2023, July

Pangaea Atlantic 2nd Ocean as Synthetic Devil's Anti-Sea Saturday the first day of July of 2023. Glenn Beck, Dark Future Book Sunday. Alex Jones Globalists to Kill Billions Quickly Monday. Blocked by Minds, Disney Star Wars Gina Carano Tuesday. UFO time travel? Encino Man Discord Movie Night 01 Wednesday. Welsh Republic Drama Thursday. Discord TikTok Hackers stole my Social Security Number and will likely imprison and murder me. Cherry Discord Social Security Number Malaria America Invasion Friday. Discord Launch Potential Saturday.

Autism Conflation Sunday the 9th. Addictions vs Holy Spirit Monday. SEC vs LBRY Tuesday. Hollywood Molested Shirley Temple Wednesday. Rima Laibow Famines Coming Thursday. Greta Obama Oatmeal Discord Leaks Threats Friday. Pizza Airplane Fake Plane Lizards Girl in Bikini Saturday.

Discord Voice Video Sunday the 16th. Creamville Discord Party Monday. Trump Jan6 Indictment Coming Tuesday. Taco Tuesday Alex Stein AOC Video Wednesday. Hospitals Murdered, Discord Naughty List Grew Thursday. Real Right Don't Cancel Friday. Chris Cuomo Saturday.

Annual Church Picnic Sunday the 23rd. Senate Bill 1409, The Kids Online Safety Act Monday. Lebron James Son Covid Vaccines Heart Attack Tuesday. Run Ronnie Run Discord Movie Night Wednesday. My First TikTok Live Thursday. Alex Jones Jaimee Foxx Will Die Soon Friday. Discord Yung Savy $5K to take out oatmeal Saturday. John Kerry Famine Science Alex Jones Beaver Sunday. Phoebe in Wonderland Monday.

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Russians riding bears

Oatmeal Monthly - 2023-07 - July of 2023 | Published in July of 2023


Pangaea Atlantic 2nd Ocean as Synthetic Devil's Anti-Sea

2023-07-01 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-07-01 20-23-32 Discord TikTok Video Requests.png

Link to my Discord is on my Twitter

Back with Pangaea, there was one big Pacific Ocean. What if the FALL of EDEN or the WORLD FLOOD created the Devil's sea of the Atlantis? Graham Hancock said the City of Atlantis was translated from Egyptian which meant the land of the prime evil ones. Twitter Tucker, episode 8. Bluesky, are we back? The end of this video is shocking revealing the leader of the insurrection.

Alex Stein is just trying to get out of not paying his Mexican housekeeper turned landscaper I got my Quarter Back Garrett, the only Blaze show you can watch, what a strange world, not Stark Trek.

I have done that. I talk too much sometimes. For me, I have to remind myself to wait. Oddly, I've also had the opposite problem of not talking enough. So, if I was on a date as a man, I might talk too much or perhaps too little. I have been trying to learn how to find a balance.

Glenn Beck, Dark Future Book

2023-07-02 - Sunday

Glenn Beck Book Dark Future F0Er3jxaAAIfND1.jpeg

Glenn Beck, Dark Future Book

Leaders are sometimes too confident and followers are sometimes not confident enough. 885/ I may be creating a work channel or forum for things to do. Projects. Ongoing Jobs. Pending Tasks. Priorities. Goals. Dreams. I will likely focus on my work. Like what I am doing. What I did. What I am trying to do. 886/ Maybe talk about what I want to do. Like how people can help me. But perhaps we could maybe extend it to helping others with their work too. Not just my work. I am thinking about how I want to do all of that.

Alex Jones Globalists to Kill Billions Quickly

2023-07-03 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-07-03 14-49-45 China Dragon.png

China Drone Dragon

Alex Jones THINKS that GLOBALISTS will KILL BILLIONS of PEOPLE around the WORLD but that the MILLIONS who SURVIVE (EXCLUDING ALEX) will find the GLOBALISTS and GET THEM. TWITTER BLOCKED THE VIDEO LINK TO BITCHUTE. China used drones to create a dragon in the air, imagine what else they could do with the SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING in the SKY of FLYING OBJECT which could include weapons, bombs, etc.

