My Hive Goals For The Year 2023 !!!

Hey, lovely people of the Hiveghana Community, I hope you are fine and doing great, this is going to be my first post in this community, and I hope to receive warm welcoming love from the lovely people of this community.

We have 3 topics for this Weekly Engagement-WK 24 that are listed below

  • Christmas Memories
  • The Impact Of Art On Society
  • Your Hive Goals For The Year

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Weekly Engagement-WK 24: Join Us For A Week Filled With Exciting Activities

Today I have chosen to write on 3rd topic, which is Your Hive Goals For The Year and in this post I am going to write about my Goals for the current year 2023.

This year was my renewal year, I came back to Hive after two years, I was distorted and didn't even know how would be my hive journey after rejoining Hive.

Thankfully, God helped me and I came to know about Hivepakistan, after joining HivePakistan discord, I am flourishing on Hive, and I have started enjoying Hive again.

What i have accomplished so far?

Believe me, I can't believe what I have accomplished till now, I am a verified member of hive-learners community, I have become the guest curator decency for the month of October, and I am currently curating for Hive Pakistan. Other than these accomplishments,

I currently have 1356 HP, which i never thought I could accumulate in less than a year.

I am continually selling my HBD to feed my family, otherwise, the HP value would be different, I may have collected 3k HP at least. I am very happy about what I have achieved till now and I am very excited for the remaining days of the year.


My Hive Goals For The Year

Currently, I don't have any HBD goals, because as I have told you earlier, I have to sell HBD to feed my family, but I am aiming to collect at least 1800-2000 Hive power by the end of this year.

Other goals are to become a permanent curator for ecency, because by becoming ecency curator, you have a feeling of spreading happiness around the hive community by approving their posts.

I currently have 217 Leo token in staking and 103 in liquid which i am going to power up on this #Lpud, by the end of this year, i want to collect at least 700 Leo tokens.

Earning Goals.

I am currently earning 150-160 $ a month from Hive, and my goals are to increase them to 250-300$ a month, if I can achieve it, I may not need to go out and do the job and become someone employed, Hive has given me me freedom and I want to live free for the rest of my life :)

Thanks for reading

Take Care Everyone.

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