Powered Up 154 Leo For This LpuD

Hey Lovely People of InLeo aka Leofinance Community, I hope you all are fine and doing great. I have powered up 154 Leo tokens to confirm my participation in this #LPuD.


I have been thinking of participate in #lpud for the past two months, but due for some reason I missed it, but today I didn't want to miss it. Because i believe in the vision of #inleo team and i am sure they can take this thing to all new heights.

I had 103 Leo token in my hiveengine, I wanted to power up 150 this time. so i deposit 3 hive first and then i deposit 5 hive more to buy 52 Leo tokens. depositing of hive can be seen in the screenshot above.

In this picture you can see me buying Leo tokens.

after buying there was now 154.63 tokens in my wallet in liquid form, I already had 217 leo token as LP in my wallet.

I Powered up 154 Leo tokens and I must tell you this powering up thing gave me inners happiness.

Here is the final picture of my LP, now i have 371.61 LP power, i am feeling powerful after powering up these leo tokens ;)

Take Care Everyone.

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