Is this on Discord, Telegram, MySpace, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Meta, or my Twitter? Only The Chrissie Mayr Simpcast can stop The New World Order? Never mind France, Chrissie was on fire on Simpcast. Well, they all were in honor of the bonus hole. 908/ What I do on TikTok and YouTube and other places is a long story which goes back 20+ years, you would have to follow the sequences of events to understand, some of it might be ironic, a lot might be out of context, it's a combination of things, it would take a long time to explain what is happening.

907/ I'm more interested in visiting DISCORD SERVERS with over 100,000 members. Wouldn't it be funny if thousands of OATMEAL JOEY ARNOLD accounts were randomly joining TELEGRAM GROUPS and other GROUPS all over the Internet? I'm not saying make bots or change your name to Oatmeal.

Blocked by Minds, Disney Star Wars Gina Carano

2023-07-04 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-07-04 23-56-46 Minds.png

Blocked by Minds, Disney Star Wars Gina Carano

Contrast 1776 with the tyranny of today, Independence Day, July 4, 2023. Yesterday, Alex Jones talked about how globalists will kill billions of people really quickly if they can/must. They're currently killing people slowly, a soft kill. The good news is people are waking up. The Walking Dead: Dead City tells the future, Globalists want NYC to be a dead city. Happy fourth of July today, Independence Day.

Mom can't take away your device if it's inside you, imagine a Elon Musk brain chip, like Internet and video games inside your head. 909/ What bothers me is not knowing how to use DISCORD even after six years since 2017, I still wonder if permissions for roles have to be set twice in order for it to work first in the general settings and second in specific categories and channels, I wonder if it can be skipped.

918/ I'm begging people to hack into YouTube to extract my ten thousand plus videos, this message goes out to the white/black hats all over the world both online and offline. Sue the Hell out of Google. Go into the dark webs and Kiwi Farms to discover my lost content and more.

Encino Man

2023-07-05 - Wednesday

Pholosopher F0R9SBEWAAQU-QA.png

What is illegal is not always wrong. Pholosopher.

If Jesus said, "I'm a pedo." Do you then think Jesus is a pedo? Likewise, when Oatmeal says he is a pedo, do you simply think Oatmeal is a pedo? Facebook is attacking me. No matter what I say. Facebook says it is bad.

What if UFOs are really just time travel, people from the future visiting ancient men? @YahooCare blocked me. Everyone is blocking me on Twitter. @minds blocked me. @ginacarano blocked me. I'm the most banned oatmeal in the world. Why did Gina block me? I support her work. I defend her. I still do. But she must hate my guts. Yahoo stole my emails.

Welsh Republic Drama

2023-07-06 - Thursday


Roseanne vs Madonna

Welsh Republic deleted my Discord messages & disassociated from me. Disney is destroying everything. But I love Star Wars. Kenobi series was interesting but it broke Kenobi's character. Old Marilyn Monroe would have become Duck Madonna. Did Bill Gates of Microsoft go to college?

People can say I burn bridges when I share private conversations, direct messages (DM), dirty laundry, beef, drama. You can disagree with me. You can hate me. There are plenty of reasons for people to be against me, a long list. I might say sorry etc.

Cherry Discord Social Security Number Malaria America Invasion

2023-07-07 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-07-07 14-18-02 NWO.png

Divide & Conquer

Discord TikTok Hackers stole my Social Security Number and will likely imprison and murder me. Malaria is invading the United States, globalists want us to bow to them, people like Bill Gates want you to submit to them as our saviors. Malaria could be the next scam built on top of a real pandemic. They have vaccines for the malaria. Hunter Biden reminds me of Michael J. Fox when he gets all stressed out, that's his tell with his hand to his head. America signed the DECLARATION of INTERDEPENDENCE in 1976? During the 200th anniversary in 1976, people in DC signed something. Alex Jones said that even tho THE SALVATION ARMY is turning BADLY WOKE that at least they were donating 85% of their PROFITS to their CHARITIES of feeding the homeless, spreading the gospel, etc. At least they're not pocketing over 99% like @U2 singer Bono does (LAUNDERING).

