Tour to Kashmir Park DHA Multan !!!

Hey Lovely People of the @Pinmapple community, I hope you all are fine and doing great. This time life took me to travel to Kashmir Park which is around 15 Kilometers away from Our home.

The Video of our Tour is attached Below. You can watch it too.

I had heard about this park for a long time, but I was avoiding it because it was too far from my home, but when kids insist on something, you can't say no.

So, on their Request, we made a plan to go to Kashmir Park on Sunday.

The entry ticket for the park was 100 RS and the kids below 6 years can go in the park for free. We were 10 people but 1 kid was below 6 years, so I had to pay 900 RS for 9 people.

We all know kids are crazy for places like this.

When we entered the park, they saw a jumping play, and they ran towards it, which can be seen in the picture. the boy who was standing there told me that, they were charging 100 RS for 1 kid and the time limit was 10 minutes.

After spending almost 20 minutes there, we went to this free-play puzzle thing, The kids also liked it and they were going and hiding and they were really enjoying it.

this puzzle reminds me of Harry Potter movies, where we had a house like this puzzle.

@djbravo is my brother and he was with me on this tour. I took one selfie with the swing and another with my brother.

This wing reminds me of my childhood. when I was a kid, this swing was a must whenever i went to the park. It costs us 150 Rs per kid.

I randomly captured this picture while it was getting dark and I don't why but it attracts me a lot, maybe it is because of the different colour boxes of the swing.

This dragon swing is very famous and considered as a dangerous swing, i took it many times when I was in my teen age, but now I have gotten old and mature, so, i decided to not sit on it.

I had never experienced this swing, but it looked scary, at the moment I reached there, there was no one taking it.

Faraz and Shameer were enjoying themselves on their own, they were running in the park and stopped at this place.

There was this long canal, but it was dry, I am sure, it will be a good addition to the park's beauty when it has water. The view will be awesome.

The sun was setting, capturing this beautiful picture of sunset.

I don't know what was it, but it looked like some kind of monument. Are two hands opposite to each other?

This was a cup and tea and to sit on it, they were charging 200 Rs per kid.

There was this swing also, I have seen it in the movies but never sat on it either. it was scary-looking too.

the park had plants as well.

I fell in love with this tree. it had a sitting place around it. isn't it beautiful?

There was this covered sitting place for families to sit.

Another swing for the kids.

If i try to remember i had sit on this swing a long ago.

While walking, we went through these beautiful orange coverings.

you can see the train track in this picture. Faraz and shameer also sat on train for a ride.

In the end, faraz ahmad a ride on this motor car. it was fun watching him drive this beast.

Hope you guys have enjoyed this tour.

Take Care Everyone.

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