LMAC83: Climbers

That's my entry to the Let's make a collage - Round 83.

A climbing competition is taking place
The girl is the first to reach the top! The other three climbers are still trying. Otherwise, they are all very high above the skyscrapers, with only a few seagulls following them. I won't convince you how dangerous it is to free climb here, the height can be seen in the picture.
Congratulations to the winner!


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Sources for collage:

Pixabay License - Free for commercial use, no attribution required.

  • seagulls - my personal photo

The process of making a collage:
First, I created a background in Photoshop by deleting the landscape and sky from the base image and adding the sea, sky and skyscrapers.


Then I added the other elements - the climbers and the seagulls - layer by layer.


Hope you have fun!

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