Subconsciously, you make preferences, the NWO uses this to DIVIDE and CONQUER, they hide behind others as they created PLANDEMICS which they can pose as SAVIORS to, they BAIT & SWITCH, they use our own PSYCHOLOGY against us, being AWARE of this breaks their MAGICAL SPELL. Barack Obama told his daughter many people will die but we will try to reduce that number and make life better for those who might survive. If I didn't know any better, I might say it looks like Obama is running again or maybe Mike is. They pose as the saviors. But it's a scam.

When did Outcome Based Education (OBE) begin? Non-compliance is defeating globalism.

My DMs are OPEN. I'm a CONTENT CREATOR. Add me on DISCORD at JOEYARNOLDVN. You can plug/advertise on our DISCORD server at:


Discord Launch Potential

2023-07-08 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-07-08 20-09-33.png

My face for a Discord server I was trying to get in.

958/ One of my goals would be to launch my own podcast off the success of our DISCORD SERVERS and everything assuming there are enough people who would want to watch my live simultaneous multi-stream shows on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Rumble, Twitch, Kick, etc. Depends.

Person sneaks into your house is not your house. America is not America. I spent 5 hours yesterday picking cherries from our tree, the cherries are sweet.

Autism Conflation

2023-07-09 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-07-09 19-13-47.png

The Whatever Podcast on Rumble, single hot women.

Mel Gibson puts a new twist to Kill Bill. If a kid comes to my bar to drink beer, please do not arrest me. I did not come to my bar. The kid did. Blame the kid. The Internet is that bar. The definition of spam is ANYTHING that ANYBODY may not want, totally SUBJECTIVE definition like unwanted plants (weeds) in gardens. Power over space and time would turn me into a god. That's problematic for many reasons. Therefore, I would rather be Superman or Miss Marvel, AKA infinite powers within space and time which may allow manipulation and control over space and time just due to having infinite powers therein. It only takes me 5 years to respond to Facebook messages, that is how many people know me.

I never ever get bored. Normal people get bored. How old are you? I am 0+ years old. I am older than zero for sure, I think, last time I checked. What does non-autistic mean? One of the problems is AUTISM is often CONFLATED and CONFUSED with other things that may or may not be AUTISM. You might say so and so is AUTISTIC but that may or may not be true absolutely to any extent as it's a spectrum with variables and degrees. It's a tough nut to crack. Like some people may be more mentally challenged neurologically whether that includes autism or not. But then we got this conflation between at least 3 terms being nerds, autism, and retardation.

Are you for or against Budlight? Men of old did crazy things centuries ago. Are you for or against getting rid of the parasites, the people who are not contributing enough? I'm against what Disney is doing. I'm against Bill Gates. I'm against the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Addictions vs Holy Spirit

2023-07-10 - Monday

Screenshot at 2023-07-10 13-38-34 Trump.png

Trump Pray

The only thing that can truly break your ADDICTIONS in life is the OVERWHELMING drug of the HOLY SPIRIT which TRUMP is DROWNING in, this was always underneath your nose, there is POWER in the NAME of JESUS, it will CHANGE you like nothing else.


