I Have Got Scammed Twice in past Two months !!!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. This Post is my entry to Weekly Featured Content in the #Hivelearners community. Today's topic to write about is This Is Fraud


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This post is not to blame anyone, I am just sharing the experience that I had in these past two months. I have been scammed twice and the complete responsibility is on me.

When you are going through a hard time, and you want to get money, your sense to judge things gets low and you tend to believe even the scammy-looking things.

As you guys already know I am going through some hard times in my life financially and I always look to make some extra money. My only purpose nowadays is to make enough money to bear all my expenses.

This happened two months ago. when I was scrolling Twitter, there was this message related to airdrop, I clicked it and went to the comment section. All the people in the comment section were saying that they have got the airdrop, it's true and blah blah !!!


I was desperate to earn money, I considered that airdrop real, but there was something in my heart/mind that was not a good thing. but my eagerness to earn money came heavy and I clicked the link and took me to my metamask account. A person who has a 7-year crypto experience gave his key to that link, yes, you are hearing right, I got blind and clicked everything in the way.

they even asked me to send money from some other wallet to complete the transaction and I sent that money. After just a minute, my wallet was empty, I had some coins that I kept for a bull run.

But they are all gone Due to my greed. Hence It is proved Greed Is a curse.


The second event happened two weeks ago, I was sitting at home doing my hive work, and one of my friends called me and told me they had a fantastic offer for me to make money. Can we come? I said you can come, I am waiting.

they came after two hours. There were two of them. After the casual greeting, I asked them, tell me what you have for me. they told me about the app, which was giving 22$ a day, by investing only 47$. I Did the math and i this continues, we can earn 660$ in one month and we only need 3 days to get our initial investment back.

This was also looking scam, who will give you this insane amount of money for not doing anything? No one !!!

Only A scammer or team of scammers can offer you such money.

I again fell into a trap, Here I want to mention, that I am not blaming any one my friends, but there are very less experienced people when it comes to crypto.

I should have stopped them, instead I invested money and got 22$ immediately. All these transfers were being done in USDT. We three people invested that night, and in the morning, when we tried to withdraw the next day's earnings. They put our withdrawal to a pending state deleted their telegram and ran away.

We left with empty hands.


This kind of scam has become usual here in Pakistan recently, they are using reputed brand names to create the app. When a person searches for a name on the internet, he/she is satisfied with the amount of information he reads/sees on that particular brand name.

If any Pakistani Is reading this, be aware of these scams.

Take Care Everyone.

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