Assange vs. The Empire of Lies

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Source: Yahoo!News

On June 26th, Icelandic paper ‘Stundin’ published the revelation: After the key witness of the US Department of Justice case against Julian Assange, Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson, admitted he was lying, the truth is obvious to everyone who wants to see it. But since when does truth matter to the Empire?

Sigurdur Ingi Thordarson was supposedly a close Wikileaks associate, instructed by Julian Assange how to extract ‘sensitive informations’ from the US Government systems and critical personal devices of the Icelandic MPs…

Source: Stundin

Source: Stundin

It was all lie organized and synchronized with the FBI, who promised Thordarson immunity from prosecution for his real crimes in exchange for a false testimony in the case of Julian Assange. You can read it in the original article in the Icelandis ‘Stundin’ or you can watch the video report here:

Duration: 5:06

No, it was not the end of the saga. And it was not only FBI who was involved in the dirty war against Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Three months later, we have another, even more explosive revelation: Zach Dorfman, Sean D. Naylor and Michael Isikoff published in Yahoo!News that CIA has plotted to kidnap and kill Julian Assange while he was still in Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Some senior officials inside the CIA and the Trump administration even discussed killing Assange, going so far as to request “sketches” or “options” for how to assassinate him. Discussions over kidnapping or killing Assange occurred “at the highest levels” of the Trump administration, said a former senior counterintelligence official. “There seemed to be no boundaries.”

Duration: 13:42

That should be a revenge for a Vault 7, the greatest leak in CIA’s history, published on March 7th 2017, comprising 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virgina. Assange practically cracked open CIA’s vault in which they have kept all the hacking tools, methods and also targets of their ‘activities’. Stuff worth of killing for those murderers.

Not that we at the DeepDives community didn’t know that from the beginning – every person with a crumb of intellect could easily see it long ago. Some of the people aware of the evil Empire criminal proportions, have tried to wake up the majority with a bitter humour… which after two years became painfully realistic:

Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange Duration: 2:11

Unfortunately, the problem is not in finding the truth – it is in the open. It is obvious. But the fact is that the Empire does not care for the truth any more. They have enough media power to cover the truth with another lie, and another lie, and another lie… until Julian Assange ‘commits a suicide’ in prison. And with Assange, your free speech and your press-freedom will die in prison.

Are we going to allow it?

Source: Columbia Journalism Review

Please, don’t forget Julian Assange.
Your freedom is at stake!

* * *

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