2023-07-11 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-07-11 23-25-15 Discord.png

Oatmeal Confessions

SOUND of FREEDOM is a movie about CHILDREN who are SOLD like SLAVES into SEX TRAFFICKING, around 60% on average depending on the country are killed by the age of ten. Around 40% become PEDOS meaning most PEDOS were MANUFACTURED. Others are often crazy homeless people. Girls and women like this lady are used to lore children into SEX TRAFFICKING like IT THE CLOWN down into the TMNT sewers of SLAVERY. The SOUND of FREEDOM is making MILLIONS of DOLLARS and is doing better than INDIANA JONES and the TEMPLE of FEMINISM to quote ALEX JONES. Tom Renz said on Alex Jones it wasn't that KILLER COVID VACCINES had messenger RNA but modified mRNA meaning FRANKENSTEIN TROJAN HORSE. It's a lot worse than many would know. Link to this video is BANNED on Twitter meaning Elon Musk is not doing his job. Tucker Carlson, watch out.

What do you do? I teach English online, I keep a blog, I do gardening, I make videos. Scammers will say dear a lot. I would say Anakin Skywalker had the potential to become the greatest Jedi, that the fall into Darth Vader dwarfed that. Perhaps the non-Disney version of Luke Skywalker had the potential of being the greatest Jedi. And I wonder how that might compare to the greatest Sith.

As PRESIDENT, I would COMPROMISE, I would free everyone out of PRISONS. I would also end WELFARE too. I would try to reform the JUDICIAL system. I would try to ABOLISH or REFORM the JUDICIAL SYSTEM, the IRS, the FBI, etc. Joe Rogan should interview Trump and Alex Jones together. 275/ I promise you I'll owe you if you are able to RESCUE all of my thousands of videos from my OJAWALL@GMAIL.COM channel on YouTube. Google LIED and continues to LIE to say that email account does not exist. I have an OPEN INVITATION. If you get it for me, then we can negotiate.

Hollywood Molested Shirley Temple

2023-07-12 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-07-12 13-37-22 Rothschild.png

Rothschild are Imbred Richies

990/ Alex Jones said today GLOBALISTS will try to turn off the power in AMERICA, blame the RUSSIANS, and then they'll try to MURDER in the DEAD of NIGHT thousands of the top INFLUENTIAL people like Trump, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, RFK, Roseanne, Steven Crowder, Kanye West, etc. Alex Jones has to pay a billion dollars for Sandy Hook. But Mike Rothschild said nobody died anywhere even as sex trafficking as seen in SOUND of FREEDOM is taking the lives of millions of children. How much money does he have to pay? Instead, they're going after Andrew Tate.

SOUND of FREEDOM is a movie DISNEY fought in court for 5 years to keep you from seeing how HOLLYWOOD has been involved in SEX TRAFFICKING for decades. This includes abusing SHIRLEY TEMPLE. Actors like Shirley Temple in the 1930s were MOLESTED by powerful MEN in HOLLYWOOD, you better believe DISNEY is involved, that is why they don't want you to see SOUND of FREEDOM which was made 5 years ago. This was on Alex Jones today.

If the government (SEC) is able to DESTROY a YouTube video platform alternative (LBRY), then that means nothing online or offline is safe. You must backup what you got everywhere. The answer is decentralization more and more. Plus, get involved in reforming laws or else. GLOBALISTS are in a CHINESE FINGER TRAP, the more you PULL AWAY, then the more you become STUCK as HUMANITY awakens to the DESTRUCTION inflicted by CONTROL FREAK TYRANTS who are having a TEMPER TANTRUM right now. You can be on the winning side or you can hop back onto TITANIC.

Especially entertainment has been influencing many men towards a normality within culture meaning many guys will act within that paradigm.

Rima Laibow Famines Coming

2023-07-13 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-07-14 03-10-00 Discord.png

Discord Drama

Dr. Rima Laibow predicted COVID with Alex Jones back around like 2009. Laibow said the next race horse is the CLIMATE SCAM. after that in a few years from now or less will likely be MANUFACTURED FAMINES GLOBALLY so that GLOBALISTS can be SAVIORS to their own PLANDEMIC CRISIS.

Sound of Freedom. Lady finds girl. She talks to her father. She takes girl to an alleged talent search, a beauty contest of models. Most likely a cover. I want say laundry. As in a front for human sex trafficking.

