19 Days of Helplessness !!!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. This Post is my entry to Weekly Featured Content in the #Hivelearners community. Today's topic to write about is Helplessness

I would like to start this post with this quote

"Sometimes, you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart, not in your life."

Life is uncertain, and you don't know what's going to happen even the next second. Something like this happened in the year 2018, To be more precise, at the end of 2018. It was
1st December 2018, when we had to take my mother to the hospital.

the night before 1st December 2018, she was not feeling well, in the morning, when we got up and tried to wake her up, she refused to get up. She was responding, but she was in an unconscious state, as time passed her unconscious state got intense and we started to get worried.


I called my cousin and told him the situation and asked him to bring his car so that we could take her to the hospital. When he came, she was not even able to stand on his feet.

We helped her reach the car and then we moved towards the hospital, the first hospital we took her to was Ch Pervaiz Elahi Institute Of Cardiology Multan, they examined her and told us that, we needed to take her to another hospital.

Then we took her to the Nishtar Hospital, Multan, they admitted her but she had lost her full consciousness. She went into a decaying State, Doctors tried their level best but nothing was working.

Everything is getting recalled while I am writing this. I miss her a lot.

In the meanwhile, we connected every hospital and doctor and discussed her situation, no hospital was ready to admit her as she was not in her senses. Our only hope was the Nishter hospital and the doctors working there.

Doctors were trying their level best, they did every test possible to diagnose what caused her to lose consciousness. but all in vain.

after 3 days of efforts, she came to her senses, but still there was some consciousness, she was listening us, but she was not able to speak, she was responding her with signals.

During these 3 days, i stayed with her, my family was kept on asking me to go home and take some rest, but i could do that? when my mother was in hospital and she was in such condition?

I love my mother more than anything in this world.

I can giveup on anything from this materlistic world, just to get 1 sec of her love. Her love is precious.


I stayed with her all the time. Doctors were conducting tests and i was getting the reports.

there was a test that was being done every hour, the test name was Ketone, and I was going to laboratory for almost 30 to 40 times a day, to give the test and take the reports When she was in decay state.

A ketones in urine test measures ketone levels in your urine. Normally, the cells in your body use glucose (sugar) from your blood for energy. If your cells can't get enough glucose, your body breaks down fat for energy instead. This produces an acid called ketones, which can build up in your blood and urine

It is just for informational purpose

I wanted to write more, but hands are not working, i can't write more. I am not able too.

We stayed in the hospital for 19 days and she died on 19 december 2018. The saddest day of my life.

A lot to tell but I am just not able to write more !!!!!!

Take Care Everyone.

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