Bacha Party Kids Store & KFC !!!

Hey Lovely People of the Weekend Experiences Community, I hope you all are fine and doing great. this is maybe my first or 2nd participation in this community. Hoping to Get a friendly Response.

Faraz Ahmad who is my Aunt's Son( He is like a real Brother ) Got Two vouchers From His School. There Was a 1000 PKR discount on the EAch voucher, but it will only be valid for shopping over 2000 PKR.

Faraz Ahmad had been asking me to for the past two weeks that, I should take him there. I was busy, So I had to ignore his request for two weeks and then finally this last weekend I agreed to take him to the Bacha Party Kids Store, He was so happy. I picked him up Friday night from his home. He spent a day with us in our home.

On Saturday As decided, Faraz Ahmad, My wife and I went to Bacha Party Store, The picture shown above is the front view of the story. It is one of the big stores in my city where we look for kid's clothes as well as toys.

We entered the story around 6 PM, It was getting dark and there was a forecast for rain, so I decided Not to go on the bike. We went there on Car. You can see the rain in the back mirror of the standing car on the left-hand side.

Bacha Party Stores has two portions, The first portion ( the lower One ) is dedicated to clothes, and the upper portion is dedicated to toys. Faraz Right away asked us to go to the upper portion, but we asked him to first see some clothes.

Winter has arrived and mostly there was winter's variety in the store.

This was the only rack with the half-sleeved clothes.

We walked there for some time and then he forced us again to go to the upper section.

See how excited he was to go on the Toys portion. the upper portion was full of toys and believe me, it became very difficult to choose from this much different type of toys.

Who doesn't love Avengers, we decided to buy this, because, Faraz already had many toys similar to this.

This rack reminds me of the Need for Speed game that I used to play when I was a child. How many of you have played Need for Speed?

Some pretty dolls, but not for Faraz Ahmad as he is a boy, not a girl.

I think this picture was captured in the lower Portion, where there were books and pouches to keep your school things.

Some mobile back pouches.

Between all these toys, this buddy gets my attention, His little worried, little smiley face was making him charming and beautiful.

Dinosaurs are not alive but they had a different kind of horror in our mind when I saw his pictures. Looks like he is gonna kill me in the picture.

Some drinks to make you feel fresh when you get tired walking. They were paid, not free.

I don't know what are these items, but it looks like they were something related to females, due to their colour.

There was this portion for Cricket lovers. You can see the Pakistani team kit.

From this container, we found the basketball and bought it. It was costing around 1399 PKR.

We bought One Puzzle, One ball, One geometry box and two pants.

after doing shopping, we felt hungry and decided to go to KFC to buy something.

This place is called Mall Of Multan, It has a food court on its fourth floor.

We used excelater stairs to get there.

It was such a clean and beautiful place, it reminds me of the malls we visited in Dubai And Saudia Arabia, It was my first visit to the Mall of Multan.

We Order Burger and Crispy wings, Usually it take more than 20 to 25 minutes to deliver your order, but there it took only 5 minutes.

here you can see Faraz Ahmad eating Burger ;) It was too tasty.

That bucket on the right contains the wings. We ordered two buckets.

Take Care Everyone.

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