Llama said, "Dylan Mulvaney, get out of my photo, you're making me look bad." Ukraine leader is a sex operative. 1009/ OATMEAL WORLD may not be too INTRIGUING to too many people at the moment because the pieces of the puzzles are too FRAGMENTED, that's part of the reason I was not too thrilled with Roy Merrick shirts. We still got a lot of work to do before we can try to make it big.

Greta Obama Oatmeal Discord Leaks Threats

2023-07-14 - Friday

TikTok Likes image.png

My TikTok Likes.

Greta Obama said if everybody has a car, then islands are going to tip over, the world is going to boil over. A lot of child porn is processed on servers in Sweden. People confuse PEDOPHILE with CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING. Obama said if you don't do what we say, you will pay you peasants.

This is a great Ariadna Jacob video. Twitter finally paying their creators what they deserve. Facebook should have done this. YouTube has paid. If anything, people might want to investigate TikTok a little. But I like financial incentive, that's the free market, baby!

Pizza Airplane Fake Plane Lizards Girl in Bikini

2023-07-15 - Saturday

Fake Plane Lizards Girl in Bikini 'F1H1zI8WAAIoMnD.jpeg

Airplane Fake Plane Lizards Girl in Bikini

Human trafficking is a $150+ billion dollars industry. Millions of slaves are children. Sound of Freedom in theaters now. Isn't this Arya Stark from Game of Thrones? No, this is Florence Di Tullio from 1943 during WWII. Welding is hot.

1047/ People interested in joining my team should be actively involved in things already, that's what I prefer regardless of how anonymous or public you might be online & offline. Other factors might include shared and aligned visions, goals, priorities, regarding PROJECTS, etc.

Discord Voice Video

2023-07-16 - Sunday

FBI blocked Elon Musk F1MbgBlaIAEturB.jpeg

Did the FBI just block Elon Musk?

Discord video. 1074/ This DISCORD SERVER may never go viral. I'm ok with that. I'm ok if it became a ghost town. At least this PRISON will be BORING. Perhaps the LOBBY and other places might be more THRILLING. One of the PURPOSES was to have a place where people can contact me or talk about me.

Creamville Discord Party

2023-07-17 - Monday

Laura Loomer Fake Person F0tFjHNXgAAC6MX.jpeg

Laura Loomer as the Hot Lizard Plane Girl

Alex Jones said today COMMUNISM and FASCISM are SIMILAR, a major DIFFERENCE is FASCISM allows for CRONYISM which is when GOVERNMENT colludes with MONOPOLIES & CARTELS which basically become unofficial arms of the AUTHORITARIAN CONTROL over the PEASANTS. "I'd rather be a dick than a swallower," Kanye West. I agree.

Trump Jan6 Indictment Coming.

2023-07-18 - Tuesday

Screenshot at 2023-07-18 04-19-48.png

Trump Jan6 Indictment Coming.

Creamville got good content on Sound Cloud and TikTok. So, I gave them their own section on this server which they run as admins. I may promote others too but it depends on what you do out there for other people. Show me what you do like Creamville did. I had a dream last night our server here had 7K members.

1025/ Back in 2022 on Snapchat, I uploaded photos and videos to my channel there. I didn't send it to minors. Later on, Roy Merrick turned one of the photos into a GIF where it looks like I'm creamvilling a pig. In 2023, it looks like @ summer2000 Panchiko made an adaptation.

Taco Tuesday Alex Stein AOC Video

2023-07-19 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-07-19 19-19-38 Discord Onboard.png

Check out my Discord Server.

A new twist to Taco Tuesday with AOC and Alex Stein 99 Bimp Pimp on a Blimp on the Blaze. Before Kate Mulgrew was the captain in Star Trek Voyager, she was Madam Columbo in 1979.

Hospitals Murdered, Discord Naughty List Grew

2023-07-20 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-07-20 22-42-16 Discord.png

I added him to my naughty list.

Hospitals MURDERED so many people these past few years, we need Nuremberg Trials 2.0. Bob Ross wants his Happy Accident back. The painting is good too.

