I Want Robots To Be Used In War Instead of Humans And Also Do Outdoor Works For me !!!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. This Post is my entry to Weekly Featured Content in the #Hivelearners community. Today's topic to write about is Specific Robot


I would like to start this post with this beautiful quote about robotics by Isaac Asimov

"The science of robotics is more absorbing than any novel, bringing with it tremendous possibilities."

Robots are a revolutionary technology which is going to revolutionize our lives and will make it easy. Some people fear that they are going to replace their jobs and this is somewhat true also and also not. I have a mixed opinion about it which I am going to share below.


I have seen robots used for serving purposes in many hotels. they do their job perfectly and their use has increased during the time of COVID-19 I think this was a positive use where robots have helped humans to get themselves safe from COVID-19.

Robots/drones were used to deliver food when there was a danger of spreading Covid-19.

Though they helped a lot, I am not in favour of using them in public places where humans are working and where there is a danger of a human losing their job.


Wait there is another place, where there is a danger of losing human life which is war, why we can't use robotics in the war? I have heard someone saying that in the future, robots will fight instead of humans and I take it as a positive thing because in war we suffer a lot of human life loss. ( I am not in favour of wars).

But in the world we are living in, wars have become necessary. Robotics can help us save human lives.


Wives know how to irritate their men, and my wife knows it very well, and she does it daily. Let me Explain, Here in Pakistan Doing Grocery is a man's job, and I don't have any problem with that, but the problem comes when you come home purchasing everything she asked for, but she asks you to buy something she forgot to tell you earlier.

It gets worse when you go for the second time and buy that missing thing and when you sit to relax, she comes with something else that she forgets to ask you even for the second time she sends you to the market.

So why not have a robot that does this unnecessary repetitive task for you? I can't wait to read your thoughts about this.


Take Care Everyone.

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