A Travel To Chenone Mall Multan !!!

Hey Lovely People of the @Pinmapple community, I hope you all are fine and doing great. I am here again after a long month. Life is keeping me busy that's why I am not able to travel much.

But this time, I visited Chenone Mall, which is famous for being the first-ever mall built in My city to international standards.

I read the Chenone Mall in the middle of the day, you can see the sunlight clearly. This is the front look of the mall. It was not crowded at the time of my visit. there is another reason it was not crowded, and I will discuss this later in my post.

There is another mall which is parallel to ChenOne Mall, The name of the mall is United Mall, It was built years after the Chenone and it is even built on a modern structure, I saw these plants and can't stop myself from capturing these photos.

These plants were kept in a straight line and they looked very beautiful.

These plants were kept just in front of ChenOne Door,

There were two security guards standing in front of the mall for the security purpose.

There was also a mettle detector installed in front of the gate and every one of us had to go through this at any cost. I think it's necessary for the security and safety of the people visiting and working in the mall.

The mall is divided into two flours and are simple and escalator stairs for the ease of the people, there was also a life just in front of these stairs.

There are different brand shops in the mall and this one was dedicated to the Mens clothing.

If you are getting married and want to get the dress for your marriage, you can visit this shop ;) The brand name is Sobia Humza.

They had a very good variety of men's and women's wedding clothing.

you can see the different dresses and think there are girls' dresses on the display as well.

You can clearly read the change in this picture, the work done by the clearing staff was amazing and the tiles on which I was walking were very clean and clear.

This was the casual Summer dress, but it was looking cool, but i think they should change the display as winter has come.

The next Brand I visited was Amin Adnan, If I remember correctly we purchased clothes for my brother's nikah from this brand, and to be very honest brand quality was very good.

Timeshop brand Deals in watches.

You can see beautiful watches in this picture.

They were very expensive and out of my range. whenever they will come in my range, I am gonna buy one of them.

I really enjoyed this Tour, I hope you also will enjoy this tour. I will continue to share my short travel with my hive family ;)

Take Care Everyone.

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