Real Right Don't Cancel

2023-07-21 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-07-21 04-19-31.png

Dead City, Lady Liberty

Good song but fake news. The REAL RIGHT does not really CANCEL like the left. The alleged Ben Shapiro FAKE RIGHT might sometimes CANCEL. Pearl Davis is right that conversations is valuable. Mary Morgan is a Barbie simp. She belongs on Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast.

Chris Cuomo

2023-07-22 - Saturday


American Dream, Lock Up Criminals

Chris Cuomo said he fears being taken out of context which is something Alex Jones and others have feared too. But that doesn't stop people from talking, from debating. For the record, you speak the truth. Chris did say it was illegal for people to look at the Wikileaks.

1059/ To be clear, for the record, I'm not saying all of my enemies are JUST and ONLY on my main DISCORD SERVER exclusively; I'm not saying WHAT or WHEN or WHERE or HOW or WHY things MIGHT happen. I'm not saying WHO will kill me or have me ILLEGALLY arrested, thrown in prison, etc.

Compromise. Anybody who will not do same day voting should do early voting period, they are both right and both wrong because the bad guys are stealing elections in multiple ways meaning the only answer is to do both. We have to do more early voting and more same day voting. That is the answer as the bad guys will continue to steal and manipulate the early voting and the same day voting. It's not either or. It's both.

1082/ One of the purposes of this DISCORD SERVER was to funnel in my fans, supporters, contributors, haters, subscribers, friends, family, contacts, current/potential partners, ENEMIES, neighbors, visitors, etc. Have them come here to DEBATE the GOOD and the BAD about me, etc.

Annual Church Picnic

2023-07-23 - Sunday

Screenshot at 2023-07-23 23-22-54.png

I love the Simpcast.

Annual church picnic. Simpcast is on fire. Literally. See this. I'm single partly cuz I'm a perfectionist seeking a perfect girl who might be out of my league. Other times I consider even Sarah from the short bus. My Discord server might be dead now, as in full of Oatmeal Haters mostly.

Senate Bill 1409, The Kids Online Safety Act

2023-07-24 - Monday

Greta F11TDiMWIAMMu5H.jpeg

Greta Fear Porn

Weekly photos/show. TikTok removed those photos. Senate Bill 1409, The Kids Online Safety Act, REQUIRES every person must give the GOVERNMENT all of your personal information, your address, your identification, your driver's license, where you live, who you are. This bill gives them the power to sue websites over anything. This is worse than the TikTok bill. Governments already spies on you according to Edward Snowden, they have databases of every single thing you do. This bill is yet another attempt at legalizing the ability for GOVERNMENT to go after you for anything you've ever done online if they want at any time. KIDS ONLINE SAFETY ACT seeks to make it ILLEGAL to be ANONYMOUS on the INTERNET which they already know who you are and what you do. But this is yet another 666 related bill that seeks to LEGALIZE going after you for anything they want. They already collect data on you. VPNs no.

Robert Barnes mentioned how courts may have ruled that Commercial Speech is limited. Meaning people might be able to sue you over false advertisements, scams, or what not potentially. I'm a free speech absolutist. But I do also see value in having trials/courts sometimes. I found the Barbie movie to be silly but fun. There may be some questionable decisions made by the writers. But the overall outline is interesting.

1116/ This DISCORD SERVER may not always be EXCITING every single day, it may appear to be BORING or worse to many. It's easy for people to become mods and admins in my DISCORD SERVERS, my groups, etc. Those who REALLY REALLY REALLY follow me can figure out how to get PROMOTED.

Hitler interviews from like 1933, he talked about controlling government puppets globally but also about using bio-weapons too which we now see with Covid and the killer vaccines say for example. Other powers allowed for Hitler to rise for their own agenda in taking over humans. Twitter now X. Is this better than Xitter? Mom, I just got a Xit. No, not that kind of xit. I'm from the ghetto where everything is xitty.

