LMAC60: Deep Sea Mermaids

Hello everyone!

That's my collage, contribution to Let's make a collage - Round 60 contest.

It was a challenge for me because the basic photo is completely empty, just a colorful underwater environment, and some content needs to be added.


ā˜€ļø šŸ‘¾ šŸ‘¹šŸ‘¾ ā˜€ļø

For the collage I used:

  • the basic photo provided by @shaka

and the mermaids I found on Pixabay:

All photos are under Pixabay License - Free for commercial use, no attribution required.

I edited the collage in Photoshop by layers.

ā˜€ļø šŸ‘¾ šŸ‘¹šŸ‘¾ ā˜€ļø

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