03:00 PM.
Dinner: soup or whatever around 7 to 08:30 PM, a little bit of the banana bread.
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