Lebron James Son Covid Vaccines Heart Attack

2023-07-25 - Tuesday

Trump vs Obama etc F14rWG2WAAA78yl.jpeg

Trump vs other previous presidents.

In 2008, I was Ice Breaker. Not Ice Cube. Did the son of Lebron James take the killer Covid Vaccines, was that the cause of the heart attack, the cardiac arrest? Is this a breaking update? This boy's career is already over in the NBA before it ever begun. Jaime Foxx almost died. KILLER Covid Vaccines is RUSSIAN ROULETTE as some batches were not as deadly. Lebron James got a safer batch. His son however bit the bullet instead. I got a letter from Capital One @CapitalOne in the snail mail from the USPS. But I didn't request for a credit card. People stole my social security number (SSN), IP addresses, street address, personal information. People are trying to take out money in my name to imprison me.

Mea Omnia was the everything websites I was building in 2011. My idea was similar to what Elon Musk is doing with Twitter, with the X app, and everything else. However, I would prefer decentralized blockchain networks on open-source copy-left P2P fediverse systems. Also, it's hard to have an expectation of privacy on the Internet because computer servers syndicate data in multiple legal jurisdictions simultaneously, globally. So much does not simply exist in a singular JURISDICTION. The Internet is a legal mess in so many ways, insane.

1143/ It feels like to me from my perspective in life, I've interacted with so many people the past 30+ years, especially since the 1990s, and it seems like so many people run away from me no matter what I do be it good, bad, great, terrible, cool, boring, exciting, unique, etc. 1159/ I want to prioritize my INTERACTION time to level 2 members (or higher) in this DISCORD SERVER say for example and perhaps more so in like live-stream videos, syndicated mirrored broadcasts, the live comments, on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Rumble, Twitch, Kick, etc, etc, etc.

The movie is silly but fun. Some questionable choices here and there by the writers regarding specific words used in Barbie. In the end, Barbie chose to wake up from her dream to live in the real world. I felt like I was watching The Barbie Matrix. Crazy Barbie was the architect.

Run Ronnie Run Discord Movie Night

2023-07-26 - Wednesday

Screenshot at 2023-07-26 20-21-20 Discord.png

Oatmeal Cross

This is how we change the world. Meet-ups like this and like the other conventions and conferences and retreats. We come together. We network/connect. We make friends. We contact each other. We check in with each other every once in a while. We return home and get back to work.

1165/ I let members in level 1 of this DISCORD SERVER be able to see level 2. They can't write there, they can only see that channel. I want to make it so level 2 can see into level 3 as well. And so and so forth. It's like a preview, a tease, of the higher levels. A temptation.

My First TikTok Live

2023-07-27 - Thursday

Screenshot at 2023-07-27 22-54-03 Discord.png

My First TikTok Live

Spain was called Hispania by the Roman Empire. The people of Hispania were called Hispanics. That is likely the origins, the etymology originally at least.

I counted 46 channels which includes 2 suspended channels. I can only verify 2 suspended channels. Not sure if others (outside of this list of 46) were banned too or not. I was locked out of most of these 46 channels. I have more making it maybe 50+ channels.

1187/ I understand anybody in this DISCORD SERVER could be plotting to take me out as many do try, they may try to raid this server like they did before. Anything can happen at any time. But I choose to try to trust some of the people to see what might happen both good and bad.

Alex Jones Jaimee Foxx Will Die Soon

2023-07-28 - Friday

Screenshot at 2023-07-28 18-42-12 Discord.png

Divide Between Big Fans & Casual Fans

Alex Jones said Jaimee Foxx and the son of Lebron James will both be dead before 2030 due to Covid Vaccines which slowly kills people. Both have less than 5 years. Globalists are trying to murder 8 billion people. Do we just wait until everybody is dead?

Friday Night Tights, Gary Nerdrotic opens up with a joke, he comes from his mom's thing which Barbie got at the end. Wait, I thought you didn't wanna talk bout it. No. Just a joke. Haha they make me laugh. Almost as good as Chrissie Mayr's Simpcast.

