LMAC95: Triangle

That's my entry to the Let's make a collage - Round 95.

I am still trapped in a colorful world where impossible things happen. So I imagine ships and other things as they disappear in the Bermuda Triangle and reappear somewhere else :)


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Sources for this collage are:

and Lmac.gallery:

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The process of creating a collage:

I used two applications to create the collage, Paint.Net, and Photoshop. It takes longer than I expected. I used gif animations to explain the process. I hope it will be useful for somebody if they use the same software like me.

First, I created a background from a colorful cube in Paint.net using the Autochrome, ColorZoomBlur, and DistortingMirror effects.


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Second, I removed the background from the base image and replaced it with my own background, placing the ship diagonally in the centre. Golden cut :)


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Third. I had the most work (and spent the most time) preparing the other elements, the living entities.


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Finally, I combined all the elements, placed them in layers on the locations, and edited them some more.


Hope you have fun!

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