1204/ I'm trying to put my work in a MUSEUM before making more teaser trailers to help draw new people in. One of the DISCLAIMERS which I may not always mention which I should always include should be that I'm not saying my CONTENT is good enough. But I'm still ARCHIVING it all.

$5K to take out oatmeal

2023-07-29 - Saturday

Screenshot at 2023-07-30 00-48-28.png

$5K to take out oatmeal.

Yung Savy $5K to take out oatmeal, the plot to murder/imprison me. This girl is on fire, take that @aliciakeys. My keys. Yes. My keys. Gotta love red heads except for the one in Barbie. Other than that, they are on fire. A rare gem. And that's the key, the Alicia Keys.

1232/ People in my group on Discord are threatening to take me out. Not sure if they're joking or what. Some of them might be serious. Here is a screenshot showing what YungSavy wrote, and I quote, "I will pay $5000 to get rid of him." Not sure if that means imprisoned, murdered.

John Kerry Famine Science Alex Jones Beaver

2023-07-30 - Sunday

Alex Jones F2SjPkTXwAARTBC.jpeg

Alex Jones with another beaver.

GLOBALISTS said food causes GLOBAL WARMING. Cut it off. Turn off the farms. And then the NWO says we need to feed all the starving people due to FAMINES, droughts, etc. The United Nations, Davos, and other groups think you're that dumb. Alex Jones reporting on Bitchute.

Phoebe in Wonderland

2023-07-31 - Monday

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1240/ If you're helping me, then I might help you. I may promote or reward you. No promises. If you sent me a hard drive, assuming it was over ten terabytes, wasn't too broken, the quality was high enough, if I liked it enough, etc, then I might make you an admin, we will see ok. 1255/ Vietnam Kathy stole my bike. Good thing she didn't steal my cum. Lego Fred didn't steal my dick. Frye didn't steal my bw pillow. Please don't look for Lil Oatmeal running around in Asia. Don't ask Papa Foods Andy Nguyen about the OJA sex tapes, the porn videos, the nudes.

I know @AOC is super jealous. 1236/ Two kinds of people I want to promote in my groups on Discord and other places are as follows. First, people who help me. Second, people who are helping the world. There may be many sub-categories within these two main categories. I may try to describe these two more and more.

New M&M commercial where they look at Santa, they both say they are real. But instead of that, you have chimeras look at Alex Jones. Same thing.

"Joseph Scott Rasp Morehead Mitchell Pickett Henderson "Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn" 1985 Oregon Meaomnia L4OJ Ojawall WOLBI Vietnam Salvationarmy USA America Trump Infowars Alexjones Arnoldattic Ironicmystic.jpg"


Pangea Atlantic 2nd Ocean as Synthetic Devil's Anti-Sea

Glenn Beck, Dark Future Book

Alex Jones Globalists to Kill Billions Quickly

Blocked by Minds, Disney Star Wars Gina Carano

Encino Man Discord Movie Night

Welsh Republic Drama

Cherry Discord Social Security Number Malaria America Invasion

Discord Launch Potential

Autism Conflation

Addictions vs Holy Spirit


Hollywood Molested Shirley Temple

Rima Laibow Famines Coming

Greta Obama Oatmeal Discord Leaks Threats

Pizza Airplane Fake Plane Lizards Girl in Bikini

Discord Voice Video

Creamville Discord Party

Trump Jan6 Indictment Coming

Taco Tuesday Alex Stein AOC Video

Hospitals Murdered, Discord Naughty List Grew

Real Right Don't Cancel

Chris Cuomo

Annual Church Picnic

Senate Bill 1409, The Kids Online Safety Act

Lebron James Son Covid Vaccines Heart Attack

Run Ronnie Run Discord Movie Night

My First TikTok Live

Alex Jones Jaimee Foxx Will Die Soon

$5K to take out oatmeal

John Kerry Famine Science Alex Jones Beaver

Phoebe in Wonderland




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